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1 Water Monitoring Mobile based “WATER MONITORING” App is designed and developed by National Informatics Centre ,AP... 10-Aug-2018
2 Soil Health Card App, DACF&W Soil Health Card Scheme is a flagship program of the Government of India promoted by the Department... 27-Dec-2017
3 Aangan Bihar The ICDS is a programmes for early childhood care and development.It aims at providing pre-school... 17-May-2018
4 Aangan Sevika This application is develop for Aanganwadi's Sevika to capture GPS point of that center and to... 06-Apr-2018
5 Aapal Nanded Informative app of Nanded District (Maharashtra) 16-Nov-2016
6 AMMA e-service of Land Records - TamilNilam This application is used to View Record of Rights - Chitta Extract , land Details , Type of land... 05-Mar-2018
7 Apna Patna Download Apna Patna Mobile Complain Management System app for lodging your complaints regarding... 24-Jun-2016
8 Apna Patna Bihar Download Apna Patna Mobile Complain Management System app for lodging your complaints regarding... 06-Apr-2018
9 APPC APP is used to search the Pharmacists by Name or Registered No. Pharmacists can trank their... 11-Jul-2018
10 Archaeo Explorer This app is used by Art ,Culture and Youth Department Bihar for Capturing monuments of Bihar State... 06-Apr-2018
11 Arunachal Police Finder Arunachal Police Finder is an Android-based Police Directory Search App to facilitate... 17-Oct-2018
12 Arunachal Suraksha Arunachal Suraksha is an Android-based Mobile App that would provide safety... 02-Jan-2019
13 Assembly Election Kozhikode This App is for the use of citizens and officials of Kozhikode District involved in the Kerala... 03-Feb-2017
14 Auto Permit The city authorickshaw permits of Kozhikode is limited as per section 74(3) of Motor Vehicle act.... 16-Nov-2016
15 AwaasApp Rural Housing mobile application is a android based app which can be directly used by any PMAYG... 03-Nov-2017
16 B.Ed Post B.Ed. post is developed for Office of the Chancellor Raj Bhavan, Patna for collecting Teacher,... 26-Jun-2018
17 BCD This app is developed for inspection of building under Scheme wise. 10-Apr-2018
18 Behavior Change Management(BCM) App The BCM is an app that can be used to view contents uploaded for training purposes as well as... 21-Sep-2020
19 BH OCMMS-Mobile App (Android version) This mobile App is the extension of the web based project ‘OCMMS’ (Online Consent Management and... 16-Nov-2016
20 Bharat Ke Veer App to contribute to kin of bravehearts who laid down lives in the line of duty The brave... 01-Jun-2017
21 Bhuiyan Bhuiyan is the Land Records project of Chhattisgarh developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC... 23-Jan-2018
22 Bhunasha CG Bhunaksha is the digitised cadastral map management tool under Bhuiyan project of Chhattisgarh... 23-Jan-2018
23 Birds of Bhindawas Mobile app for bird lovers with the following features: Brief description about the Bhindawas Lake... 09-Mar-2017
24 Bitaran Sahayak Brief Description of the mobile app:- * This mobile app is used to ensure the availability of... 09-Mar-2017
25 Brickklin The Objective of the Project is to identifiy, locate and collect details of Chimnis and their... 10-Apr-2018
26 BRRDA This app has been developed for BRRDA, in which GPS location of various types of properties like... 06-Apr-2018
27 C.G.Khadya – Janbhagidari A multifaceted mobile based android application by Department of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer... 08-Oct-2018
28 Census MP CensusMitra from the Directorate of Census Operations Madhya Pradesh CensusMitra aims to provide... 14-Jun-2016
29 CGHS Service Feedback A mobile app has been developed for CGHS beneficiaries to submit their feedback on defined CGHS... 20-Aug-2018
30 Champaran Satyagrah This app is show the details of Champaran Satyagraha related informations including... 09-Apr-2018
31 CHC Farm Machinery Multi language Mobile App platform for Custom Hiring Centers (CHCs) Agricultural Machinery... 12-Feb-2019
32 Chief Minister’s Relief Fund Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) was established in the year 1971 for helping people in distress... 11-Jul-2018
33 Chikhaldara Chikhaldara official mobile app project designed an developed by NIC Amravati for providing... 30-Jan-2019
34 Chikhaldara Hill Station Chikhaldara official mobile app project designed an developed by NIC Amravati for providing... 05-Feb-2019
