S.NoTitleDescriptionKeywordsStateSectors/DomainsDate of ReleasePlay Store Availability
1Mobile AppBehavior Change Management(BCM) AppThe BCM is an app that can be used to view contents uploaded for training purposes as well as information and standard procedures related to the COVID pandemic which are very useful to all sections of people (citizens). The main objective of the App is to create awareness on the importance of Change Management, through the Mobile App. The citizens need to register & use the App, in order to gain more knowledge on reducing and eradicating the Spread of the Covid19 pandemic. The contents were provided by the Department of Health & Family Welfare under National Health Mission NHM) & the app was developed by NIC Meghalaya State. Behavior Change Management; BCM; NHM; MeghalayaMeghalayaHealth & Family welfare, Health01-Jul-2020Yes
2Mobile AppSarkar DiaryA lightweight mobile app giving the full contact information of the Government of Kerala right from the Governor to department officials.Kerala State Government Officials Contact Information, Sarkar Diary, Government Contacts, Contact Directory Kerala, Chief Minister of Kerala, Governor of Kerala, Ministers of Kerala, Representatives of Kerala, Departments of KeralaKeralaGovernance & Administration, State Legislative12-Jul-2019Yes
3Mobile AppTelangana State Pharmacy CouncilInformative Mobile Application used for Pharmacists of Telangana. Pharmacists can search their details by Name or Registered No. Further track their application status TSCP, Pharmacy CouncilTelanganaHealth & Family welfare, Health01-Jul-2019Yes
4Mobile AppDrug Free HimachalThe app educates user about the harmful effects of Narcotic Drugs. App Also lists important information for the Parents/Teachers/Students like: Harmful Effects of Drugs How to Identify a Drug User Important Advice for Parents / Students / Teachers Major Facts About the Narcotics Law Information about Drug De-Addiction / Re-Habilitation Centres in Himachal Pradesh The most important role of this app is to help citizen to inform Himachal Pradesh Police about any information related to: - Shipment of Drugs like Coming in the State or Going from the State - Storage of Drugs by any individual or group - Usage of Drugs by drug abuse - Drugs being Sold/Purchased related information - Promoting the activities related to usage of Drugs - Any other important information related to Drugs The user can also send any related photograph while sending the information to the police. The information will help police to grab the offenders.Drugs, NarcoticsHimachal PradeshHome Affairs & Enforcement, Police30-Jun-2019Yes
5Mobile AppTREND OnMobileTREND OnMobile is a mobile app for the dissemination of Lok Sabha election 2019 results, along with the TREND web portal. This app will provide the results in near real time as soon as the data is published from the counting centers. Citizen can use this app by installing it in their mobiles.TREND OnMobile Kerala ElectionsKeralaElection21-May-2019Yes
6Mobile AppSPARK OnMobileSPARK OnMobile is a mobile initiative by Finance Department, Government of Kerala for the employees who’s Service and Payroll Administrative Repository is maintained in SPARK project. This app will provide the employees their Salary Slip view, Leave Management, Outside Duty and Compensatory Off requests etc. Employees can use this app with their registered mobile number in SPARK.SPARK OnMobile PayRoll KeralaKeralaFinance18-May-2019Yes
7Mobile AppPoll Manager/ eDoothPoll Manager / eDooth is a comprehensive communication system developed for elections 2019 for the exclusive use of Election Officials of Kerala. The application is used by the officials authorised by the Chief Electoral Officer, Kerala. The mobile application developed by National Informatics Centre is intended to facilitate officers at higher level to have an overall status of all officers working under them and to ensure effective communication, minimum assured facilities Monitoring, repository of information, complaint registration and redressal, FAQs and Poll Day status monitoring. Features Available in eDooth Mobile Application 1. Contact Search Facility – Directory of Officers 2. Chats – For Text Based Communication 3. Broadcast Message Option 4. Complaint/ Grievances Registration and Redressal Mechanism 5. Minimum Assured Facilities Monitoring 6. Option to Download Important Election Documents 7. Poll Day Status Monitoring 8. FAQsPoll Manager, eDoothKeralaElection04-Apr-2019Yes
8Mobile AppMeghalaya Voters QueueInstall this app and be informed with the queue lines at your polling stations. This app will help the apathy of urban voters who does not want to stand in queue for long hours for voting. Do not go out for voting thinking there would be long queue at your polling station. To check the live queue at your polling station, Meghalaya Chief Electoral Officer has introduced this “Meghalaya Voters Queue” app. This app has been designed and developed by NIC Meghalaya. This app will be used by the Booth Level Officers ( BLOs) and the Voters. The BLOs will update the number of Queue at the Polling Stations on the Polling Day at frequent intervals. The Voters will query the number of queue lines at the respective PS by keying the EPIC No. Once they submit, the system will return the number of queue of the PS mapped to the EPIC No. It will show the Constituency Name, Polling Station Name and the No. of queue. This app requires 2G/3G/4G internet connection.Election, CEO, ECI, voter, Chief Electoral Officer, EPIC No, Polling Station, Part Number, voter list, QueueMeghalayaElection08-Apr-2019Yes
9Mobile AppPS ManPS Man is a Polling Station Consultant using which authorised officers can view and update the Polling station readiness. A role based access to RO, ARO and EROs were provided in the app. The app shall provide the Communication Plan also in the next releasePSMan, Polling Station ConsultantKeralaElection14-Mar-2019Yes
10Mobile AppTbocwwBoardMobile App is meant for the Construction Workers Registered with Construction Workers Welfare Board, to know the status of their Registration/Renewal and Claims Application for benefit under the above mentioned welfare schemes. The app can also be used to find out Details of Officer in charge of a Circle/District/Zone. Input for the above services is the Registration number of the worker, which also appears in the form of QR code on the Registration Card issued to them. User can type manually or Scan the QR Code to automatically capture the Registration Number. Telangana Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board functions primarily for formulating and implementing the various Welfare schemes for the benefit of the Construction Workers in the Telangana State. The Board has been implementing various schemes such as marriage gift, Maternity Benefit, Fatal Accident Relief, Disability Relief, Natural Death Relief, Hospitalization relief, Funeral Expenses and Pension Scheme (NPS). Telangana, TbocwwBoard, Construction Board, Construction Workers, Welfare, Welfare Fund, Welfare SchemesAndhra PradeshLabour & Employment, Unorganized Sector Workers07-Mar-2019Yes
11Mobile AppSafe City-Vendors and Checkers to Send ReportsA mission mode initiative of MHA under the Nirbhaya Funds scheme for safety of women The Safe City project aims to create a safe, secure and empowering environment for women in public places, to enable them to pursue all opportunities without the threat of gender-based violence and/or harassment. It, further, aims to prevent and curb all forms of crimes against women and girl children in public places by providing safer urban infrastructure and efficient access to law enforcement agencies. Eight cities have been identified for implementation of this project in the first phase, under the Nirbhaya Fund, at an estimated cost of Rs.2919.55 crore. These are Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Lucknow. The app is meant to be used by the various Vendors working under the Safe City Project of MHA and the State Nodal Officers or Checkers. The vendors will send the work progress and Checker will send verification using this app.Safe City, women safety, Nirbhaya, MHAHimachal PradeshHome Affairs & Enforcement26-Feb-2019Yes
12Mobile AppCHC Farm MachineryMulti language Mobile App platform for Custom Hiring Centers (CHCs) Agricultural Machinery Facilitates farmers of the different States across the country with the Custom hiring services of  Farm Machinery Banks / Custom Hiring Centers and Hi-tech Hubs established under the various Schemes of DAC&FW, Ministry of Agriculture and farmers Welfare  The app helps the societies, entrepreneurs and progressive farmers, willing to provide their agricultural machineries & equipment on rental basis to increase their income by making the optimum utilization of the available Agricultural machineries available in CHCs/FMBs/Hi-tech Machinery Hubs The small and marginal farmer are benefitted by using farm implements on competitive hiring rates and timely avalability from CHC. This will increase the productivity and income. CHC Agri MachineryDelhi (NCT)Agriculture, Agricultural Research & Extension24-Jan-2019Yes
13Mobile AppGoa ExciseGoa Excise, a digital initiative by Department of Excise, Government of Goa and NIC-Goa, is a Mobile Application exclusively for Goa State Liquor Retailer(shop) to enter their daily transaction of purchase and sale of Liquor in the state of Goa. . Goa Excise App operates on mobile devices with Android operating system.goa exciseGoaGovernance & Administration, Local Government07-Feb-2019Yes
14Mobile AppChikhaldara Hill Station Chikhaldara official mobile app project designed an developed by NIC Amravati for providing detail information of Chikhaldara Hill Station, Amravati to citizens and tourist. This mobile app contain information of Chikhaldara Hill station, Location, People, Culture , Tourist information, How to reach, Safari, Festival, Accommodation, Chikhaldara Attraction and photo gallery of nature, Wildlife and people. This app will act as tourist guide for Chikhaldara Hill Station Amravati. Chikhaldara, TouristMaharashtraTourism01-Jan-2019Yes
15Mobile AppChikhaldaraChikhaldara official mobile app project designed an developed by NIC Amravati for providing detail information of Chikhaldara Hill Station, Amravati to citizens and tourist. This mobile app contain information of Chikhaldara Hill station, Location, People, Culture , Tourist information, How to reach, Safari, Festival, Accommodation, Chikhaldara Attraction and photo gallery of nature, Wildlife and people. This app will act as tourist guide for Chikhaldara Hill Station Amravati. ChikhaldaraMaharashtraTourism01-Jan-2019Yes
16Mobile AppNIC-VC Scheduled Video Conferences in NIC VC StudiosThe app requires authentication and provides feature to choose your State, District so as to filter out the relevant Video Conferences scheduled for the selected State/District. The app has interface in English and Hindi and also provides two type of dashboards so that user can opt for the suitable dashboard for his liking. The dashboard contains counts for Scheduled VC for the Day, Important VCs (if any), VCs during the current month and VCs during the year. The dashboard appears based on the user preferences which can be All States, Particular State or District. The app also provides feature to search any booked VC using VC ID. The app also provides the feature to rate any VC for which user details are mandatory. User can also choose any scheduled VC to set an alert within app. The alert duration is also configurable from listed multiple choices like, 1 day before, 2 day before etc. before the VC.VC, video conferenceHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration19-Dec-2017Yes
17Mobile AppTraffic Management-Himachal Pradesh Jan Aabhaar RallyThe app is an initiative of General Administration Department, Himachal Pradesh to effectively control and manage the vehicular traffic on 27-12-2018 on occasion of Jan Aabhaar Rally. The rally is being organised to thank the public on completion of one year in office of the present state Government. The Bus level person will enter Vehicle specific details The Entry Point user will mark the vehicle in The Parking Person will check and mark the vehicle parked Administration can view the latest status of arrival of vehiclesTraffic, Event, Vehicle, RallyHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration22-Dec-2018Yes
18Mobile AppJanSamiksha-Himachal PradeshThe Planning department in Himachal Pradesh is the nodal department for designing schemes to carry out development works at the grass root level. The funds for these schemes are routed from head office to the respective district. The district planning development committee (DPDC) receives proposals from individuals, groups and Panchayati Raj Institutions under the defined framework of various schemes. New works are sanctioned by the DPDC and executing agencies are assigned to carry out the works. JanSamiksha is an initiative by the Planning Department, Himachal Pradesh to empower the citizen of Himachal Pradesh so that they can send feedback on the status of any work carried out under these Schemes at the field level. The citizen can rate the work and provide textual feedback along with the photograph of the Work/Asset.Development Works, State Planning, Citizen Feedback, Social AuditHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration14-Dec-2018Yes
19Mobile AppDARPANDARPAN is a national configurable multilingual Dashboard platform for Hon’ble Chief Ministers, Hon’ble Governors, Chief Secretaries, Divisional Commissioners and DMs/DCs. It has been replicated in 24 States and 3 Union Territories including 87 Divisions and 569 Districts covering 814 State specific services/schemes and 12 Central Services/projects. It facilitates presentation of real time data on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of selected government schemes/projects to all the level (State, Division, District) of officers for planning, evaluation and monitoring. The dashboard Analytics has the automatic grading system of departments and departmental projects to assess the physical and financial progress of the project. Department KPI’s further zero in leading/lagging district. It helps departmental HOD/Officials to monitor system effectively. DARPAN, NIC, Dashboard, AnalyticalUttar PradeshGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration, Local Government14-Jan-2019Yes
20Mobile AppIPH Assets Himachal PradeshThe HPIPH Assets Mobile app is developed for the Irrigation and Public Health Department, Himachal Pradesh. Using this app the departmental officials can Geo Tag the various assets of the department spread all over the state as well as can send the status of the asset as noticed during the field visit. The app is integrated with Manav Sampada for authentication and Works MIS for Geo Tagging and Progress Monitoring. - The officers of HP IPH department will use PMIS Code and Password to login - Officer will get option to Report Inspection of Asset or can view Reported Cases - Assets can be searched Scheme code, Work code or Name based - Scheme name and corresponding Works are listed to select for sending Feedback - The GPS coordinates along with status is communicated to the central server. IPH Assets, Himachal PradeshHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local Government08-Oct-2018Yes
21Mobile Appe-Constituency (e-Vidhan) Himachal PradeshUsing the "e-Constituency " mobile app, the MLAs of Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha can access to all documents related to his/her Constituency e.g Public Works and Public Grievances. 1) The MLA may monitor the status of any development work or welfare scheme sanctioned for the respective constituency. 2) The MLA may monitor the physical and financial progress of the work panchayat wise including the pictorial progress. 3) The MLA may analyse the problems/suggestions received from the constituents. 4) The MLAs may forward the matter to the Departmental Heads of Sub Divisional Level for necessary action and updating the status.e-vidhan, MLA, e-ConstituencyHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, State Legislative15-Feb-2018Yes
22Mobile AppnGPF24x7 The nGPF24x7 mobile app provides facility to all the Nagaland State Government Employees having General Provident Fund (GPF) Account which is maintained by the Principal Accountant General(PAG)’s Office, Nagaland. This app will facilitate the subscribers to get information regarding their GPF accounts directly from their smart phone. The subscribers will be able to view information such as ledger balances, deposits of a particular year and check their accounts balances, download the annual statement in PDF format. QR code scanner is incorporated in the mobile app for the validation of the document.Nagaland, nGPF, nGPF24x7NagalandFinance04-Dec-2018Yes
23Mobile AppPRD Nischay SoftThe purpose of this app is to perform Ward Level Physical Verification and Inspection of the Mukhya Mantri Gramin Nischay Yojana. (Pay-Jal Nischay Yojana and Gali-Naali Nischay Yojana) Through this app Voucher entry of different Mukhya Mantri Nischay Yojana can also be done by the Ward Level Admin.Purpose of this app is to perform Ward Level Inspection of CM Nischay Yojana.BiharSocial Development, Urban Development02-Dec-2018Yes
24Mobile AppKerala TSBKerala TSB, a digital initiative by Department of Treasuries, Government of Kerala and NIC Kerala, is a mobile application developed exclusively for Kerala treasury bank account holders whose account is being maintained by Treasury Department, Kerala. This app will help the account holders to view their pass book details, account details available with treasury including contact address, and other details. This app also provides the address of all treasury offices in the state. For using the mobile app, account holders have to register their mobile number in the treasury.Kerala TSBKeralaFinance, Banking09-Nov-2018Yes
25Mobile AppKerala PensionKerala Pension, a digital initiative by Department of Treasuries, Government of Kerala and NIC-Kerala, is a Mobile Application exclusively for Kerala State Pensioners whose pension is being disbursed through Treasury Department. This App will help the Pensioners to view their Pension details, Personal details available with treasury including contact address, disbursement details, passbook details. This app also provides the address of all treasury offices within the stateKerala PensionKeralaFinance05-Nov-2018Yes
26Mobile AppYuva-RujhanThis app is for getting the young generation details, that they are interested in which field.This app is for getting the young generation interest.BiharSocial Development, Urban Development22-Oct-2018Yes
27Mobile AppArunachal Suraksha Arunachal Suraksha is an Android-based Mobile App that would provide safety & security to the citizens and tourists in Arunachal Pradesh. Using this App, Arunachal Pradesh Police can easily determine the Geo-location of people in distress and provide help. The Arunachal Suraksha App enables the Citizens and tourists in Arunachal Pradesh to view nearest Police Station and send SoS Alert to nearest Police station on any crisis situation. Also, the users can Save Family and Friends’ Contact Numbers in the mobile App for Emergency Situations. The user has also the provision to record Video of current happenings automatically after the SoS Alert is sent to the nearest Police station and dear ones. The App also facilitates easy navigation to any police station in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. It also enables the users to know the distance of any police station from his/her current GPS location. The web-interface is also available for the police department to monitor and review the received SoS Alerts over a period.Arunachal Suraksha, ArunSuraksha, Suraksha, Arunachal Pradesh, Arunachal Police, women safety, Tourist SafetyArunachal PradeshHome Affairs & Enforcement, Police02-Nov-2018Yes
28Mobile AppArunachal Police FinderArunachal Police Finder is an Android-based Police Directory Search App to facilitate contact details of police officers and officials of Arunachal Pradesh Police. The app users can view the details of police officers based on their name, designation, email, phone no., posting location etc. and may contact them via sending SMS or Phone Calls. A Web-interface has also been provided to the department to add/update details of the police personnel in the system. The App is available on google play store and official M-SEWA portal: https://msewa.arunpol.gov.inArunachal Police Finder, ArunPolFinder, Arunachal Police, Arunachal Police Directory, Arunachal Pradesh PoliceArunachal PradeshHome Affairs & Enforcement, Police15-Oct-2018Yes
29Mobile AppUP e-Krishi Gyan This App has been designed for giving knowledge of Agriculture Equipment , Disease and Remedies and Agriculture Practices to be adopted during various months and Method of Identification of Fertilizers. In modern agriculture farming is being practised through mechanisation of agriculture , it is very much required to give knowledge of Krishi Yantras, this app will provided knowledge of all modern Krishi yantras . Krishi GyanUttar PradeshAgriculture, Agricultural Research & Extension26-Oct-2018Yes
30Mobile AppT-RegistrationT-Registratin Mobile application from the Registration and Stamps Department, Govt. of Telangana. Initially Hindu Marriage Registration Service were provided to the citizensT-Registration, IGRS, Registration and Stamps DepartmentTelanganaGovernance & Administration, Local Government06-Oct-2018Yes
31Mobile Appआसरा (AASRA)To provide citizen centric information of SR schemes on mobile,based on user location where GIS data for slums spread over entire Mumbai Municipal Corporation area has been created.This encompasses layers containing boundaries of District,Taluka, Ward,Village,Slum Cluster,SR Schemes, Huts,etc.This GIS Mobile App is developed with the support of Utility Mapping Division of NIC,New Delhi.App for the slum dwellers of Mumbai to get huts & SR schemes infoDelhi (NCT)Governance & Administration, Local Government11-Sep-2018Yes
32Mobile AppMeghalaya SignBankThe deaf community in Meghalaya consists of a group of children and adults who are either prelingually deaf or postlingually deaf. The community is not defined by geographical boundaries but by a sense of belonging that comes from the one common behavior which they share amongst themselves i.e., their ‘Sign Language’. This language can be referred to as the ‘Meghalaya Sign Language’ since it is commonly shared across the deaf communities in the state. The development of this Meghalaya SignBank would symbolize its strength as a linguistic entity and give recognition and empowerment to the language and its users. This would undoubtedly give a sense of pride and joy to the deaf community in the state and the developers of this android app deserve to be lauded. • At present this Meghalaya Signbank is a multi-modal and multi-lingual android app which also has multi-accessible features i.e. through visual and audio mode. It can be used only in Android phones and the size of the data is minimal. Users will not have any issues with storage.The app has been designed in a user-friendly manner, where English is used to access sign language. The user can simply type an English word and the corresponding sign will be displayed in a video format.signbank;meghalayaMeghalayaSocial Development, Disabled24-Sep-2018Yes
33Mobile AppC.G.Khadya – JanbhagidariA multifaceted mobile based android application by Department of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection, Govt. of Chhattisgarh, this application is intended for all the Citizen of Chhattisgarh that benefited from the department. Following are the services provided by this application • Ration card Information. • Fair Price shop Information. • Receipt of Commodities at FPS. • Information of Commodities distributed to beneficiaries. • Mini statement of beneficiaries. • Entitlement of Beneficiary. • Farmer Information. • Information regarding MSP of Paddy and Maize. • Information about Safety Norms, subsidy etc. • Information Regarding Consumer rights, procedure to file complaints etc. • Information regarding nearest Fair Price shop and Dal Bhat Center using google map. • Take few surveys from beneficiary. foodChhattisgarhFood, Public Distribution24-Sep-2018Yes
34Mobile AppMukhyamantri Gramin Peyjal Nischay YojanaThis app is for inspection that in ward what is the status of Mukhyamantri Gramin Nischay Peyjal Yojana.Inspection that in ward what is the status of Peyjal Yojana.BiharRural, Panchayati Raj20-Aug-2018Yes
35Mobile AppEnte Ration CardEnte Ration Card is an initiative of Civil Supplies Department of Government of Kerala. This app provides details of members in a Ration Card, Application Status and monthly quota. Features - View full Ration card details including card type, monthly allocation and Application Status - Description and other relevant details - Get details of all members in the Ration Card - Secured Access to information on demand - Information provided to General public - Enrolled users can view the complete details of their Ration CardEnte Ration Card Civil Supplies KeralaKeralaFood, Public Distribution16-Jul-2018Yes
36Mobile AppCSCNellaiCommon Service Centres (CSC) are the front end delivery channels to provide various Tamil Nadu Government e-services. Totally 383 Common Service Centres are running successfully established by District Administration, through Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. In Tirunelveli District, the PPP model is implemented through various service agencies namely M/S TACTV Ltd., Primary Agriculture Cooperative Credit Society (PACCS), Mahalir Thittam, Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) who shall establish and operate Common Service Centres (CSCs) which are to be the front end e-service delivery points of various schemes of Tamil Nadu Government. Any common public who wants to avail an e-service, he has to always approach the nearest Common Service Centre to his locality. “CSC-Nellai” is a location-based mobile app development concept for any common public of Tirunelveli District to give immediate list out of e-service delivery channels basis of their locations for a given radius. This mobile app gives an edge to the common public of Tirunelveli District for enabling them to reach out the Common Service Centres in close proximity without much difficulty. The e-services of Revenue Administration for 17 different e-services, Social Welfare Department for 7 services are taken care by these 383 Common Service Centres. To locate nearby Common Service Centres in Tiruenelveli District based on your present locationTamil NaduScience & Technology, Geo Technology17-Sep-2018Yes
37Mobile AppMelghat Tiger ProjectMelghat Tiger Project mobile app designed and developed to provide Melghat Tiger Project information to the Citizens and Tourist. Information consists of Location, Administration, eco-tourism, Distribution, Bio-Diversity,People, Flora and Fauna. App Also contains Photo gallery of Nature, Bird, Animal, Flowers and Butterfly.Melghat, Tiger, ReserveMaharashtraTourism14-Sep-2018Yes
38Mobile AppCGHS Service FeedbackA mobile app has been developed for CGHS beneficiaries to submit their feedback on defined CGHS Services. QR codes will be displayed in the Wellness Centres and CGHS beneficiaries, using mobile app, may scan the QR code and submit their feedback on the defined CGHS services. CGHS beneficiaries can submit their feedback on the following CGHS services: 1. Registration of beneficiary 2. Consultation with Medical Officer/Specialist 3. Dispensing of Medicines 4. Dressing Room services 5. Cleanliness of Wellness Centre 6. Punctuality of Staff 7. Behaviour of Staff A beneficiary can provide the rating between 1 to 5 and have provision to enter the feedback on ratings less than or equal to 3 These ratings on various CGHS services will be monitored by CGHS officials to improve the services only. Note: This facility can be availed by only those CGHS beneficiaries whose mobile number is registered in the CGHS databaseCGHS FeedbackDelhi (NCT)Health & Family welfare, Health14-Aug-2018Yes
39Mobile App Water MonitoringMobile based “WATER MONITORING” App is designed and developed by National Informatics Centre ,AP State Centre for use in the department of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, Government of Andhra Pradesh. This app is successfully being implemented in the state of AP in all the 48,692 habitations The objective of this App is twofold 1. To enable the RWS functionaries to take stock of the functional status of the assets along with inspection and repair details 2. To capture the Residual chlorine PPM values at the source and upload it to the MIS application for further action to be taken . This App can be used only by Registered Users Navigation of the App · Download Data: Ø Facilitates offline operation of the App . This feature allows the user to download the master data from the MIS application and use the same in the event of Non availability of Internet Connection. Ø Module requires Internet Connection. · Residual Chlorine: Ø This facilitates the user to enter Residual chlorine PPM value of a source . · Functional Status: Ø This option allows the functionary to capture asset / components functional status , images with coordinates and timestamp , repairs details etc. For working assets user can capture public tap images. · Upload Locally Saved Data: Ø This feature facilitates to upload locally saved data to the server as and when there is Internet Connectivity. RWSS, Water MonitoringAndhra PradeshRural, Panchayati Raj21-Jul-2018Yes
40Mobile AppTS School1. School Infrastructure Visuals of School infrastructure like school building, class rooms, drinking water facility, compound wall, and kitchen shed etc. can be uploaded using this app. 2. School Visit: This module allows to capture various school details like enrolment, attendance of children/teachers, syllabus covered, status of toilets, midday meal etc. These parameters are stored in centralized database for generation of analysis reports for monitoring. 3. Attendance Monitoring To capture Teacher’s and children attendance across state. Improves visibility to track and manage student and teacher’s attendance & absenteeism across multiple schools. 4.Toilets Monitoring School HMs can upload the visuals of toilets at regular intervals. Authorities can monitor the functional status of toilets from time to time. Helps to track the status of toilets. What is New? 1. Capturing the Geo Coordinates of school 2. Comparing with the Geo coordinates of schools collected earlier. It helps to identify whether the user is at the school location, by calculating the distance between Geo Coordinates. 3. Accuracy is taken in to consideration, to improve the accuracy of Geo Coordinates School Visit, School Infrastructure, Student Attendance Monitoring, Teachers Attendance Monitoring, Toilets MonitoringAndhra PradeshEducation, Elementary, Secondary27-Nov-2017Yes
41Mobile AppShor Nahin"Shor Nahin" app is developed for the convenience of the Citizen of Himachal Pradesh to report any Noise Pollution occurrence to the authorities for corrective measures. SHOR NAHIN is an initiative of Department of Environment, Science and Technology, HP in association with National Informatics Centre, Himachal Pradesh. App Allows two type of users; Public and Officer, both are authenticated using the OTP. Public user can report any Noise Pollution case to the authorities. The officers have to take corrective action and will report back the action taken using the app. Action categorised as Interim or Final. Noise Pollution, Shor NahinHimachal PradeshScience & Technology, Atmospheric Science03-Aug-2018Yes
42Mobile AppIBM Returns StatisticsThe app is an adaptation of the returns management software currently hosted under ibmreturns.gov.in. This application has been developed by NIC-SDTC, Nagpur as part of purely academic activity for Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur by us. It provides access to all stakeholders like miners, traders, exporters, end users as also the users of MMS Division having different roles. Return statistics are shown in a very easy to use interface having appropriate search filters and the details of returns are also available for viewing. The app is a great tool to provide often required information on Monthly and Annual Returns filed on ibmreturns Portal, thus will give information on the fly. The key features available are • Easy Access and navigation to All Online Returns filed • User Friendly interface is provided • Internal IBM User • State Government User • Miner Owners / Trader / End Users etc • It will help to know the returns – Received, Approved, Referred back and Pending to be filed. • Search the Records by Year, Month, Mine Code. • All the statistic related to the Form (F, H, N and O) Series and • Role of the user are displayed in a nutshell • Details as per the particular format of the form is available to view through the "View’ option Online Submission of Returns under Rule 45, MCDR, IBMRETURNS, ibm Form H, Form F, Form O, Form N, statisticsMaharashtraIndustries, Mining and Exploration20-Dec-2017Yes