35 CM Window Haryana Grievance Tracking Hon'ble Chief Minister Haryana has opened ICT enabled... 04-Aug-2016
36 Collector Kozhikode Collector Kozhikode is an android application which will help the citizens of the district of... 16-Nov-2016
37 Complaint Monitoring System 104 services enable the people of state to register a complaint against any individual or Health... 16-Nov-2016
38 Complaint Registration System A user can register his complaint against any official or service regarding health department.... 16-Nov-2016
39 Court Case Management App for Chandigarh UT CCMS App is meant for monitoring of all ongoing court cases of various departments and sub-... 19-Feb-2018
40 Court Cases Status The objective of the App is to disseminate information relating to cases filed in High Court of... 16-Nov-2016
41 CPIS App It is a mobile application (G2G and G2E) to deliver some of the information of an Employee... 14-Feb-2017
42 CPWDSewa Residents CPWDSewa Residents Mobile App is for all the Residents/Allottees residing in Government Quarters/... 16-Jun-2016
43 Crop Doctor The Crop Doctor is an android based Mobile App developed specially for the farmers. The App shall... 16-Nov-2016
44 CropClinic CropClinic is an attempt to help and educate farmers for using proper pesticides for their crop. It... 14-Feb-2017
45 CSCNellai Common Service Centres (CSC) are the front end delivery channels to provide various Tamil Nadu... 24-Sep-2018
46 CSSDA Chhattisgarh State Skill Development Authority mobile app is developed by National Infromatic... 02-Apr-2018
47 Dairy Farmers Survey App Farmers Survey App for Dairy Farmers doorstep data collection. Dairy Survey questionnaire serves as... 19-Apr-2018
48 DARPAN DARPAN is a national configurable multilingual Dashboard platform for Hon’ble Chief Ministers, Hon’... 15-Jan-2019
49 DD DOPAR Android App to fetch and display latest web uploads of Department of Personnel and Administrative... 16-Nov-2016
50 Disaster Management This is a mobile app for the management of disaster from flood, fire, drought and other problems.... 06-Apr-2018
51 Disaster Management Authority Kannur This is the official app for the Disaster Management Authority, Kannur. The App is mainly intended... 08-Aug-2016
52 DND Services DND (Do Not Disturb) services app helps mobile phone users in registering their number under DND to... 02-Feb-2017
53 DORIS E-Search Delhi Online Registration Information System has been developed with the object of providing single... 17-May-2018
54 Drug Free Himachal The app educates user about the harmful effects of Narcotic Drugs. App Also lists important... 23-Jul-2019
55 E Book Reader for Indian Bureau of Mines The publications, bulletins, circulars and reports are currently available on the website. IBM now... 01-Aug-2018
56 e-Anudan Yojana (Kabir Anteyeshti) In case of death of a member belonging to below poverty line (BPL) family, financial assistance is... 11-Jul-2018
57 e-Chapakal This app is for monitoring of Chapakal Yojna for each Village of Public Health Engineering... 06-Apr-2018
58 e-Constituency (e-Vidhan) Himachal Pradesh Using the "e-Constituency " mobile app, the MLAs of Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha can access to all... 14-Dec-2018
59 e-Litigation The objective of the App is to get Real Time daily information of the status of pending court cases... 23-May-2018
60 e-NagarSewa Monitor App A Birth and Death Registration Progress Monitoring android app for the services served by e-... 28-Nov-2017
61 e-Niwas This app has been developed to inspection of Vacant... 10-Apr-2018
62 e-Peyjal This app is for pipe water supply monitoring for Public Health Engineering Department of Govt. of... 06-Apr-2018
63 e-Sathi UP The Government of Uttar Pradesh has extended the services of eDistrict directly to the registered... 14-Mar-2018
64 e-WildLife An android based app has been developed for the real time geotagged monitoring and reporting of... 17-May-2018
65 eAssembly - eVidhan Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Using the "e-Assembly" mobile app, the H.P. Vidhan Sabha elected MLAs can access: 1) The MLAs... 20-Mar-2018
66 eBhugtan - All Payments made from Government Treasuries The eBhugtan App provides the details of electronic payments made to employees/pensioners/others (... 12-Oct-2017
67 eChallan eChallan App is very useful for Tax Collecting Offices/Agencies under Government of Himachal... 16-Nov-2016