43Mobile AppShip TrackerThis app is mainly intended for the port assistants. It enables department to keep track of the actual and expected arrival, departure of ships, cargo ships and vessels in lakshadweep. Ship Tracking ApplicationLakshadweep (UT)Transport, Water ways25-Jul-2018Yes
44Mobile AppGoa GST AppGoa GST Mobile App is developed and hosted in Google Play Store, for use the Department Officials. The App is a replication of Desktop Application. The App contains features such as Registration, Returns, Tax Collection, Migration, e-Sign and other functionalities.Goa GSTGoaFinance, Revenue08-Jan-2018Yes
45Mobile AppSVIMS Mobile Appointmentonline slot booking through Mobile App. Mobile application features like New Registration, Revisit, Lab Reports in pdf format. My Appointments Tracking etc.SVIMS Mobile AppointmentTelanganaHealth & Family welfare, Health28-Mar-2018Yes
46Mobile AppAPPCAPP is used to search the Pharmacists by Name or Registered No. Pharmacists can trank their application status . Latest News from Pharmacy Council. MIS ReportsAPPC, Pharmacy CouncilTelanganaHealth & Family welfare, Health16-Jun-2017Yes
47Mobile AppRight to HealthMain aim of developing this Right to Health Informative Mobile APP is to spread awareness among the citizens regarding AIDS so as to Reduce new infections by 50% and Comprehensive Care, Support and treatment to all persons living with HIV/AIDSRight to HealthTelanganaHealth & Family welfare, Health01-Dec-2017Yes
48Mobile AppRBSK TelanganaRashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) is an important initiative aiming at early identification and early intervention for children from birth to 18 years to cover 4 ‘D’s viz. Defects at birth, Deficiencies, Diseases, Development delays including disability. Before proceeding to Field location (School/Ananwadi) the Mobile team will download the concerned Students details through Web Services and stored in device using SQLite DB of android Children screeing details are captured offline and Synchronized to the central server later.RBSK, RBSK TelanganaTelanganaHealth & Family welfare, Health20-Jul-2017Yes
49Mobile AppTS WeatherWeather information of Telangana State through Automatic Weather Stations and ForecastTS WeatherTelanganaScience & Technology, Geo Technology30-Jun-2018Yes
50Mobile AppRubber Kisan'Rubber Kisan' is meant for rubber growers to catch up with the cultural practices to be followed on a month wise manner, to know the daily market price of rubber in domestic and international markets or periodic averages, to get informed of alerts from Rubber Board on weather, clones, planting, manuring, decease control, plant protection, tapping or such relevant matters.Rubber Price India Daily Price Rubber BoardKeralaCommerce, Industries22-Jun-2018Yes
51Mobile AppChief Minister’s Relief Fund Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) was established in the year 1971 for helping people in distress. This App facilitates the donation in Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) by individual.The resources of the CMRF are utilized primarily to render immediate relief to families of those killed in natural calamities like floods, cyclones and earthquakes, etc. and to the victims of the major accidents and riots. Assistance from CMRF is also rendered, to partially defray the expenses for medical treatment like heart surgeries, kidney transplantation, cancer treatment, etc.The fund consists entirely of public contributions.BiharSocial Development, Urban Development26-Jun-2018Yes
52Mobile AppB.Ed PostB.Ed. post is developed for Office of the Chancellor Raj Bhavan, Patna for collecting Teacher, Student details as well as monitoring Student Attendance. This App will be used by every B.Ed. Colleges of Bihar. The authorized person will login and capture required photos and upload it Server. There is a web application for Admin to view the upload status of required photos and other details.B.Ed Colleges monitoring.BiharEducation22-Jun-2018Yes
53Mobile AppPublic Financial Management System PFMSThe PFMS mobile App currently provides information about Bank Related KPIs with respect to the Public Financial Management System. The App, to be used by Bank Nodal Officers and Scheme Managers, monitors pendency of Payments transactions and Beneficiary account validation in addition to other KPIs. Registered users on PFMS will be able to use the app on his/her mobile based on an OTP based secure system. PFMS mobileDelhi (NCT)Finance18-Jun-2018Yes
54Mobile AppLakshadweep Course College Information Application is mainly intended for students seeking information on various courses and their corresponding universities,colleges which provide them in lakshadweep. Lakshadweep Course College InformationLakshadweep (UT)Education, Higher Education01-Jun-2018Yes
55Mobile AppIndian Police At Your Call AppThe Indian Police at Your Call App is a GIS Map based interface for the citizens to locate police stations near to their current location so that they can easily “reach” the police station in case of emergency. The App displays the current location of the citizen on the Map along with details such as name of places, roads and major landmarks. The App dynamically fetches details of all the police stations near the location of the citizen and can be refreshed at regular intervals. The App further provides the facility to “Tap” any of these police stations and know the route and road distance to reach there. Contact numbers of the Police Station, District Control Room and office of Superintendent of Police are also displayed. Citizens can select any of these numbers and make a call using the App to get immediate help. The App has facility to display the details of police stations at other locations also so that without visiting such location one can know details of nearby police stations. The Mobile App has been developed on Android and iOS platforms and is available for free download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Indian Police at Your Call App is a Digital India initiative aimed at the safety and security of the citizen anytime anywhere.police at Call, ALert, HelpBiharSocial Development, Women23-Nov-2016Yes
56Mobile AppUpasthitiThis app is used by Block level authorized person. They can logged in and make absentees of the employees.employee, UpasthitiBiharGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration15-Mar-2016Yes
57Mobile AppWSIMS ReporterWSIMS Reporter Mobile app can help in real time update of physical progress of projects by sending pictorial view of ongoing progress from working site. Progress on real time can be updated from remotest areas. At the same time linear values of physical progress can also be sent through this mobile app. The physical progress project can be updated through this mobile app on real time. Mobile app is integrated to the WSIMS application and its basic database also developed by NIC, Patna. WSIMS Reporter has an advance and one of the major feature to access live streaming by department Head Quarter from one or multiple divisions simultaneously.irregation, water resourceBiharAgriculture, Irrigation18-Jul-2017Yes
58Mobile AppPatna Divisional CommissionerMobile Application to view case status ,cause list and judgment/orders of patna divisional commissioner's court. it's provide current status of cases listed at patna divisional commissioner's court to the litigants and advocates of commissioners court . through this application the user can retrieve judgement/oreders on single taping of finger.retrieve, Judgement, oredersBiharJudiciary, High Court27-Mar-2018Yes
59Mobile Appe-LitigationThe objective of the App is to get Real Time daily information of the status of pending court cases of the Government from the e-Litigation software maintained by various departments. The e-Litigation application is an online Court Case Monitoring system that enables the stake holders to update the court cases which are pending in the department. It not only strengthens the department by the way of monitoring the court cases but also smoothens the process of engagement of counsels for the case. Data uploaded and updated in the database gets displayed in the App instantly. Users should have a 3G/4G mobile phones connection to use the apps as it disseminates real time information. E-litigation, Counsels, Case NumberMeghalayaJudiciary, High Court15-May-2018Yes
60Mobile AppeWheatProcurementThis app is for capturing the details of Wheat procurement By the Vyapaar Mandal Chairman, And capture the details that provide Wheat to SFC.Wheat, ProcurementBiharAgriculture, Agricultural Produces20-Apr-2016Yes
61Mobile AppePoultryLong Disc: jeevika is implementing Integrated poultry Scheme in 34 districts of Bihar. Till date it has benefited 1,71,000/- members through the scheme. For better updation of records and digitalisation, Jeevika, in technical association with NIC, Patna E-poulty application has been designed and been implementing. Through this application we can cater three different objectives:- 1. To know exact number of beneficiaries and outreach of the project. 2. To calculate the subsidy amount which has been transferred to our CBOs. 3. To estimate the income generation which has been generated through this intervention. 4. To cater and monitor house hold egg and meat production,poultry farmBiharRural, Development20-Jul-2016Yes
62Mobile AppDORIS E-SearchDelhi Online Registration Information System has been developed with the object of providing single window service, timely registration, transparent and reliable transactions. Overview – Delhi Online Registration Information System has been developed with the objective of providing Single Window Services, Timely Registration, Transparent & reliable transactions. It is a tool to monitor the revenue generated out of registration. DORIS has been designed and developed using user-friendly windows based technologies keeping future trends and requirements in view. DORIS automates all major activities of Sub-Registrar office and covers deeds of Sale, Mortgage, Will, Adoption, SPA, GPA, Exchange, Pattanama/ Lease, Tatima, Cancellation of SPA/GPA/Will total 27 deeds etc. Major features include token issuance, online capturing, storage, printing of photographs on stamp paper, valuation of property, scanning of deed documents online/offline, on the spot registration, pendency check of deeds by SRO, single window service etc. The system is integrated with land record and at present, all agriculture transaction in DORIS are reflected through auto mutation in land record. It has been implemented in all 21 SRO offices in Delhi. Daily Registration data from all the 21 locations coming to State Data Center (SDC) since 1st april 2017. Deed templates are also available on Revenue Department’s web site. DORIS has the following features Computation of Stamp Duty and Registration DORISDelhi (NCT)Governance & Administration, District Adminstration04-May-2018Yes
63Mobile AppTransmission AppThis app is used for BSPTCL Transmission Line which is having two features: 1. Inspection Data: Used to inspect the work of Transmission Line by Field officers. 2. Program Data: It is used to upload the status of Assigned work progress data in weekly wise.transmissionBiharPower & Energy, Renewable20-Apr-2016Yes
64Mobile AppTN SSLC ResultThis App provides Secondary School Leaving Certificate Results ( 10th std) of the candidates belongs to Tamil Nadu Board, conducted by Directorate of Government Examinations. To view the results, candidate’s registration number and Date of Birth are requiredTN Board, Exam Results, DGE, SSLC, NIC, Chennai, 10th Std.Education, Secondary11-May-2018Yes
65Mobile AppTN HSC ResultThis App provides Higher Secondary Examination Results (+2) of the candidates belongs to Tamil Nadu Board, conduced by Directorate of Government Examinations. To view the results, candidate’s registration number and Date of Birth are required.TN Board, Exam Results, DGE, HSC, HSE, NIC, Chennai, +2, Plus 2Education, Secondary11-May-2018Yes
66Mobile AppeParkTicketingA complete Mobile and Web Based application developed for park ticketing for visitors using latest technologies and online payment integration. QRCode based authentication of visitors, and quick updation of usages of ticket (including amenities available at park) by user. 10 parks has been integrated in this application. A very helpful initiative by department for visitors. During festive seasons and rush times this app will be very helpful.Park, ticketingBiharEnvironment & Forest, Forest20-Apr-2016Yes
67Mobile AppeParkAmenitiesThis app is for keeping record of Park Amenities.Park, AmenitiesBiharEnvironment & Forest, Forest14-May-2018Yes
68Mobile AppeVanikiJigyasaObjective: Methodology of Poplar and non-poplar plantation as information app. Benefit: This app help to farmers learn and methodology of poplar and non-poplar plants. Vaniki JigyashaBiharEnvironment & Forest, Forest15-May-2018Yes
69Mobile AppePhotoThis app is for taking photo along with latitude and longitude values.photoBiharEnvironment & Forest, Forest20-Apr-2016Yes
70Mobile AppeForestryGovernment motivates Farmers to grow plants on their own land under schemes such as Krishi Vaniki (Other Species and Poplar) and On the basis of survival, the government gives money to three years. e-Forestry facilitate online submission of application by farmers/Institutions under different schemes such as Krishi Vaniki (Other Species and Poplar), Har Parisar Hara Parisar and purchase of Plants from departmental nurseries.forestBiharEnvironment & Forest, Forest18-Jul-2017Yes
71Mobile AppiExaMSMobile application for the Plus Two students under Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE), Government of Kerala to view exam results. This is an Android based application to help Plus Two students under Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE), Government of Kerala to view exam results. Students can view Examination Results of 2018 once the results are published. The application will be version upgraded in future to incorporate other functionalities.DHSE KERALA iExaMS RESULTSKeralaEducation, Secondary09-May-2018Yes
72Mobile AppeForest Mandie-Forest Mandi facilitate Growers of Poplar and other miscellaneous species of trees, medicinal plants or Minor Forest Produce as well as Purchasers of timber, saw mill owners, plywood mill/pasting unit owners as well as bigger firms dealing with medicinal plants to interact directly with each other and approach for the sale or Purchase of these produce. It provides the information about the Timber Depots of the Forest Department and different Acts and Rules pertaining to sale and purchase from the department. It is being developed for the knowledge and information sharing to facilitate sale/purchase, quality improvement, service and technology sharing platform. forest, MandiBiharEnvironment & Forest, Forest08-May-2016Yes
73Mobile Appe-WildLifeAn android based app has been developed for the real time geotagged monitoring and reporting of the killing of wild animals, man-animal conflicts and sighting of wild animals, Dolphin Rescue.wild, animalsBiharEnvironment & Forest, Forest13-Apr-2016Yes
74Mobile AppePlantationEvery Financial Year Plantation site (Block and Liner Plantation) has been created for increase the green cover of Bihar by department and this site monitoring and inspection by mobile app for effective result. Developed Mobile App for Inspection of plantation by forest officer (28 DFO’s, 98 ROF, 9 CF, 4 RCCF) at different level .Uploading of inspection report in situ along with geo tagged photographs of plantation. And Developed MIS for effective monitoring by concern officers and headquarter level. plantationBiharEnvironment & Forest, Forest10-May-2016Yes
75Mobile AppeNurseryObjective: Developed Mobile App for Inspection of 170 Departmental & Permanent Nurseries by forest officer (28 DFO’s, 98 ROF, 9 CF, 4 RCCF) at different level .Uploading of inspection report in situ along with geo tagged photographs of Nursery. And Developed MIS for effective monitoring by concern officers and headquarter level. nursery, plantationBiharEnvironment & Forest, Forest09-May-2018Yes
76Mobile AppeLeaveMobile based app has been developed for the apply leave as CL, RH, CL+RH, Outstation leave etc. Facilities: 1. Leave apply by online or Mobile app 2. Message facility. 3. Approve and Reject message has been send to applicant by reporting officer. 4. Available CL RH always Display on Login. 5. If Applicant avail all allotted leave in the year then it cannot be apply further. LeaveBiharEnvironment & Forest, Forest24-May-2018Yes
77Mobile AppeForestOffenceObjective: An android based app has been developed for the real time geo tagged monitoring of Following Reports of offence. 1. Illegal Felling 2. Illegal mining. 3. Land encroachment. 4. Fire outbreak. Department collect the data regarding above mentioned type of offences by the division and range level officer and take actions accordingly. Forest OffenceBiharEnvironment & Forest, Forest10-May-2016Yes
78Mobile AppRajasthan High Court eServicesApp is useful to Citizens, Litigants, Lawyers, Police, Government agencies and other Institutional litigants. App provides facility to view the Case Status, Causelist, Display Board, Filing/ Defect Status, Copying Application Status, Order and Judgement etc. from Rajasthan High Court. Frequently required cases can be saved and viewed in “My Diary” option provided in the app.Case Status, Advocate, Litigant, Citizen, Rajasthan High Court, Causelist, Judgement, Order, Copying, Filing, Defect, Display Board, My DiaryGujaratJudiciary, High Court25-Apr-2018Yes
79Mobile AppSwachh GayaDownload Swachh Gaya Mobile Complain Management System app for lodging your complaints regarding Solid Waste Management, Street Light, Drinking Water, Sewerage, Encroachment, Drainage, Illegal Construction, Development Works and get proper and effective solutions. This app is developed by NIC (BRSC) Patna, Bihar for Gaya Municipal Corporation. As Public User - Post your Complain -Check your Complain Status -Check All Posted and Resolved Complain of Gaya Municipal CorporationSwachh GayaBiharSocial Development, Urban Development09-May-2017Yes
80Mobile AppOJAS (Official)OJAS - Online Job Application System, is an interface to provide the complete solution to the departments of Government of Gujarat (G.o.G.) for speedy & transparent recruitment process. G.o.G. has mandated all major departments like GPSC , GSSSB , GPSSB , GSRTC etc. to initiate the recruitment process of class I , II and III cadre through OJAS only. OJAS Mobile Application will give additional facility to get detailed information related to live and up coming advertisements and examinations. Some of the valuable features available in APP like, >Get Your Application Form in PDF >Upload Photo and Signature >Get Your Forgotten Roll Number and Confirmation Number >Get Hall Ticket / Call Letter Details >Check Application Fee Status etc. Features like Notice Board and Alerts/Notifications will let you updated with the latest vacancies of state Govt. PDF Viewer required to view the downloaded contents of APP. Requires Android 4.0 and above version. OJAS requires permission to your Phone Calls & SMS for security concerns. Secure,User Friendly & Easy to Use. Share your views from Contact Us page. For more Information visit : https://ojas.gujarat.gov.inOJAS, Government of GujaratGujaratEducation, Higher Education, Labour & Employment, Employment16-Jan-2016Yes
81Mobile AppKOMPASThis is to be used by the authorities like Police, Revenue department, Mining & Geology department to check whether the mineral loaded in the vehicle matches with the details given in the pass. This can be checked against the ePass id or against the vehicle number. Options are given to view the pass as PDF file, to view the important details of the pass or to get the minimum details by SMS in case of no internet connection. Another option is given to the public to check whether the vehicle carrying the mineral is approved by the department for transportation.KOMPAS, department of mining and geologyKeralaEnvironment & Forest, Natural Resources, Industries, Mining and Exploration18-Apr-2018Yes
82Mobile AppDairy Farmers Survey AppFarmers Survey App for Dairy Farmers doorstep data collection. Dairy Survey questionnaire serves as a primary data collection instrument for the Dairy Department's estimation of Milk Production, Fodder Availability, Infrastructure Facilities, Modernization and Diversification activities, Cattle Census, Land holdings, Location Details and Farmers profile, etc. This can be used by the department and allied agencies for both short and long term planning.dairy farmer surveyKeralaAgriculture, Animal Husbandry18-Apr-2018Yes
83Mobile AppShravani Melasing this app user can register about their lost things. They can also search for that lost things. They can find and locate the details of Medical Service Center and Rest Room. They can view the traffic status on Google Map. Shravani Mela Muzaffarpur BiharBiharSocial Development, Urban Development05-Jul-2017Yes
84Mobile AppMines AppThis app developed for challan verification and keeping vehicle Inspection for Environment & Forest Department,Bihar.Mines BiharBiharEnvironment & Forest15-Mar-2017Yes
85Mobile AppSBPDCL AppThis app belongs to South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited. Its main purpose is to collect electric pole data.electric pole, DTRBiharSocial Development, Urban Development20-Apr-2016Yes
86Mobile AppRCDThis Mobile app can help in real time update of physical progress of projects by sending pictorial view of ongoing progress from working site. Progress on real time can be updated from remotest areas. At the same time linear values of physical progress can also be sent through this mobile app. Department -RCD, Bihar roadBiharInfrastructure, Roads20-Apr-2016Yes
87Mobile AppMP LandrecordsMP LandRecords is an application designed and developed by NIC for the office of the Commissioner, Land Records & Settlement, Government of Madhya Pradesh, to deliver excellent grass root governance within the domain of Land Management. Using this App the user may get details of Khasra (ROR), Khatauni & Naksha on his smart device, alongwith other departmental information. Since Land owner can view Land Related details (Khasra i.e. ROR, Khatauni i.e. B1 & Map) on his android device anytime, so possibility of Land Details from interpolation is also prevented. Sometimes it was felt difficult to get ROR details if patwari halka or RI circle of a village is not known. Land Records MP Bhu Abhilekh Khasra ROR Khatauni Naksha MapMadhya PradeshRural, Development09-Apr-2018Yes
88Mobile AppPoims AppDescription -POIMS stands for PDS Online Inspection and Management System. This app was developed for onsite inspection of PDS Shops, about their access, necessary equipment, openness, stock check and to get their geo locations with images to support.foodBiharFood, Consumer Affairs03-Mar-2015Yes
89Mobile AppWard Border MappingThis app is for taking latitude and longitude values of the ward of different Panchayat of each and every Blocks of BIHAR.ward border mapping, biharBiharRural, Development13-Feb-2018Yes
90Mobile AppHealth Facility LocatorThe Health Facility Locator app is Geotagged based application for the departmental use. This application is develop for health department to capture GPS point of that heath facility centers. Health Service CenterBiharHealth & Family welfare, Health14-Feb-2018Yes
91Mobile Appe-Anudan Yojana (Kabir Anteyeshti)In case of death of a member belonging to below poverty line (BPL) family, financial assistance is provided by Social welfare department for performing last rites. Through this app we keep track of the donated amount and complete details of the beneficiary as well as the diseased person.financial assistance, Social welfare, beneficiary, diseased personBiharRural, Panchayati Raj28-Dec-2017Yes
92Mobile AppFire ServicesThis app is used to capture Fire service building and its lat lang.Fire service buildingBiharRural, Development12-Apr-2018Yes
93Mobile AppeGoatryThis app is developed for JEEViKA, Bihar.Through this application we can know the exact number of beneficiaries and outreach of the project.JEEViKA, Bihar. beneficiariesBiharRural, Development24-Mar-2017Yes
94Mobile AppChamparan SatyagrahThis app is show the details of Champaran Satyagraha related informations including history, photos and videos. Department - EAST CHAMPARAN (MOTIHARI),BiharChamparan Satyagraha related informationsBiharArt & Culture, Heritage16-Aug-2016Yes
95Mobile AppPitru Paksha Mela (Pitrippmela)This app is developed for collecting Ghaat details along with their latitude and longitude. These information can be used by user to locate the Ghaat so they can reach there easily.locate, Ghaat, Pitru Paksha MelaBiharRural, Panchayati Raj23-Apr-2017Yes
96Mobile Appe-NiwasThis app has been developed to inspection of Vacant & allotted flat under e-Niwas with Geo-tag image. Department -Environment & Forest Department, Biharinspection, Vacant, allotted flatBiharHousing, Urban Housing, Social Development, Urban Development20-Apr-2016Yes
97Mobile AppBrickklinThe Objective of the Project is to identifiy, locate and collect details of Chimnis and their Owners. Department -Mines & Geology Department,Biharidentifiy, locate collect, ChimnisBiharIndustries, Mining and Exploration20-Oct-2016Yes
98Mobile AppBCDThis app is developed for inspection of building under Scheme wise.inspection, building, schemeBiharHousing, Urban Housing28-Dec-2016Yes
99Mobile AppSBM JeevikaApplication is all about registering all below poverty line families in rural area for proving household toilets.poverty line, household toiletsBiharRural, Development27-Apr-2016Yes
100Mobile AppRevenue Collection BiharRevenue collection Mobile app is developed for the Transport Department of Bihar Government. This application is being developed for various types of users like DTO, ESI, MVI and Administrator. Here the DTO, ESI and MVI officials can send revenue collection data to the server daily and see the various types of reports sent by them and administrators can see all reports regarding the revenue collection of Bihar.DTO, ESI and MVIBiharTransport, Surface Transport09-Mar-2018Yes
101Mobile AppNalanda Open UniversityThis App is for News and information published by University on time to timeNews, information, UniversityBiharEducation, Adult Education16-Jul-2016Yes
102Mobile AppLSBM INSPECTIONThis application is developed for surveying toilet data to all below poverty line families in rural area of Bihar for building household toilets.surveying, toilet, household toiletsBiharRural, Development28-Sep-2016Yes
103Mobile AppGTSNYThis app is used by Rural Work Department for Identification of Uncovered Settlement in Bihar State By Concern Junior Engineer . App has been Developed by National Informatics Centre,Patna Bihar. Identification, Uncovered SettlementBiharRural, Development08-Apr-2016Yes
104Mobile Appe-PeyjalThis app is for pipe water supply monitoring for Public Health Engineering Department of Govt. of Biharpipe water supply, monitoring, Public Health Engineering Department of Govt. Of BiharBiharRural, Development20-Jul-2016Yes
105Mobile AppePACSInspectionThis app is used for Inspections of PACS by Govt. of Bihar across the state. In this app Inspection details are collected and updated to server. This app is only for department and not for general publicInspections of PACSBiharRural, Development30-Mar-2016Yes
106Mobile Appe-ChapakalThis app is for monitoring of Chapakal Yojna for each Village of Public Health Engineering Department of Govt. Of Biharmonitoring, Chapakal Yojna, Village, Public Health Engineering Department of Govt. Of BiharBiharRural, Development20-Jul-2016Yes
107Mobile AppDisaster ManagementThis is a mobile app for the management of disaster from flood, fire, drought and other problems. App user will visit to effected place and fill all details related to disaster type like flood, fire, and drought and other and upload to server. Now admin will view the report of inspection In complain module user can register complain related to particular disaster type. And offices related to particular complain department can view complains reports and resolve.flood, fire, and droughtBiharRural, Development04-Feb-2017Yes
108Mobile AppArchaeo ExplorerThis app is used by Art ,Culture and Youth Department Bihar for Capturing monuments of Bihar State By Concern Officer . App has been Developed by National Informatics Centre,Patna Bihar.Art, Culture and Youth Department BiharBiharYouth & Sports, Youth Affairs27-Feb-2016Yes
109Mobile AppApna Patna BiharDownload Apna Patna Mobile Complain Management System app for lodging your complaints regarding Solid Waste Management, Street Light, Drinking Water, Sewerage, Encroachment, Drainage, Illegal Construction, Development Works and get proper and effective solutions. This app is developed by NIC (BRSC) Patna, Bihar for Patna Municipal Corporation. As Public UserSolid Waste Management, Street Light, Drinking Water, Sewerage, Encroachment, Drainage, Illegal ConstructionBiharSocial Development, Urban Development18-Dec-2015Yes
110Mobile AppePACS Bihar PaymentThis app is used by Banks for payment to PACS and Vyapar Mandal for procurement of grains by Government of Bihar from their farmers. App has been Developed by National IInformatics Centre, BiharPACS, Vyapar MandalBiharRural, Development04-Jan-2016Yes
111Mobile AppePACS Bihar GrainsThis app is used for Grains Procurement by Govt. of Bihar from farmers across the state. In this app daily procurement details of PACS and Vyapar Mandals are sent daily and live status of the Procurement and other details can be seen.Grains, Grains, Vypar MandalBiharSocial Development, Urban Development16-Dec-2017Yes
112Mobile AppeLabharthi BiharBihar government's various departments such as the Department of Education , Social Welfare Department , SC / ST Welfare , backward / most backward welfare department, Minority Welfare Department of Social Security pension , disability allowance as well as free bicycles for girls, students free education, dress reading and reading materials , scholarship relating to the various schemes being implemented .Accurate identification of beneficiaries for the successful implementation of these schemes, consolidated and centralized collection and processing of information associated with them , must share collected data set as needed.Social Welfare Department, SC / ST Welfare, backward / most backward welfare department, Minority Welfare Department of Social Security pension, disability allowance as well as free bicycles for girls, students free education, dress reading and reading materials, ScholarshipBiharSocial Development, Urban Development29-Apr-2017Yes
113Mobile AppBRRDAThis app has been developed for BRRDA, in which GPS location of various types of properties like Bridge, Cullers, Level Crossing, Market, Block Head Quarter are taken.Bridge, Cullers, Level Crossing, Market, Block Head QuarterBiharSocial Development, Urban Development28-Oct-2017Yes
114Mobile AppAangan SevikaThis application is develop for Aanganwadi's Sevika to capture GPS point of that center and to create monthly expenditure voucher.Aanganwadi's SevikaBiharRural, Development07-Feb-2018Yes
115Mobile AppSbm UrbanIn this Inspection App, toilet building status was physically verified on site by a designated officer of the government for actual status and eligibility of applicant for payment of subsidy provided under the scheme. Actual geo tagged images are also captured to support the inspection.Toilet Locator UrbanBiharSocial Development, Urban Development27-Mar-2018Yes
116Mobile AppAangan BiharThe ICDS is a programmes for early childhood care and development.It aims at providing pre-school non-formal education to its children and nursing mothers so that malnutrition, morbidity, reduced learning capacity and mortality can be reduced. It helps to DPO,CDPO and Lady Supervisor to inspect and monitor of all Aangawadi Center of Bihar.childhood care, development, nursing mothersBiharSocial Development, Children18-Jul-2017Yes
117Mobile AppCSSDAChhattisgarh State Skill Development Authority mobile app is developed by National Infromatic Center(NIC), Chattisgarh. By using this app skill seekers can get the information about the trainigs provided under CSSDA scheme.This mobile gives details about the courses available, Training information, location of VTP Centre at google map, upcoming assessments etc.SkillChhattisgarhLabour & Employment, Employment25-Mar-2017Yes
118Mobile AppPolling Personnel TrackerPolling Personnel Tracker is an Android mobile app, which helps the District Election Officer and Returning Officers with polling party movement strategy and real time monitoring. Powered by state of the art Hypertrack’s SDK, the app is equipped with features like live location sharing to enable nearby Sector Officers to monitor the progress of their subordinates or Presiding/Polling Personnel, ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) can be determined, movement order based on ETA can be relayed accordingly, mileage status and Sector Officer’s trip replays are available for future reference. This app requires 2G/3G/4G internet connection. This android mobile app was designed & developed by NIC Meghalaya. Election, Polling, Personnel, Polling Personnel, VotesMeghalayaElection22-Feb-2018Yes