68 eCourts Services "eCourts Services" app is useful to Citizen, Litigants, Lawyers, Police, Government agencies and... 22-Jul-2017
69 eDistrict Kerala This mobile app is to search the status of applications filed under various services offered to... 17-Nov-2016
70 eForest Mandi e-Forest Mandi facilitate Growers of Poplar and other miscellaneous species of trees, medicinal... 23-May-2018
71 eForestOffence Objective: An android based app has been developed for the real time geo tagged monitoring of... 17-May-2018
72 eForestry Government motivates Farmers to grow plants on their own land under schemes such as Krishi Vaniki (... 17-May-2018
73 eGazette Rajpatra of Himachal The App lists the latest notifications published in the official Gazette of Himachal Pradesh. The... 16-Nov-2016
74 eGoatry This app is developed for JEEViKA, Bihar.Through this application we can know the exact number of... 10-Apr-2018
75 eHRMS Employees Service Book Using this App, Himachal Pradesh Government Employees can view his/her Service Book enteries on... 16-Nov-2016
76 eKosh Directorate of Treasury Accounts and Pensions mobile app is developed by National Infromatic Center... 08-Oct-2018
77 eLabharthi Bihar Bihar government's various departments such as the Department of Education , Social... 06-Apr-2018
78 eLeave Mobile based app has been developed for the apply leave as CL, RH, CL+RH, Outstation leave etc.... 28-May-2018
79 eMonitoring E-MONITORING A. Sharing Pictures/ Videos/ etc ▸ Block/ AC/ Booth can be selected ▸ Report... 09-Mar-2017
80 Ente Ration Card Ente Ration Card is an initiative of Civil Supplies Department of Government of Kerala. This app... 24-Sep-2018
81 eNursery Objective: Developed Mobile App for Inspection of 170 Departmental... 17-May-2018
82 ePACS Bihar Grains This app is used for Grains Procurement by Govt. of Bihar from farmers across the... 06-Apr-2018
83 ePACS Bihar Payment This app is used by Banks for payment to PACS and Vyapar Mandal for procurement of grains by... 06-Apr-2018
84 ePACSInspection This app is used for Inspections of PACS by Govt. of Bihar across the state. In this app Inspection... 06-Apr-2018
85 eParkAmenities This app is for keeping record of Park Amenities. 30-May-2018
86 eParkTicketing A complete Mobile and Web Based application developed for park ticketing for visitors using latest... 30-May-2018
87 ePension This App lists month wise detailed Pension of HP Government Pensioners, drawing pension in the... 16-Nov-2016
88 ePhoto This app is for taking photo along with latitude and longitude values. 17-May-2018
89 ePlantation Every Financial Year Plantation site (Block and Liner Plantation) has been created for increase the... 17-May-2018
90 ePostoffice Mobile App ePostoffice Mobile App have been developed for online sale of Philately Stamps and distribution of... 21-Nov-2016
91 ePoultry Long Disc: jeevika is implementing Integrated poultry Scheme in 34 districts of Bihar. Till date... 17-May-2018
92 eSalary The App gives details of the monthly salary of the 1.89 lakh employees of the HP Government along... 16-Nov-2016
93 eSamadhan eSamadhan Mobile App helps you to avail Services of “eSamadhan – Online Public Grievance Monitoring... 16-Nov-2016
94 eSRT-HP Special Road Tax eSRT HP android application provides the facility of online payment of Special Road Tax (SRT) using... 16-Nov-2016
95 eTransfers The App lists transfer orders of officers and employees of various Departments in Government of... 16-Nov-2016
96 eTraverse E-TRAVERSE: Your Election friend. Use android based mobile App E-Traverse.  Locate your Polling... 09-Mar-2017
97 eVanikiJigyasa Objective: Methodology of Poplar and non-poplar plantation as information app. Benefit: This... 17-May-2018
98 eWheatProcurement This app is for capturing the details of Wheat procurement By the Vyapaar Mandal Chairman, And... 17-May-2018
99 Fire Services This app is used to capture Fire service building and its lat lang. 10-Apr-2018
100 For The People - PG LSGD Kerala Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala implements a comprehensive online grievance... 09-Mar-2017
101 Goa Excise Goa Excise, a digital initiative by Department of Excise, Government of Goa and NIC-Goa, is a... 12-Feb-2019
102 Goa GST App Goa GST Mobile App is developed and hosted in Google Play Store, for use the Department Officials.... 25-Jul-2018