119Mobile AppeAssembly - eVidhan Himachal Pradesh Vidhan SabhaUsing the "e-Assembly" mobile app, the H.P. Vidhan Sabha elected MLAs can access: 1) The MLAs has access to all documents and replies related to Assembly Sessions. 2) The MLAs has access to House Committee reports, monthly meeting agendas and proceedings. 3) The MLAs can submit online questions to Vidhan Sabha during Assembly Sessions. 4) The MLAs can access their payment details such as Salary/Bills Reimbursement etc.eVidhan, State Assembly, Vidhan SabhaHimachal PradeshParliament of India08-Jan-2018Yes
120Mobile AppmBudgetHPAnnual Financial Budget of Government of Himachal Pradesh BudgetHP mobile App provides the receipt and expenditure budget estimates of revenue and capital account of the coming/ current financial year. This App provide the budget overview (Receipt and Expenditure), Budget Speech, State financial Position, List of budgeted Schemes and Works. Citizen can see the amount allocated to various new and ongoing major works in the state district wise. The content is bilingual available in English and Hindi.budget, Himachal Pradesh, Finance, IFMSHimachal PradeshFinance09-Mar-2018Yes
121Mobile AppPOWERLAK ReaderAPPPOWERLAK ReaderApp is an eGov App for the Lakshadweep Electricity Department servicing the Department personnel for recording and synchronising the Consumer Meter Readings from the Consumer Meters to the POWERLAK eGovernance Repository Server. The geo-tagged meter readings are recorded in the App and the same is synchronised with the server at will when data connection is available. The App is MPIN & login enabled for security, secrecy and authenicity. This is an APP for internal department use.The same app is used for Surprise-Check postings also. Surprise checks for the consumer vigilance also can be recorded & posted using POWERLAK ReaderAPP. The services offered by POWERLAK ReaderAPP mainly includes Meter Reading Capture and its Synchronisation on to the Server for vigilance, billing and consumer management. Promo Text: LED's mData picker for Remote Data interfacing & vigilance using Mobiles.POWERLAK Lakshadweep mData VigilanceKeralaPower & Energy, Non Renewable01-Mar-2018Yes
122Mobile AppmEcoHP Economic Survey is one of the budget documents which indicates the important economic activities and achievements of the Government during the ending financial year. Economic Survey is an annual document released by the state a day prior to the annual financial budget. The app provides access to Economic Survey in Hindi and English for the year 2016-17 and 2017-18. The salient features of the State of the economy of Himachal Pradesh are presented in Part-I, and statistical tables on various subjects are given in Part-II.Economic Survey, Himachal Pradesh, Finance, budgetHimachal PradeshFinance, Economy09-Mar-2018Yes
123Mobile AppSAGARASagara, a Digital Kerala initiative by Department of Fisheries and NIC Kerala for ensuring Fishermen security, focused on monitoring the fishing vessels and registering the crews going for fishing operation. The mobile application 'Sagara' will primarily act as a form of communication between fishermen and government entities, to monitor fishermen and the vessels There is an integrated Android based application to help the Fisheries Department to keep an up-to-date active exit and entry of vessels and fishermen venturing in to sea. The Mobile App has to be first downloaded into their Smart Phone and register for further use. The Mobile App supports multiple languages, which allows the vessel owner / representative to select their preferred language and register the entry and exit details of the vessels and passengers. SAGARA Fisheries Kerala NIC FishermenKeralaAgriculture, Animal Husbandry27-Feb-2018Yes
124Mobile AppShakti ButtonShakti Button initiative of Himachal Pradesh Police in association with National Informatics Centre, Himachal Pradesh is meant to help citizen (women in particular) who are in distress and need help while in Himachal Pradesh. The app provides mechanism to set up to three emergency contacts to the app user from the device's contact list. User has to set home district where the user ordinarily resides, draft emergency message of up to 110 characters and choose emergency contacts. Whenever in distress the user can shake the phone, throw it or can also use the RED SHAKTI Button available on the main screen to send alert. The app sends SMS containing user's GPS coordinates to the Poilce district control room as well as to the selected emergency contacts. The app also starts audio and video recording on the device. The app also provides helpline numbers set up by the state/central government to help citizen. The app is available in both English and Hindi.Police, Himachal Pradesh, women security, Emergency SMS, GPS locationHimachal PradeshHome Affairs & Enforcement26-Jan-2018Yes
125Mobile AppAMMA e-service of Land Records - TamilNilamThis application is used to View Record of Rights - Chitta Extract , land Details , Type of land and application status of Tamilnadu State Rural DataLAND RECORDSDelhi (NCT)Rural, Development01-Mar-2018Yes
126Mobile Appe-Sathi UPThe Government of Uttar Pradesh has extended the services of eDistrict directly to the registered account of citizen through eSathi (e-Services Access To Help Individuals) Mobile App, developed by NIC UP. eSathi has enabled citizen to avail all the important services of eDistrict through their Smartphone including current status checking and verification of issued certificate. User Charges may be paid by using Net Banking or Debit Card through payment gateway. eSathi has enabled citizen to avail all the important services of eDistrict through their Smartphone including current status checking and online verification of issued certificate by using QR code printed on certificates or by using application no and certificate ID. eSathi is available in both version online mode and Mobile App , so citizen can use either of the two mode. Citizen can download the eSathi Mobile app in his smartphone and apply for all the available eDistrict Services. Citizen are getting the pdf copy of applied certificates / approval letter directly in their registered account. Integrated with PAYGOV for payment of service charges. App is also Integrated with MSDG for SMS Gateway. At present 20 services are available on mobile which will increase to 140 very soon G2C services, edistrict UP services, Govt of UP eservicesUttar PradeshGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration22-Feb-2018Yes
127Mobile AppMeghalaya PollThe Meghalaya Poll Mobile app was developed for the Election Department in the State for the forth coming LA Elections 2018 scheduled on the 27th February 2018. This app will be used by the Sector Officers and the Polling Personnel to report the various Polling Activities and Events on the day they arrive at the polling Station, one hour before the Start of Poll, after the Poll started, the Bi-Hourly reporting on the number of Votes polled, the Final Voter Turn Out, the safe arrival of Polling Party at the Receiving Centre ( after the end of Poll ) and any other problems faced, if any, during the Day of Poll. The data reported from the mobile app will be sent to the server which will update the status in the Dashboard of Meghalaya Poll Monitoring System . This app requires 2G/3G/4G internet connection. This android mobile app was designed & developed by NIC Meghalaya.Meghalaya, poll, Meghalaya Poll, ElectionMeghalayaElection23-Feb-2018Yes
128Mobile AppNieshMitra Single Window Portal Mobile AppIntroduction: Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched ‘Nivesh Mitra: Single Window Portal’, a web based online facility for entrepreneurs desirous of setting up an enterprise in UP. Udyog Bandhu, a Govt. Agency for Investment Promotion, is acting as a nodal agency for implementation of this project. Vision: To be a seamless and user friendly interface for the existing, prospective investors and entrepreneurs by providing a uniform, transparent and time bound online platform. “The partnership between the Government of UP and investors to be strengthened by providing the relevant information and supporting entrepreneurs in obtaining all the required clearances and approvals, and also redressing concerns and grievances with the support of all Departments, District Officials and Industrial Associations, thus resulting in transformation of the State into the most sought after industrial hub across the Globe.” Salient Features of Nivesh Mitra: An entrepreneur friendly application to enhance ease of doing business in U.P.  Enables a global access to application forms and services  Two-way interaction on digital platform between entrepreneurs and departments  Online access, submission & processing of application forms for setting up of industries/enterprises  Saves time, money and energy as repeated visits to different departments not required  Introduces transparency in processing of clearances/approvals NMSWP, Nivesh Mitra, Single Window Portal, Single Window, Udyog Bandhu, IIDC, Investor, Entrepreneur, InvestmentUttar PradeshIndustries, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Urban21-Feb-2018Yes
129Mobile AppCourt Case Management App for Chandigarh UTCCMS App is meant for monitoring of all ongoing court cases of various departments and sub-departments of Chandigarh Administration in various courts of India. Using this App Users can see case status/detail and daily cause list of all cases which are listed various courts of India where Chandigarh Administration is party. Departmental users can also update the status of cases pertaining to their department through this app. CCMS App has following roles. • Department Role – Update cases and has complete access to all cases of respective department. • Advocate Role – Can update case proceedings and have access all cases assigned to him. • HOD/Secretary Role – Can have access (view only) to all cases of various departments under him/her. • LR role – LR office has complete access (view only) to cases of all department of Chandigarh Administration.ccms, court case management, Case StatusChandigarh (UT)Judiciary, District Court, High Court, Subordinate Court, Supreme Court14-Feb-2018Yes
130Mobile AppGovernment eProcurement System of NIC - GePNICGovernment eProcurement System of National Informatics centre, GePNIC Mobile App provides convenient, easy and free access to tenders published on the Central Public Procurement Portal. This app provides details of eTenders published by various entities of Government of India through the Central Public Procurement Portal. Basic and important details of tenders are made accessible through the app and access to complete tender information is free. The users may also visit www.eprocure.gov.in for additional details. Overall Features • Search easily for tenders, quotations, bids and contracts or receive daily notification , alerts that are personalized to the business sector. • Any enrolled bidder can have access to pending activities of the day, Latest • Corrigendum details, To Do List, Recent events, Bid Awards. • View the full Tender details, including Publishing Date, Closing Date, Tender • Description and other relevant details. • Get details of all published tenders real time through the mobile app. • Provision to get alerts on specific product categories. • Secured access to information on demand. • Information provided to General Public as well as enrolled bidders. • Enrolled users can see the complete tender status at any point of time. • Award of Contract/Bid Awards information retrieval is also possible.eTender, tender, Procurement, eProcurement, CPPP, Public Procurement, Online ProcurementTamil NaduAgriculture, Art & Culture, Communications, Defence, Department of Personnel & Training, Education, Election, Environment & Forest, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Governance & Administration, District Adminstration, Health & Family welfare04-Jan-2018Yes
131Mobile AppMyMSME AppMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy over the last six decades. MSMEs not only play crucial role in providing large employment opportunities at comparatively lower capital cost than large industries but also help in industrialization of rural & backward areas, thereby, reducing regional imbalances, assuring more equitable distribution of national income and wealth. My MSME mobile application is for all Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) in India and other stakeholders. This application acts as a source of all information related to MSME’s Policies, Registration, Services, Schemes, etc. Some of the features of My MSME mobile application are: 1. Udyog Aadhaar Memorandam (UAM) for Registration of MSMEs. 2. Apply for MSME schemes benefits (Credit, Technology, Marketing, Infrastructure, Skill or Policy related) 3. Lodge Grievances. 4. MSME Schemes guidelines and Project Profiles. 5. Web links for offices and organizations under Ministry of MSME. 6. MSME Facebook Page. 7. MSME Twitter Page.MyMsmeDelhi (NCT)Industries, Medium, Micro, Small Scale25-Jun-2016Yes
132Mobile AppRaipur Half Marathon 2018Sports & Youth Welfare Department, Chhattisgarh invites you to run the prestigious Raipur Half Marathon 2018 on 11th February 2018, 07:00 am at #NayaRaipur Registration is FREERaipur Half MarathonChhattisgarhYouth & Sports, Games07-Dec-2017Yes
133Mobile AppBhunasha CGBhunaksha is the digitised cadastral map management tool under Bhuiyan project of Chhattisgarh developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Govt. of India. This mobile application allows Citizen to view the information pertaining to selected land parcel (Khasra) by providing selection parameters viz. District, Tehsil, Village and Khasra number. Citizen can download the maps of Village to mobile and zoom it to any scale for plot information. Individual plot map report can also be generated and saved into mobile.BHUNAKSH CHHATTISGARHChhattisgarhSocial Development, Urban Development29-Dec-2016Yes
134Mobile AppREVCASERevCase is the Revenue Court Monitoring Software of Chhattisgarh developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Chhattisgarh State Unit. This mobile application allows Citizen to view the information pertaining to cases registered in different REVENUE COURTs. Citizens can track the ordersheets passed in their cases, can view the dates of further hearings and can know the cases listed for hearing on the current date. On the other hand the officers can login and generate order-sheets and notices to the parties on the mobile device itself.REVCASE REVENUE CASE MONITORING SYSTEM CHHATTISGARHChhattisgarhSocial Development, Urban Development03-Oct-2017Yes
135Mobile AppBhuiyanBhuiyan is the Land Records project of Chhattisgarh developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Govt. of India. This mobile application allows Citizen to view the information pertaining to selected land parcel (Khasra) by providing selection parameters viz. District, Tehsil, Village and Khasra number or part of Owner name in Devnagari (UNICODE).bhuiyan chhatisgarh land recordsChhattisgarhSocial Development, Urban Development09-Dec-2016Yes
136Mobile AppeKoshDirectorate of Treasury Accounts and Pensions mobile app is developed by National Infromatic Center(NIC), GOVT. of Chattisgarh This mobile app is used to get GPF,CPS,Medical bill,payslips of regular and non-regular employees. By using this app user can get the status of echallan payment,vendor payment.ekosh cgChhattisgarhFinance, Revenue15-Jan-2018Yes
137Mobile AppSmart ShillongSmart Shillong is an integrated mobile app which serves as a Unified Mobile App of various mobile app of the State Government Departments. This app also provides the information on How to reach Shillong, Hotels in Shillong, Guest House, Places to visit, Restaurants, latest news, government notification, govt order, recruitment news, government tenders, emergency telephone numbers, key contacts of State Government Officials and links to apply and avail Citizen Centric Services and Government Services at real time. This app requires 2G/3G/4G internet connection. This android mobile app was designed & developed by NIC Meghalaya.Shillong, notification, tender, government orderMeghalayaSocial Development, Urban Development22-Jan-2018Yes