103 Government eProcurement System of NIC - GePNIC Government eProcurement System of National Informatics centre, GePNIC Mobile App provides... 29-Jan-2018
104 Gram Samvaad Gram Samvaad is a citizen centric mobile app, created by Ministry of Rural Development in... 24-Oct-2017
105 GTSNY This app is used by Rural Work Department for Identification of Uncovered Settlement in Bihar State... 06-Apr-2018
106 Health Facility Locator The Health Facility Locator app is Geotagged based application for the departmental use. This... 10-Apr-2018
107 High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad The objective of the App is to provide information relating to case status and case hearing status... 04-Aug-2016
108 Him Beverages Him Beverages is a mobile app using which the user can verify the genuineness of beverage bottle... 24-Oct-2017
109 Him TCP Area Check Him TCP Area Check will let you check whether your village falls under any of the Planning/ Special... 12-Oct-2017
110 Hourly Poll Status This App is developed to collect the hourly poll status from the Polling stations during the Local... 16-Nov-2016
111 HP Circle Rates The Himachal Pradesh Circle Rates app provides two main features namely; Search the prevailing... 29-Aug-2017
112 HP Phones The HP Phones App contains about 8000 phone numbers of Government officials in Himachal Pradesh.... 16-Nov-2016
113 HP TeleStroke Stroke has emerged as a second biggest killer of mankind world over and even in India more people... 16-Nov-2016
114 HP Token Tax The HP Token Tax android mobile application provides the facility for Token Tax calculation levied... 16-Nov-2016
115 HPIPH Mobile App for Irrigation and Public Health Departmental Employees only and is used for uploading... 29-Aug-2017
116 HPPSC The HPPSC mobile app allows the user to view Department wise Vacancies, Advertisements, Press Notes... 25-May-2017
117 HPTDC The App provides the complete information of the Tourism Development Corporation. It covers,... 16-Nov-2016
118 HPVC The HP VC App displays the VC schedule for today, next 7 days and between two selected dates. The... 16-Nov-2016
119 HR OCMMS Government of India's digital initiative to provide a mobile based OCMMS App benefiting the users 14-Feb-2017
120 IBM Returns Statistics The app is an adaptation of the returns management software currently hosted under 03-Aug-2018
121 iExaMS Mobile application for the Plus Two students under Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE... 14-May-2018
122 IGKV MIS This is an Anroid based Mobile App features Student Corner and Faculty Corner for the university..... 16-Nov-2016
123 IGRS for Officers IGRS for Officers has been developed for easier access to the system resulting speedy redressal of... 14-Feb-2017
124 iHRMS Punjab iHRMS Punjab is a mobile application developed by NIC Punjab for employees of various departments... 14-Mar-2018
125 Indian Police At Your Call App The Indian Police at Your Call App is a GIS Map based interface for the citizens to locate police... 04-Jun-2018
126 IPH Assets Himachal Pradesh The HPIPH Assets Mobile app is developed for the Irrigation and Public Health Department, Himachal... 02-Jan-2019
127 Janmanrega Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) has inherent provisions for... 24-Aug-2017
128 JanSamiksha-Himachal Pradesh The Planning department in Himachal Pradesh is the nodal department for designing schemes to carry... 02-Jan-2019
129 jansunwai Uttar Pradesh Government has launched the mobile App for registering citizen's grievances/... 03-Oct-2016
130 Jind: Flowing Water Forgotten History Jind: Flowing Waters Forgotten History is dedicated to the history of Jind. Jind has dozens of... 09-Mar-2017
131 Kaushal Panjee This Mobile App enables rural youth aspiring skill training programmes being run by Skill... 24-Oct-2017
132 Kerala GST This mobile application enables the citizen to check whether the dealer is holding a valid GSTN... 13-Nov-2017
133 Kerala LAC Election 2016 Kannur Mobile App for the District Election Officer, Kannur. Developed for the use of DC Kannur during... 08-Aug-2016
134 Kerala Pension Kerala Pension, a digital initiative by Department of Treasuries, Government of Kerala and NIC-... 23-Jul-2019
135 Kerala School Kalolsavam 2017 As part of the biggest Cultural Festival in Asia - The Kerala School Kalolsavam 2017 - being held... 17-Jan-2017
136 Kerala TSB Kerala TSB, a digital initiative by Department of Treasuries, Government of Kerala and NIC Kerala,... 16-Nov-2018
137 KL OCMMS Govenment of india's digital initiative to provide a mobile based OCMMS App benefiting the users. 14-Feb-2017
138 KOMPAS This is to be used by the authorities like Police, Revenue department, Mining... 19-Apr-2018
139 KrushiMitra It provides details of nearest Agriculture Input Dealer information based on GPS, Pin Code or... 14-Feb-2017
140 Lakshadweep Course College Information Application is mainly intended for students seeking information on various courses and their... 04-Jun-2018
141 Lakship Services One Stop app for all your Ship Ticketing enquiry needs. Features .Ship Schedule .Seat... 24-Oct-2017
142 Landrecord MP An application to access Land record Data i.e. Khasra (ROR). Khatauni and Nakhsa using smart device... 04-Aug-2016
143 Local Body Election Kannur 2015 An Android Mobile App for the use of District Election Officer and District Collector, Kannur. The... 08-Aug-2016
144 Loucha Pathap Apps Loucha Pathap App for Android based mobile devices with features for viewing Jamabandi Report and... 06-Feb-2017
145 LSBM INSPECTION This application is developed for surveying toilet data to all below poverty line families in rural... 06-Apr-2018
146 LSG Election- 2015 Kozhikode This App is for the use of citizens and officials of the Kerala State for the Local Body Elections... 16-Nov-2016
147 M-IDUKKI Android Mobile app for IDUKKI District Administration to provide various citizen services. The... 12-Oct-2017
148 Mahari (my) Panchayat Haryana Android based Mobile App “Mahari Panchayat” empowering the citizen and Panchayati Raj Institutions... 04-Aug-2016
149 Manav Sampada The Manav Sampada App enables the employees of any State Government, who are using the Manav... 16-Nov-2016
150 mBudgetHP Annual Financial Budget of Government of Himachal Pradesh BudgetHP mobile App provides the receipt... 20-Mar-2018
151 mEcoHP Economic Survey is one of the budget documents which indicates the important economic... 13-Mar-2018
152 Meghalaya Agri-Marketing Mobile Application The objective of the App is to get Real Time daily Market Prices and Arrival data on various... 14-Feb-2017
153 Meghalaya Poll The Meghalaya Poll Mobile app was developed for the Election Department in the State for the forth... 27-Feb-2018
154 Meghalaya SignBank The deaf community in Meghalaya consists of a group of children and adults who are either... 08-Oct-2018
155 Meghalaya Voters Queue Install this app and be informed with the queue lines at your polling stations. This app will help... 23-Apr-2019
156 Meghalaya Votes Meghalaya Votes - A G2C Mobile Application for the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Meghalaya... 07-Mar-2018
157 Melghat Tiger Project Melghat Tiger Project mobile app designed and developed to provide Melghat Tiger Project... 18-Sep-2018
158 mGPF mGPF is an android app for GPF particulars through online only for the government employees of... 07-Sep-2016
159 mGPF HP The myGPF App provides the facility for HP Govt employees to view gpf details. An employee can view... 06-Jul-2017
160 mHimbhoomi App to view Land Records (Jamabandi, Shajra Nasb and Plot map (if digitized)) from mobile device.... 06-Jul-2017
161 Mid Day Meal (MDM) Mid-Day Meal mobile app is meant for effective monitoring of daily and monthly mid-day meal data... 16-Nov-2016
162 Mines App This app developed for challan verification and keeping vehicle Inspection for Environment... 17-May-2018
163 Mitan Android Tablet based reporting services for RCH. A virtual assistant for ANM which provides... 16-Nov-2016
164 mJind Jind Administration on Mobile (mJind App): This is an Android based citizen centric Mobile... 09-Mar-2017
165 MP Landrecords MP LandRecords is an application designed and developed by NIC for the office of the Commissioner,... 10-Apr-2018
166 mParivahan Provides Transport Service access to citizens through a mobile based application. This app empowers... 02-Jan-2019
167 mPension Mitra ----------- समग्र पेंशन पोर्टल क्या है? ------------ म.प्र. शासन द्धारा गरीब, विधवा, परित्‍यक्‍तता... 14-Jun-2016
168 mSBMUrban Android based Mobile App for uploading Geo tagged photos for Commenced/ Constructed Individual... 20-Feb-2017
169 mSBMUrban Dashboard Mobile App dashboard for Higher Management of Ministry, National Mission Directorate and State... 20-Feb-2017
170 mScholarshipMitra This app aims to provide an integrated platform to support the implementation of the Scholarship... 14-Jun-2016