138Mobile AppmParivahanProvides Transport Service access to citizens through a mobile based application. This app empowers citizen with instant access to various information, services and utilities related to the Transport Sector. Aimed to bring convenience to citizen and transparency in the system. It is a genuine government app for all India RTO vehicle registration number search. It provides complete information about a car like - - Owner Name - Registration date - Registering Authority - Make Model - Fuel Type - Vehicle Age - Vehicle class - Insurance Validity - Fitness Validity All these information will be displayed in details. The main benefits of this app are - 1. Find details of any parked, accidental or theft vehicle by just entering the registration number. 2. Verify your car registration details. 3. Verify details of a second hand vehicle. 4. If you want to buy a second hand car you can verify the age and registration details. Along with above features, you can also verify DL details and create virtual DL and RC in this app. Highlights: Virtual RC/DL, Encrypted QR Code, Information Services, DL/RC search, Road Offence Reporting, Road Accident Reporting, Transport Notification to the citizen, RTO/Traffic Office Locations. Complete Transport Office related services will also be facilitated soon..Transport, RC, DL, Online Transport ServicesDelhi (NCT)Transport, Surface Transport16-Jan-2017Yes
139Mobile AppiHRMS PunjabiHRMS Punjab is a mobile application developed by NIC Punjab for employees of various departments under Govt. of Punjab.The iHRMS Punjab mobile application enables the employees of various departments under Govt. of Punjab, who are using the Integrated Human Resource management System Punjab (hrms.punjab.gov.in) web portal to view their eService book information related to personal detail, education, family, training, joining, leave, tour, service history etc. Human Resource Management System PunjabPunjabFinance, Economy12-Jun-2017Yes
140Mobile AppRohtang PermitThe app is meant for tourists visiting Kullu-Manali, a famous tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. Tourists who have interest in visiting Rohtang Pass, which is a gateway to the beautiful Lahaul valley in Himachal Pradesh and also leads to Leh in Jammu Kashmir, as per National Green Tribunal have to procure permit to visit the Pass. The app helps the user to get: Check Availability Option is used to check the Petrol/Diesel permits availability for chosen date. One has to choose the desired date and application will provide the availability status. This option provides the information for the current and the future dates. Validate Permit Option can be used by citizen/ officials to check whether permit is a valid permit or not. The user has to either enter permit number or scan the barcode on the permit and application will display the validity of the permit. Check Permit Status / Reprint Permit Option is used to the check the status of the permit or can be used to reprint the permit of vehicle for the desired date. User has to enter the vehicle number and the date of the journey and permit information is displayed accordingly with an option to download the permit as PDF document. FAQs Option will present the list of questions and their answer which administration came across for the help of user/ visitor.Rohtang, Kullu Manali, Trourism, Himachal PradeshHimachal PradeshTravel & Tourism, Modes of Trabel18-Nov-2017Yes
141Mobile AppKerala GSTThis mobile application enables the citizen to check whether the dealer is holding a valid GSTN registration from Kerala and shows whether the dealer can collect tax from the customer. Kerala, GSTTamil NaduFinance, Revenue24-Oct-2017Yes
142Mobile AppKaushal PanjeeThis Mobile App enables rural youth aspiring skill training programmes being run by Skill Development Program Division of Ministry of Rural Development. This also facilitates the linking with SECC2011 surveyed families. Skills, training, Job oriented, Rural youthRajasthanRural, Development24-Sep-2017Yes
143Mobile AppTest Result Entry, DACF&WSoil Health Card Scheme is a flagship program of the Government of India promoted by the Department of Agriculture, Co-operation & Farmers Welfare under the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare. Under the scheme, the government plans to issue Soil Health Cards (SHC) to farmers. SHC provides soil nutrient status of his holding to each farmer and advice him on the dosage of fertilizers and also the needed soil amendments, that he should apply to maintain soil health in the long run. SHC contains the status of his soil with respect to 12 parameters, namely N, P, K (Macro-nutrients); S (Secondary- nutrient); Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Br (Micro - nutrients); and pH, EC, OC (Physical parameters). Test Result entry mobile app is used by Soil Testing Lab Officials to enter the test results of the registered soil samples for the various nutrients’ content at the soil testing laboratories. Mobile application does not require net connectivity while entering the test results, the app posts/ syncs the test result values for the soil sample to database whenever there is network connection. Soil Samples can be registered on Soil health card portal either through web application available at at http://soilhealth.dac.gov.in or Soil Health Card mobile app, DACF&W available at Google Play Store. The estimate of present soil health helps calculate the requirement and recommend the nutrients in terms of fertilizer to achieve the target production of desired crops. Soil Health Card Micro-Nutrient Nutrient Test ResultDelhi (NCT)Agriculture, Soil and Water Conservation15-Jul-2015Yes
144Mobile AppGram SamvaadGram Samvaad is a citizen centric mobile app, created by Ministry of Rural Development in collaboration with NIC team of Department of Rural Development , to serve and empower the rural citizens of India, by facilitating single window access by citizens to information at Gram Panchayat level on various Rural Development programs, covering inter-alia programme objectives, scope and performance . The App presently covers 7 programs of Ministry of Rural Development as also information on the Grants to Local Bodies recommended by the 14th Finance Commission and releases there under. It is envisaged that this app will help in information dissemination ,introduce greater transparency and promote accountability at various levels.Rural Development, MGNREGA, PMAY-G, housing, Skill, Gram Samvaad, Citizen App, Skills, pension, RoadsDelhi (NCT)Governance & Administration, Grievances, Rural, Development, Panchayati Raj, Social Development11-Oct-2017Yes
145Mobile AppHim BeveragesHim Beverages is a mobile app using which the user can verify the genuineness of beverage bottle purchased in Himachal Pradesh by scanning the QR code pasted on the bottle and matching it with the description available on the bottle cap. The aim is to keep a check on illegal selling of unauthorized beverage in Himachal Pradesh.Excise, beveragesHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration05-Aug-2017Yes
146Mobile AppeBhugtan - All Payments made from Government TreasuriesThe eBhugtan App provides the details of electronic payments made to employees/pensioners/others (like contractors/vendors). Based on the account number, this app provide information about electronic payments made by the Government of Himachal Pradesh through treasuries. The user can view DDO Wise bill details as well as Month Wise Bill Details.Government Payments, Treasury Payments, salary, TA, MAHimachal PradeshFinance31-May-2017Yes
147Mobile App Soil Health Card App, DACF&WSoil Health Card Scheme is a flagship program of the Government of India promoted by the Department of Agriculture, Co-operation & Farmers Welfare under the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare. Under the scheme, the government plans to issue Soil Health Cards (SHC) to farmers. SHC provides soil nutrient status of his holding to each farmer and advice him on the dosage of fertilizers and also the needed soil amendments, that he should apply to maintain soil health in the long run. SHC contains the status of his soil with respect to 12 parameters, namely N,P, K (Macro-nutrients); S (Secondary- nutrient); Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Br (Micro - nutrients); and pH, EC, OC (Physical parameters). Soil Health Card mobile app is being used for registration of soil samples, collected at farm fields and send this information to the national Soil Health Card Portal. Registration requires entry of essential details about Farmer, his Land holdings, crops for which recommendations are sought and fertilizers available or required to improve the health of the soil. Mobile application captures the longitude and latitude of the place automatically where samples are collected thus ensuring authenticity of the sample collection and correctness of the information. Mobile application does not require net connectivity during sample details entry from the fields. Data is stored and pushed on server whenever net connectivity is established. Soil Testing Labs tests soil samples and enter test results.Soil Health Card Fertilizer RecommendationsDelhi (NCT)Agriculture, Soil and Water Conservation15-Jul-2015Yes
148Mobile AppHim TCP Area CheckHim TCP Area Check will let you check whether your village falls under any of the Planning/ Special Areas notified by TCP Himachal Pradesh. Features: a) Finding your village / municipality: 1. Enter District, Tehsil, and then Village 2. Search by village name 3. Search by Planning Area name b) Dynamic search to make finding village name easier c) Support for English and Hindi d) Allows you to view and download Notifications as a PDF file, if available e) Capable of working completely offlineTown and Country Planning, TCP, Planning Area, Special Planning AreaHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local Government03-Oct-2017Yes
149Mobile AppShresth HimachalThe target user is anyone residing/visiting Himachal Pradesh and want to report any problem/issue related to Crime, Disaster, Garbage, Accident, Road Blockade, Forest Fire or Eve Teasing happening in Himachal Pradesh. Stakeholders: Public : Who will report Incidence with Photograph having GPS Coordinates. The Incidence is instantly reported to the concerned Authorities using the app. Officer : Covering State, District, Sub Division and Block Level Officers of Administration, Police, PWD, Forest and Health department in Himachal Pradesh Categories of Incidence that public can report are Crime, Disaster,Garbage,Accident,Road,Blockade, Forest Fire and Eve Teasing.Grievance reporting, GPS coordinates, Photo with GPSHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration, Grievances04-Oct-2017Yes
150Mobile AppStree Sureksha स्त्री सुरक्षाThe app aims to help the woman. Any app user has to pre-define the district where she ordinarily lives in, draft an emergency SMS and the contacts to whom the emergency SMS will be sent in case of any emergency. The SMS is also sent to concerned district police control room. The app in addition to sending the pre-defined SMS to maximum of 3 chosen contacts also send them the user';s current location so that user's location can be traced. User also has option to send ignore SMS in case the SMS was sent by mistake. The app also automatically starts recording audio-video which can also be used as evidence, if need arise.women safety, women security, PoliceHimachal PradeshHome Affairs & Enforcement, Police04-Oct-2017Yes
151Mobile AppM-IDUKKIAndroid Mobile app for IDUKKI District Administration to provide various citizen services. The status of Pattayam (title deeds) applications are presently made available. More than 30,000 applications are in process and every application passes through 15 steps before the issuance of Pattayam. As every step is being recorded in the system, the district administration is able to monitor the process effectively. Now, with the help of 'm-idukki' app, the applicant is able to know the present status as well as the various steps through which their application has gone through by keying in the unique registration number. In case an application is rejected, the reason also will be made available to the applicant.PattayamAndaman and NicobarRural, Development05-Oct-2017Yes
152Mobile AppWe Are Kannur#WeAreKannur is an initiative by District Administration. As part of the #WeAreKannur initiative, this mobile app has been released. The App provides information about the Central/ State Government offices, educational institutions. The information include phone number, email, and location in google map. The App also provides some useful mobile apps which is already provided by Kannur District Administration. Direct Call/ mailing feature is also enabled in this App. The future updates will include, tourist information, top ten activities you can do in Kannur, etc.WeAreKannur, Kannur District AdministrationKeralaGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration27-Sep-2017Yes
153Mobile AppPharma Sahi DaamThe Mobile App developed for NPPA ( National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority ),Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers will provide information to consumers on prices of Scheduled medicines which are under price regulation as well as Non Scheduled medicines.‘Pharma Sahi Daam’ is an online search tool for checking prices of Scheduled / Non-Scheduled medicines instantly at the time of purchase of the medicine.The tool will indicate the MRP of the medicines (inclusive of VAT).This app will facilitate consumers to verify whether medicines are being sold with in the approved price range and also to detect any case of overpricing by pharmaceutical company/chemist. In case of overpricing the consumer can lodge a complaint through PHARMA JAN SAMADHAN website. (http://nppaindia.nic.in/redressal.html).Search Medicine PriceDelhi (NCT)Health & Family welfare, Health02-Sep-2016Yes
154Mobile AppMyMSMEMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy over the last six decades. MSMEs not only play crucial role in providing large employment opportunities at comparatively lower capital cost than large industries but also help in industrialization of rural & backward areas, thereby, reducing regional imbalances, assuring more equitable distribution of national income and wealth. My MSME mobile application is for all Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) in India and other stakeholders. This application acts as a source of all information related to MSME’s Policies, Registration, Services, Schemes, etc. Some of the features of My MSME mobile application are: 1. Udyog Aadhaar Memorandam (UAM) for Registration of MSMEs. 2. Apply for MSME schemes benefits (Credit, Technology, Marketing, Infrastructure, Skill or Policy related) 3. Lodge Grievances. 4. MSME Schemes guidelines and Project Profiles. 5. Web links for offices and organizations under Ministry of MSME. 6. MSME Facebook Page. 7. MSME Twitter Page.MyMsmeIndustries, Medium, Micro, Small Scale25-Jun-2016Yes
155Mobile AppHP Circle RatesThe Himachal Pradesh Circle Rates app provides two main features namely; Search the prevailing Circle Rates and Find out the exact Stamp Duty and Registration Fee charges applicable on Land/Property being transacted. Search Circle Rate: User can search category wise applicable Circle Rates of any Revenue Village by Selecting District, Tehsil and revenue village. Depending on the land type and distance of plot from National/State Highway or any other road, the rates will vary. All rates are annually notified by the concerned district Registrar. Stamp Duty Calculator: User can calculate the applicable Stamp duty and Registration fee by selecting District, Tehsil, Revenue Village and Category under which land to be transacted falls. The calculator has provision to specify female share and new industry to be setup (as purpose of sale deed) is also available to calculate exact duty and fee.Circle Rates, Property Rates, Stamp Duty, registration fee, Land DeedHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration25-Aug-2017Yes
156Mobile AppJanmanregaMahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) has inherent provisions for proactive disclosure of information to its citizens in reference to implementation of the MGNREGS. Citizen awareness is a key to efficient, effective and transparent execution of the scheme, while the programme rests on participation principles. Paradigm shift from an employment-oriented to a sustainable and productive livelihood support programme warrants greater public engagement. Mobile phone acts as a mode of communication with people at farther places, with greater ease and lesser time. Janmanrega is an instrument for information flow to and from ground-level, which will connect citizens with the system. An initiative towards good governance, Janmanrega is an interface to improve quality of public services. The Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) launched ‘Janmanrega’ – a Citizen-centric Mobile Application (CCMA). This was launched by Hon’ble Minister of Rural Development on 19th of June 2017. Janmanrega has been developed with collaboration between the MoRD, National Informatics Centre (NIC) and National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC, Hyderabad). Beta Version of this Android Application is now available at Ministry’s MGNREGA Website that will allow locating already geotagged more than 1.78 crore Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme’s (MGNREGS) Assets within Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Bhuvan Map Interface along with their attributes.MGNREGA GeoMGNREGA JanmanregaHimachal PradeshRural, Development19-Jun-2017Yes
157Mobile AppPOWERLAK ServicesThe Electricity Consumer Services Application to deliver public services including e-Payment to consumer fraternity in Lakshadweep. The Services include Features for e-Payment of Consumer Bills, e-Payment of SD Deficit, Payment History, FAQ, Tariff Details, Tariff Calculator and Customer Notifications. App is compatible for Android version 4.0 & above. This app is developed by NIC Lakshadweep for Lakshadweep Electricity Department(LED).Lakshadweep Electricity Consumer Services m-Payment POWERLAK eBCMsKeralaPower & Energy, Non Renewable15-Aug-2017Yes
158Mobile AppMyDocumentsMyDocuments app is an effort to ease the task of keeping a scanned copy of all important documents electronically. The effort is made to enable user to get alerts for all periodic documents which may need renewal or any other important activity at a known periodicity or a known date. User can store monthly utility bill copy and can set periodicity monthly to raise the alerts well in time. Even the time can also be defined by the user him/herself. The important documents like Arm License, Driving License, Passport, Registered Deeds, RDs, FDs, Degrees, Certificates etc. can also be scanned and stored.mydocuments preserve docs keep alertsHimachal PradeshSocial Development, Urban Development05-Aug-2017Yes
159Mobile AppMy MLAIn first phase, e-Constituency Management is implemented. Using this, the MLA is connected online with all offices of various departments in his/her sub-division and know the current status of all types of works and other activities in the constituency. In the second phase, the "My MLA" mobile app is launched. Using this, the constituents may write to the respective MLA regarding their problems or suggestions and know the action taken online. The MLA may also send the messages to the constituent's mobile app. The constituents may also view the questions and notices raised by their respective MLA in the Legislative Assembly and replies from the departments. Using e-Constituency Management, the MLA either dispose or forward the problem/suggestion of the constituent to the concerned office in his/her sub-division for action taken and updating the status online. MyMLA eVidhan Grievance MLA HimachalHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, Grievances09-Aug-2017Yes
160Mobile AppeCourts Services"eCourts Services" app is useful to Citizen, Litigants, Lawyers, Police, Government agencies and other Institutional litigants. App provides facility to view the Case Status, Causelists, Orders and Judgments from District & Taluka Courts of India. Portfolio of frequently required cases can be created and viewed in “My Cases” facility provided in the app.eCourts, District Courts, Taluka Courts, Subordinate Courts, Case Status, Cause Lists, Judgments, Orders, Cases, Court CasesMaharashtraJudiciary, District Court22-Jul-2017Yes
161Mobile AppPani (Fever) Kerala The app facilitates the citizen with basic information like symptoms on the infectious diseases like various types of fevers, Chicken Pox, Malaria, Jaundice, etc., preventive measures, Dos and Don'ts and medical facilities like hospitals and clinics within 5 KM of the location of the mobile holder. This facility is provided by linking the Geo coordinates of the hospitals/ clinics and centers. Any District can facilitate the citizens with their hospitals/ clinics and centers. Any District can facilitate the citizens with their hospital facilities. Citizens can utilize the app for locating the hospitals anywhere in Kerala through the Google Map link provided in this app.pani egov, pani kannurKeralaHealth & Family welfare, Health17-Jul-2017Yes
162Mobile AppBharat Ke VeerApp to contribute to kin of bravehearts who laid down lives in the line of duty The brave soldiers of Central Armed Police Forces fight a daily battle to safeguard India’s external and internal security. Protecting the hostile boarders in the west with Pakistan and in the north and east with China; and facing the threats generated by the militants in Jammu and Kashmir, insurgency in the north-east; and Maoist extremists in central and east India, to keep us safe. One soldier loses his/her life every third day and one is permanently incapacitated. Bharat Ke Veer mobile app is an initiative for the citizens to pay homage to the bravehearts in Central Armed Police Forces who laid down their lives in the line of duty. Using this app, individuals can contribute directly into the bank accounts of the braveheart’s kin, or to the “Bharat Ke Veer” corpus. To ensure maximum coverage, a cap of 15 lakhs is envisaged per braveheart and the donor would be alerted if the amount exceeds Rs 15 lakhs, so that they can choose to either decrease their contribution or divert part of the donation to another braveheart's account, or to the “Bharat Ke Veer” corpus. “Bharat Ke Veer” corpus would be managed by a committee made up of eminent persons of repute and senior government officials, in equal number, who would decide to disburse the fund equitably to the braveheart's family on need basis. There is no limit to contribution to “Bharat Ke Veer” corpus. This app is powered by SBI Bharat Ke VeerAndaman and NicobarHome Affairs & Enforcement, Enforcement Organizations09-Apr-2017Yes
163Mobile AppHPPSCThe HPPSC mobile app allows the user to view Department wise Vacancies, Advertisements, Press Notes, Results, Answer Keys, Schedules etc. from any android device. It also provides link to the online application submission page of the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission for any vacancies declared by HPPSC. This app allows you to either view the details for all departments or can also select particular Department of choice in which the user is interested. Based on this selection of department, the user will get the Notifications, Results, Answer keys, Admission/Rejection etc. The navigation is through home page of the app as well as the navigation drawer (Menu). On clicking any of the listed options, the user will get date wise (latest first) list of Advertisement/Press Notes/Corrigendum etc depending on the selection. Each listing also have related corrigendum/addendum within it. On clicking any of the listed item, the user will get related detail about date of notification and last date (if applicable) and will also get ink to download the full text from the Commission's web site.vacancy, HPPSC, Public Service Commission, AdvertisementHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration13-Apr-2017Yes
164Mobile AppSBM(U) Toilet LocatorAll Toilets - Individual Household toilets, Community toilets and Public toilets constructed in urban areas under Swachh Bharat Mission can be searched and seenToilet Locator UrbanDelhi (NCT)Social Development, Urban Development01-Mar-2017Yes
165Mobile AppARUN (Atal solar Rooftop User Navigator)This mobile is a simple guide for solar rooftop system and the prevailing subsidies and related policies of the country. It will also provided a calculator for calculating the cost of installation of rooftop systems based on some parameters and provision for submitting the installation request to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The app will also provide list of all approved agencies of the Ministry.MNRE, Solar Rooftop, ARUN, Renewable, power, free power, produce power, AtalDelhi (NCT)Power & Energy, Renewable24-Jan-2017No
166Mobile AppComtaxUP Dealer'ComtaxUP Dealer' mobile App facilitate registered dealer to - Search details of other dealers. Search any commodity listed with department. View and save Notices , Orders issued to him/her, View own profile, View Returns filed, Net-Payments made, E-forms downloaded by him/her Send email and SMS to department's Public Grievance Redressal Monitoring Cell.ComtaxUP DealerUttar PradeshFinance, Revenue13-Apr-2017No
167Mobile AppComtaxUP Officer'ComtaxUP Officer' mobile app provides facility for marking multiple presence in a Day and Generation of detention memo for detained vehicles, for Mobile Unit officials , verify TDF/e-Sancharan,check the validity of dealer and commodities, dealer registration application details and his/her own profileComtaxUP OfficerUttar PradeshFinance, Revenue13-Apr-2017No
168Mobile AppMEGPRODUCT - MEG products from Meghalaya StateMEG Processed product line are specially made from handpicked fruits grown in the hill slopes of Meghalaya and processed according to FPO Norms and standards. The products ranges from Squashes, Marmalades, Jams, Jelly, RTS to canned fruit products. All the products have been granted FSSAI certification by the State Licensing authority, confirming to laid down standards of safety and hygiene. All the MEG products are Produced, processed and marketed by Fruit Preservation Centre, Directorate of Horticulture, Government of Meghalaya.This app will help the citizens to view all the MEG products, its prices and from which sales outlet that the MEG Products are available for purchasing.MEGPRODUCT, Fruits, Jam, SquachesMeghalayaAgriculture, Agricultural Produces12-Apr-2017No
169Mobile AppAdvocate Diary - Allahabad High CourtThe Mobile app has been designed to facilitate the learned counsels about the listing details of their cases. They can view date wise list of all of their cases. List of cases for a particular date can also be seen if the date is fed in the App. The serial number of case in the cause list will also be displayed if the cause list for that particular date is already prepared. This App will work like their Advocate Diary.Advocate-Diary CauselistUttar PradeshJudiciary, High Court02-Apr-2017No
170Mobile AppGet Fund StatusThis App enables Government Departments to know the Status of Budgetary Fund. User has to select Head of Account using drop down menu and it will show the Budget Allocation, Augmented Amount if any , Re-Appropriated Amount if any, Surrendered Amount if any, Revised Budget and Current Balance Amount of the particular head of account.Budget Fund StatusWest BengalFinance, Economy, Prices01-Aug-2016Yes
171Mobile AppTRACK FILEThis App enables to Track and Trace a Government File. User has to provide the File No. and it shows the current location of file along with Office Name and Officer’s name where it is physically lying.Track FileWest BengalGovernance & Administration, Local Government01-Aug-2016Yes
172Mobile AppWaterKanKerala is facing sever drought in this summer. As a mitigation strategy, Water kiosks were installed by the District Administration. The WaterKan mobile App enables the citizen to a. locate a water kiosk in google map in nearby locations (Kiosks in 5 kilometer area of the pinned location) b. contact the water supplier for filling the kiosk ( Call or SMS facility) c. Contact the concerned person of Kerala Water Authority to report any issues. d. Current location of Water tankers in Google map This is an initiative of Kannur District Administration. App designed and developed by Mobile App Development Competency Centre, National Informatics Centre, KeralaWaterKan, Kannur, Drought MitigationKeralaGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration07-Apr-2017Yes
173Mobile AppJagriti-upमहिला कल्याण विभाग के माध्यम से महिलाओं हेतु संचालित योजनाओं की टिपण्णी Jagriti, जागृतिUttar PradeshSocial Development, Children, Women31-Mar-2017No
174Mobile AppMy DoNERDoNER Project Portal is G2G and G2C e-Portal, designed for submission, surveillance and follows up of development projects relating to North East falling under NLCPR. The Planning dept, the executing dept of state Govt is now able to receive and transmit documents in electronic mode with a facility of system generated SMS & e-mail alert, thus bring in transparency among stakeholders. Also it saves precious time in sending documents in physical form and relocating them. It results in quicker approval for release of fund. It also helps in keeping surveillance on financial, physical and visual progress for timely completion of projects. This indeed is a major step to bring the people of North East closer to the governance of North East by the Govt. of India. In order to maintain transparency, scanned documents of ongoing NLCPR projects has been put on portal for public to access. In addition, the documents uploaded by state government are also instantly available on portal. The release of fund in many projects in current fiscal year, has taken as minimum as 7 to 10 working days as compared to earlier approval process. As a way forward, Mobile App for public and stakeholders has been developed to facilitate in locating NLCPR projects by sector, state & district, QR code, PIN, etc. The project at a glance along with its location on google map can be viewed and enables public to share and upload photographs of a project along with GPS coordinates for social audit. NLCPR, MDoNER, Northeast, North Eastern Region, donerDelhi (NCT)Infrastructure, Urban16-Mar-2017No
175Mobile Appe-NagarSewa Monitor AppA Birth and Death Registration Progress Monitoring android app for the services served by e-NagarSewa (Centralized e-Municipality, Mission Mode Project for 635 ULBs of UP) catering to the Urban Local Bodies in Uttar Pradesh. Includes graphs and monthly monitoring statistics. For Departmental Monitoring Purpose.Urban Local Bodies, e-Nagarsewa, ULB, Services, Uttar Pradesh, Monitoring ServicesUttar PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local Government, Health & Family welfare, Health10-Mar-2017Yes
176Mobile AppmHimbhoomiApp to view Land Records (Jamabandi, Shajra Nasb and Plot map (if digitized)) from mobile device. User has option to search using Khewat/Khatoni/Khasra number for the selected Jamabandi DOR. App also provides feature to search by name in any Tehsil if name of village is also unknown or search by name within a village. In Himachal Pradesh Land Owners can seed their Aadhaar number in their Land Records. If Aadhaar is seeded, the app provides feature to search Land Records in the whole state by simply providing the Aadhaar Number.Himbhoomi, Khasra, Khewat, Khatoni, Jamabandi, Shajra Nasb, Tatima, Musavi, LatthaHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration01-Mar-2017Yes
177Mobile AppInspection of Shops&Establishments of Labour CommissionerateThis mobile App is the extension of the web based application of e-Services of Labour Commissionerate, Government of West Bengal which is a Role-based web enabled software package for automating the workflow associated with online applications, Processing, Payment of Fees, Approvals and delivery of Certificates, Licenses & Registrations. This Mobile based application will be capable in providing information in real time of of the shops, establishments and factories to be inspected by the Inspectors at the filed level. The system generated inspection report are also require to be uploaded in the system within 48 hours of inspections. It is basically a G2G mobile apps. Demo User Id is kulpiins and password : 123wblcWest BengalLabour & Employment, Unorganized Sector Workers08-Mar-2017No
178Mobile AppBitaran SahayakBrief Description of the mobile app:- * This mobile app is used to ensure the availability of voter slip to citizen of AC no 158-Kolkata Port, 159-Bhawanipore, 160- Rasbehari & 161-Ballygunge. * If citizen does not received the voter slip from the representative of Election Commission i.e., BLO, he/she can request for voter slip to DEO, Kolkata South. * An intimation will be sent to BLO to deliver the voter slip as soon as request generated from the apps. * There will be multiple medium to make entry of the delivered Voter slip by BLO / others using a computer interface or with the বিতরণ সহায়ক App. Role of citizen:- * Download the apps from Google Play store or http://deokolkatasouth.co.in. * Install it in android mobile. * Put mobile number & EPIC number if voter slip does not received. * An acknowledgement SMS will be sent to citizen after successful capture of request through the app. * This app can only be used for Assembly Constituency number 158-Kolkata Port, 159-Bhawanipore, 160- Rasbehari & 161-Ballygunge. Role of BLO:- * Polling Station wise unique mobile number of BLO must be registered. * After delivery of voter slip by BLO, make necessary entry by using apps or computer interface. * After receiving SMS for non receipt of voter slip, take necessary action for delivery of the receipt and subsequent entry in apps. VitaranWest BengalElection06-Apr-2016Yes