171 mShikshaMitra mShikshaMitra by Department of School Education, GoMP... 14-Jun-2016
172 Mukhyamantri Gramin Peyjal Nischay Yojana This app is for inspection that in ward what is the status of Mukhyamantri Gramin Nischay Peyjal... 24-Sep-2018
173 MVD-IM: Kerala Motor Vehicles View details of vehicles, driving licence and MVD application status in Kerala. 01-Sep-2016
174 My Coir - MSME Shemes Coir Board has invigorated many Schemes aimed at ameliorating the socio economic conditions of the... 01-Sep-2016
175 My MLA In first phase, e-Constituency Management is implemented. Using this, the MLA is connected online... 16-Aug-2017
176 MyCollegeMate Welcome to My-College Mate App, an initiative of NIC, MP. College Students, Faculty and Institute... 14-Jun-2016
177 MyDiarY The contact information and engagements of all important Administrative officers, including... 16-Nov-2016
178 MyDocuments MyDocuments app is an effort to ease the task of keeping a scanned copy of all important documents... 16-Aug-2017
179 MyMSME Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic... 05-Sep-2017
180 MyMSME App Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic... 11-Jan-2019
181 Nalanda Open University This App is for News and information published by University on time to time 06-Apr-2018
182 National eDistrict Service Tracker National eDistrict Service Tracker mobile app provides State wise / Category wise listing of... 14-Jun-2016
183 National Games 2015 - Events in Kannur District This is a mobile App with online information on events held in Kannur District during the National... 08-Aug-2016
184 Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2016 The Nehru Trophy Boat Race named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is conducted on the Punnamda Lake,... 01-Sep-2016
185 nGPF24x7 The nGPF24x7 mobile app provides facility to all the Nagaland State Government Employees having... 07-Dec-2018
186 NHFL To locate users current position and identify the available health facilities nearby. using GPS (... 16-Nov-2016
187 NIC-VC Scheduled Video Conferences in NIC VC Studios The app requires authentication and provides feature to choose your State, District so as to filter... 02-Jan-2019
188 Nicians One-touch access to contact information of NIC employees. Some of the features of this app: 1.... 29-Jul-2016
189 NieshMitra Single Window Portal Mobile App Introduction: Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched ‘Nivesh Mitra: Single Window Portal’, a... 26-Feb-2018
190 OCMMS-Mobile App (Andriod Version) This mobile App is the extension of the web based project ‘OCMMS’ (Online Consent Management and... 14-Jun-2016
191 OFRIS The OFRIS App provides the facility for factory owners to check the status of applications... 08-Aug-2017
192 OJAS (Official) OJAS - Online Job Application System, is an interface to provide the complete solution to the... 17-May-2018
193 OR OCMMS-MobileApp (Android version) This mobile App is the extension of the web based project ‘OCMMS’ (Online Consent Management and... 16-Nov-2016
194 Organic Pesticides Information System for Agriculture The objective of the App is to provide users with information about the pesticides available in... 21-Mar-2017
195 Pani (Fever) Kerala The app facilitates the citizen with basic information like symptoms on the infectious diseases... 19-Jul-2017
196 PARIKSHA - Recruitment Portal for Government Jobs in UP PAperless Recruitment for Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Skilled and Highly Able candidates (PARIKSHA... 26-Feb-2018
197 Patna Divisional Commissioner Mobile Application to view case status ,cause list and judgment/orders of patna divisional... 21-May-2018
198 Pharma Sahi Daam The Mobile App developed for NPPA ( National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority ),Ministry of... 06-Sep-2017
199 Pitru Paksha Mela (Pitrippmela) This app is developed for collecting Ghaat details along with their latitude and longitude. These... 10-Apr-2018
200 PMIS-HC The PMIS-HC App enable the employees of High Court of Himachal Pradesh State Government, who are... 06-Jul-2017
201 Poims App Description -POIMS stands for PDS Online Inspection and Management System. This app... 11-Apr-2018
202 Poll Manager/ eDooth Poll Manager / eDooth is a comprehensive communication system developed for elections 2019 for the... 14-May-2019
203 Polling Personnel Tracker Polling Personnel Tracker is an Android mobile app, which helps the District Election Officer and... 02-Apr-2018
204 POWERLAK ReaderAPP POWERLAK ReaderApp is an eGov App for the Lakshadweep Electricity Department servicing the... 17-May-2018
205 POWERLAK Services The Electricity Consumer Services Application to deliver public services including e-Payment to... 26-Feb-2018
206 PRD Nischay Soft The purpose of this app is to perform Ward Level Physical Verification and Inspection of the Mukhya... 07-Dec-2018
207 Press Releases The App lists the Live Press Releases of the Government of Himachal Pradesh. The Information and... 16-Nov-2016
208 PS Man PS Man is a Polling Station Consultant using which authorised officers can view and update the... 23-Jul-2019
209 Public Financial Management System PFMS The PFMS mobile App currently provides information about Bank Related KPIs with respect to the... 18-Jun-2018
210 RADAR Kannur Road Accident Detection And Reporting System. The system was developed for the use of citizens and... 08-Aug-2016
211 Raipur Half Marathon 2018 Sports... 24-Jan-2018
212 Rajasthan Civil Registration System, Pehchan Rajasthan Civil Registration System, Pehchan application is developed for the Registration of Birth... 24-Apr-2017
213 Rajasthan High Court eServices App is useful to Citizens, Litigants, Lawyers, Police, Government agencies and other Institutional... 01-May-2018
214 RBSK Telangana Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) is an important initiative aiming at early identification... 06-Jul-2018
215 RCD This Mobile app can help in real time update of physical progress of projects by... 11-Apr-2018
216 REVCASE RevCase is the Revenue Court Monitoring Software of Chhattisgarh developed by National Informatics... 23-Jan-2018
217 Revenue Collection Bihar Revenue collection Mobile app is developed for the Transport Department of Bihar Government. This... 06-Apr-2018
218 RFID Tag Count BT An Android mobile application for counting tagged books in the library where the RFID Handheld... 30-Nov-2016
219 RFID Tag Search BT An Android mobile application for searching tagged books in the library where the mobile UI... 30-Nov-2016
220 Right to Health Main aim of developing this Right to Health Informative Mobile APP is to spread awareness among the... 10-Jul-2018
221 Rohtang Permit The app is meant for tourists visiting Kullu-Manali, a famous tourist destination in Himachal... 28-Nov-2017
222 Rubber Kisan 'Rubber Kisan' is meant for rubber growers to catch up with the cultural practices to be followed... 28-Jun-2018
223 Safe City-Vendors and Checkers to Send Reports A mission mode initiative of MHA under the Nirbhaya Funds scheme for safety of women The Safe City... 05-Mar-2019
224 SAGARA Sagara, a Digital Kerala initiative by Department of Fisheries and NIC Kerala for ensuring... 05-Mar-2018
225 Sarkar Diary A lightweight mobile app giving the full contact information of the Government of Kerala right from... 23-Jul-2019
226 SBM Jeevika Application is all about registering all below poverty line families in rural area for proving... 06-Apr-2018
227 Sbm Urban In this Inspection App, toilet building status was physically verified on site by a designated... 28-May-2018
228 SBM(U) Toilet Locator All Toilets - Individual Household toilets, Community toilets and Public toilets constructed in... 24-Apr-2017
229 SBPDCL App This app belongs to South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited. Its main purpose is to collect... 11-Apr-2018
230 Shakti Button Shakti Button initiative of Himachal Pradesh Police in association with National Informatics Centre... 05-Mar-2018
231 Shimla MC The Shimla Municipal Corporation Mobile App is rich in features and has interfaces for four... 16-Nov-2016
232 Ship Tracker This app is mainly intended for the port assistants. It enables department to keep track of the... 27-Jul-2018
233 Shor Nahin "Shor Nahin" app is developed for the convenience of the Citizen of Himachal Pradesh to report any... 08-Aug-2018
234 Shravani Mela sing this app user can register about their lost things. They can also search for that lost things... 12-Apr-2018
235 Shresth Himachal The target user is anyone residing/visiting Himachal Pradesh and want to report any problem/issue... 12-Oct-2017
236 SIGMA Various e-Governance services integrated in the form of mobile app. Online Appointment facility is... 25-Jul-2016
237 Smart Shillong Smart Shillong is an integrated mobile app which serves as a Unified Mobile App of various mobile... 23-Jan-2018
238 SPARK OnMobile SPARK OnMobile is a mobile initiative by Finance Department, Government of Kerala for the employees... 30-May-2019
239 SpeedSpot Kannur SpeedSpot Kannur is an initiative of District Administration Kannur, Kerala. The App provides... 08-Dec-2016
240 State Public Procurement Portal The App provides tracking of Notice Inviting Bids (NIBs) floated by Govt Procuring Entities for... 18-Mar-2019
241 Stree Sureksha स्त्री सुरक्षा The app aims to help the woman. Any app user has to pre-define the district where she ordinarily... 12-Oct-2017
242 Student Aadhaar The Student Aadhaar Android based Application enables the teachers of all schools of Himachal... 06-Jul-2017
243 SVIMS Mobile Appointment online slot booking through Mobile App. Mobile application features like New Registration, Revisit... 11-Jul-2018
244 Swachh Gaya Download Swachh Gaya Mobile Complain Management System app for lodging your complaints regarding... 18-May-2018
245 Swachh Madhya Pradesh Swachh Bharat Mission is has been initiated by Indian National Govt. in 1986. Its primary goals are... 14-Jun-2016
246 SwachhApp This App serves as a tool to monitor the improvements in sanitation coverage in rural India, on a... 16-Nov-2016
247 T-Registration T-Registratin Mobile application from the Registration and Stamps Department, Govt. of Telangana.... 08-Oct-2018
248 TbocwwBoard Mobile App is meant for the Construction Workers Registered with Construction Workers Welfare Board... 23-Jul-2019
249 Telangana State Pharmacy Council Informative Mobile Application used for Pharmacists of Telangana. Pharmacists can search their... 23-Jul-2019
250 Test Result Entry, DACF&W Soil Health Card Scheme is a flagship program of the Government of India promoted by the Department... 24-Oct-2017
251 TN HSC Result This App provides Higher Secondary Examination Results (+2) of the candidates belongs to Tamil Nadu... 14-May-2018
252 TN SSLC Result This App provides Secondary School Leaving Certificate Results ( 10th std) of the candidates... 14-May-2018
253 Tour Mandi Mandi Tourism is G2C app for tourists planning to visit Mandi District in Himachal Pradesh, India.... 16-Nov-2016
254 Traffic Management-Himachal Pradesh Jan Aabhaar Rally The app is an initiative of General Administration Department, Himachal Pradesh to effectively... 02-Jan-2019
255 Transmission App This app is used for BSPTCL Transmission Line which is having two features: 1. Inspection Data:... 14-May-2018
256 Trend on Mobile Loksabha Elections 2014 - Counting Trend on Mobile 01-Sep-2016
257 TREND OnMobile TREND OnMobile is a mobile app for the dissemination of Lok Sabha election 2019 results, along with... 30-May-2019
258 TS School 1. School Infrastructure Visuals of School infrastructure like school building, class rooms,... 08-Aug-2018
259 TS Weather Weather information of Telangana State through Automatic Weather Stations and Forecast 20-Feb-2019
260 uHimachal The App lists Live Updates of Himachal Pradesh Government Web Portal. These updates are information... 16-Nov-2016
261 UP e-Krishi Gyan This App has been designed for giving knowledge of Agriculture Equipment , Disease and Remedies... 17-Oct-2018
262 Upasthiti This app is used by Block level authorized person. They can logged in and make absentees of the... 30-May-2018
263 Uttara Universal Timely and Transparent handling of Applications and Responses (to Applications) has been... 14-Jun-2016
264 Ward Border Mapping This app is for taking latitude and longitude values of the ward of different Panchayat of each and... 10-Apr-2018
265 WaterKan Kerala is facing sever drought in this summer. As a mitigation strategy, Water kiosks were... 17-Apr-2017
266 We Are Kannur #WeAreKannur is an initiative by District Administration. As part of the #WeAreKannur initiative,... 04-Oct-2017
267 WSIMS Reporter WSIMS Reporter Mobile app can help in real time update of physical progress of projects by sending... 28-May-2018
268 X10 Card The X.10 Card application is useful for the unemployed youth who are registered with the various... 16-Nov-2016
269 Yuva-Rujhan This app is for getting the young generation details, that they are interested in which field. 25-Oct-2018
270 आसरा (AASRA) To provide citizen centric information of SR schemes on mobile,based on user location where GIS... 08-Oct-2018