179Mobile AppeMonitoringE-MONITORING A. Sharing Pictures/ Videos/ etc ▸ Block/ AC/ Booth can be selected ▸ Report Type (MCC/ Law & Order, etc ) can be selected ▸ Option to write the village name in the Text Box ▸ Option to write the details reports in the report text box. ▸ Option to upload an Image/ Video/ Audio in the Portal ▸ Option to take a Live Photo and Upload as well ▸ Location details of the Photo will also be visible ▸ For the locations without internet, the photo will also be saved with latitude and longitude. The app will upload the photo with location details, when it will get the internet connection. B. Live Tracking • Live Tracking - Mobile Devices where E-Monitoring is installed, can be tracked using GPS facility • Stop tracking option is also there in the App • All sector officer movement can be traced in real time with the help of GPS enabled mobile and GPS equipment fitted in the vehicle. • In case of any untoward incident in a particular booth/Sector/AC, any officer associated with election process on P-Day can track down the movement of sector officer, magistrate, police station location, HRFS, QRT location, etc and simply pass the information through simple message or call to the nearest officer at the trouble site within shortest possible time. • On P-Day any untoward information related to law and order situation occurred then immediate assistance can be extended to injured/effected person to the in the shortest possible time.Assembly, Sector, Booth Reporting, Image, Latitude, LongitudeWest BengalGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration20-Feb-2016Yes
180Mobile AppeTraverseE-TRAVERSE: Your Election friend. Use android based mobile App E-Traverse.  Locate your Polling Stations easily in the Map.  Navigate to any polling station of your choice.  Know the actual basic minimum facilities of Polling Stations. App Details: 1. Assembly Wise Statistics: Provides Assembly wise Booth (with sensitive & hypersensitive) statistics. 2. MAP: Shows Assembly area with different color & border. Shows Assembly wise booth with color (Green: Normal, Orange: Sensitive, Red: Hypersensitive) On tap each booth shows the booth details. Shows My position for direct navigation to a specific booth. 3. NAVIGATION: Shows Assembly Wise Booth list. Navigation to any booth or sector office with alternate route & approximate time from My location. Any point to other point navigation with alternate route & approximate time. 4. Distance Matrix: Shows Assembly->Sector Office->Booth wise Distance, Time & direct Navigation from My location. Map, Navigation, Distance Matrix, Sector Office, Booth hierarchyWest BengalGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration20-Feb-2016Yes
181Mobile AppCAUSE LIST OF CALCUTTA HIGH COURTThis app has a webview which displays the cause-list of both original and appellate side cases. This helps the advocates and litigants to easily track their matters.Cause List, Calcutta High Court, Advocates, LitigantsWest BengalJudiciary, High Court16-Apr-2014No
182Mobile AppDISPLAY BOARD ANDROID APPLICATIONThis app has a webview which displays the current running cases in the courtroom. This helps the advocates and litigants to easily track their matters. This also decreases the crowd looking in front of the display board screen at Calcutta High Court corridors.Display Board, Calcutta High Court, Advocates, LitigantsWest BengalJudiciary, High Court16-Apr-2014No
183Mobile AppeAwasThe e-Awas mobile app is designed for android devices. The user can search for the vacant accommodation. The user can search the details either by sector wise or by category/type wise. eAwas, Chandigarh Administration, Accommodation ManagementHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration27-Feb-2017No
184Mobile AppCoupon@Shop This module would allow the shop owner to issue as well as update the ration transactions that takes place at his shop. CouponatshopKarnatakaFood, Public Distribution03-Mar-2017No
185Mobile AppKIRAN Advisory CycleThe objective of this app is to allow the farmers/citizens to view the ICAR Expert Advisory Cycle Content of the different type of crops & live-stock, till date poultry & piggery has been configured in the system. The advisory content can be viewed by selecting three parameters (viz specialization, day & language). This advisory will help farmers/citizens monitor their existing crops & live-stock.ICAR, Advisory, Cycle, crop, Live Stock, specializationMeghalayaAgriculture, Agricultural Research & Extension02-Mar-2017No
186Mobile AppeTaalAn Electronic Transaction Aggregation & Analysis Layer (eTaal) portal (URL: http://etaal.gov.in) is developed to provide an aggregated view of eTransactions performed through e-Governance applications implemented including, but not limited to, the national-level mission mode projects (MMPs) under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). eTaal portal covers e-Services delivered to the citizens across the country. For its further improvisation a mobile application is developed. Using this app, the users can get the information of e-Transaction count through their mobiles. This mobile app shows e-Transactions statistics of National and State level e-Governance Projects including Mission Mode Projects. It receives transactions for total, central, state and data for current day periodically on near real time basis. eTaal mobile App presents quick analysis of transaction counts for various e-Governance projects.eTaal, Electronic Transaction Aggregation & Analysis Layer, Electronic Transaction, Transaction CountDelhi (NCT)Communications, Information and Technology20-Feb-2017No
187Mobile AppFor The People - PG LSGD KeralaLocal Self Government Department, Government of Kerala implements a comprehensive online grievance monitoring and redressal system. A grievance redressal cell ‘For the People’ has since been formed in LSGD with the aim to make the local self government institutions corruption free and more efficient. Information related to Local Self Government institutions regarding nepotism, undue delay in getting services or corruption charges against officials can be uploaded with necessary evidence (including image, audio, video clippings). This mobile app facilitates citizen to submit their complaints. Two types of grievances addressed through this portal: complaints related to various services sought from Local Self Government and corruption charges against officials. Aadhaar number is required while applying, for online verification. Application Status can be searched online Provision to provide Feedback on handling the complaints by the department Participating departments are: Panchayat, Urban Affairs, Rural development, Town and Country planning and LSGD Engineering wing. ‘For the People” portal has been designed and developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC). Project is being implemented by the Local Self Government Department and Kerala State IT Mission.For The People, LSGD, Kerala, Public Grievance, PGKeralaRural, Panchayati Raj02-Feb-2017Yes
188Mobile AppOFRIS The OFRIS App provides the facility for factory owners to check the status of applications submitted online under Factory Act 1948. Building plan approval, factory registration, factory renewal, factory amendment, expiry of Licence information is available.Factory Registration, OFRISHimachal PradeshLabour & Employment17-Feb-2017Yes
189Mobile AppmGPF HPThe myGPF App provides the facility for HP Govt employees to view gpf details. An employee can view GPF balance as on date, Annual GPF statement (last five year), missing credit detail, gpf guidelines, Last GPF statement (PDF) and reset account facility.gpf, General Provident FundHimachal PradeshFinance17-Feb-2017Yes
190Mobile AppMy Amravati DistrictMy Amravati App - This app developed by using Android Studio for giving information to people about Amravati District. Amravati app mainly categorized into four parts namely about Amravati district which are contains details of history, at a glance, Tourism, MLA, and information about District Collector office. Second part for Citizen Services like Amravati Bus time table, Amravati and Badnera railway time table also hotels, blood bank and hospitals information. Third part is about Staff e-Services which contains Aaple Sarkar, Sevarth, Government resolution, BEAMS and staff information and fourth part is for Citizen e-Services which contains 7/12 view, RTI, online grievance ,RTS and information about SGY scheme. My Amravati App is designed and developed by using Android studio in Local Language Marathi.My AmravatiMaharashtraGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration31-Dec-2016No
191Mobile AppeDuty Mitra UttarakhandE–Duty Mitra App facilitates election functionaries of Uttarakhand for watching tutorial videos for conducting elections, searching details of desired polling booth, its geographical location / route on Google map, facilities available at searched polling booth, important telephone numbers, other important information and link to departmental website of Chief Electoral Officer, Uttarakhand. मोबाइल एप्प मतदान पदाधिकरियों (Election Functionaries) हेतु ई - ड्यूटी मित्र (E -Duty Mitra) नाम से विकसित किया गया है उसमे मतदान सम्पन्न करवाने हेतु प्रशिक्षणार्थ वीडियो एवं सामग्री , अपने सेक्टर मजिस्ट्रेट, जोनल मजिस्ट्रेट एवं उपयोगी दूरभाष , जिस मतदान केंद्र में उनकी ड्यूटी लगी है उसकी गूगल मैप पर मार्ग एवं स्थिति , उसमे उपलब्ध आश्वासित सुविधाएँ एवं उसकी मुख्यालय से दूरी इत्यादि सम्मिलित है। इसके अतिरिक्त विभागीय वेबसाइट पर उपलब्ध महत्वपूर्ण जानकारियां आदि शामिल हैं। Assembly Election 2017 Uttarakhand Polling Personnel Location National Informatics Center Polling Station detailsElection08-Feb-2017No
192Mobile AppCandidate Mitra UttarakhnadCandidate Mitra App facilitates contesting candidates of Uttarakhand details of his / her contesting assembly such as all booths, number of male, female, other and total number of voters, Voter List. ECI Candidate Handbook, FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions, Model Code of Conduct for political parties and candidates, Filing of part election expenditure statement, compendium of instruction on election expenditure monitoring Sep 2016 , E-Learning Material, Political Parties Expenditure Report. Important telephone numbers, other important information and link to departmental website of Chief Electoral Officer, Uttarakhand. मोबाइल एप्प निर्वाचन लड़ने वाले प्रत्याशियों (candidates) हेतु "कैण्डिडेट मित्र (Candidate Mitra)" नाम से विकसित किया गया है उसमे उनके द्वारा किये जाने वाले सामान्य प्रश्न, राजनैतिक दलों और प्रत्याशियों के मार्गदर्शन के लिए आदर्श आचार संहिता, निर्वाचन व्यय मॉनिटरिंग एवं व्यय दाखिल करना , कैंडिडैट हैण्डबुक , ई लर्निंग सामग्री , विधान सभा क्षेत्र की सम्पूर्ण वोटर लिस्ट (इलेक्टोरल रोल), उसके मतदान स्थलों की सूची, मतदान स्थलवार पुरुष , स्त्री , अन्य एवं कुल मतदाताओं की संख्या , महत्वपूर्ण दूरभाष, टोलफ्री नम्बर एवं विभागीय वेबसाइट पर उपलब्ध महत्वपूर्ण जानकारियां आदि शामिल हैं।Candidate Help Candidate Mitra Assembly Election 2017 Uttarakhand National Informatics Center List fo votersElection08-Feb-2017No
193Mobile AppVoter Mitra UttarakhandVoter Mitra App facilitates an Uttarakhand voter for searching his / her polling booth, its geographical location / route on Google map, details of candidates contesting election in his / her constituency and their respective affidavits filed by them, facilities available at his / her polling booth, important telephone numbers, video tutorials such as “how to vote” etc., and link to departmental website of Chief Electoral Officer, Uttarakhand. जो मोबाइल एप्प मतदाताओं हेतु "वोटर मित्र (Voter Mitra)" नाम से विकसित किया गया है उसमे अपना मतदान स्थल का नाम खोजने , उसकी गूगल मानचित्र पर मार्ग एवं स्थिति , उसमे उपलब्ध आश्वासित सुविधाएँ जिनमें शौचालय , पेयजल , पहिया कुर्सी रैम्प , विद्युत् , प्रतीक्षा कक्ष, शेड , फर्नीचर इत्यादि सम्मिलित हैं। इसके अतिरिक्त मतदाता से सम्बन्धित विधान सभा से चुनाव में खड़े प्रत्याशियों एवं उनके द्वारा दायर शपथपत्रों की जानकारी, जाने मतदान कैसे करें, सहायतार्थ विडियो एवं मुख्य चुनाव अधिकारी उत्तराखण्ड की विभागीय वेबसाइट पर उपलब्ध महत्वपूर्ण जानकारियां आदि शामिल हैं।Assembly Election Uttarakhand 2017 National Informatics Centre Chief Electoral OfficerElection08-Feb-2017No
194Mobile AppmSBMUrban DashboardMobile App dashboard for Higher Management of Ministry, National Mission Directorate and State Mission Directorate to see the latest progress on all components of SBM like Individual Household Toilets, Community Toilets, Public Toilets and Solid Waste Management in 4100+ Urban Local Bodies through out IndiaSwachh Bharat Urban Management DashboardUttar PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local Government12-Sep-2017Yes
195Mobile AppHR OCMMSGovernment of India's digital initiative to provide a mobile based OCMMS App benefiting the usersOCMMSDelhi (NCT)Environment & Forest, Forest28-Dec-2016Yes
196Mobile AppKL OCMMSGovenment of india's digital initiative to provide a mobile based OCMMS App benefiting the users.OCMMSDelhi (NCT)Environment & Forest, Forest01-Jul-2016Yes
197Mobile AppMeghalaya VotesMeghalaya Votes - A G2C Mobile Application for the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Meghalaya. The objective of the App is to helps Voters to search their Electoral Rolls related information details by selecting / entering basic information like District, Assembly Constituency, Name or EPIC Number. Using this app, Voters can access their Polling Station information to enable them to cast their votes at specific Polling Station location. The apps used Google Map to guide the Voters the direction and distance to reach the Polling Booth from their current location. The apps also enable the Citizen to know their elected representatives and also the Party to which they belong. It also provides a link to the Affidavit filed by the MLAs during the election to the current Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.Election, CEO, ECI, voter, Chief Electoral Officer, EPIC No, Polling Station, Part Number, voter listMeghalayaElection14-Feb-2017Yes
198Mobile AppIGRS for OfficersIGRS for Officers has been developed for easier access to the system resulting speedy redressal of the references and effective monitoring .Jansunwai for Officers, IGRS for OfficersUttar PradeshGovernance & Administration, Grievances25-Dec-2016Yes
199Mobile AppMeghalaya NewsThe Mobile App displays the latest Press Releases, Tenders, Notifications, Recruitment, Government Orders and Key Contacts of officials in the Government. There is a Search facility to search by Department, Keyword or by Date. A Help feature is also available in the App to guide users on how to use the App.Meghalaya, News, Press Releases, Tenders, Quotations, Notifications, Recruitment, jobs, Government Orders, Contacts, phone, directoryMeghalayaGovernance & Administration18-Jan-2017No
200Mobile AppMobile Farm Solutions ( Questions & Answers ) The objective of the App is to help the farmers to report the problems on the crops, soil, pests, etc to the Scientist or SMS experts of KVKs in their respective districts. Reporting can be in the form of plain text like short description of the problem and also they can take picture and send together to the Scientist of KVKs. The farmers who wish to use this mobile app has to register their name, mobile number and address and the Programme Co-ordinator of KVK of respective districts will approve. Users ( KVK officials, farmers and citizens) should have a 2G/3G/4G mobile phones connection to use the apps as it disseminates and interact with real time situation.mobile farm solutions, farmer, SMS experts, Programme CoordinatorMeghalayaAgriculture, Animal Husbandry, Crops, Horticulture, Plant Protection, Seeds07-Feb-2017No
201Mobile AppBhuLekhTo View Land Record, Record of Right ( ROR) by Plot No/Gata No or Khata Number or by NameBoard of Revenue Land Record View RORUttar PradeshCommunications, Information and Technology02-May-2016No
202Mobile AppmSamvaadFor effective and efficient monitoring and faster disposal of the election related activities, the establishment of faster and effective communication channel among the concerned officers should be very strong. To make the communication faster and easy, a mobile APP m-Samvaad has been developed by NIC UP State Unit This App facilities to communicate the concerned officers related with electoral activities in all the level of district, AC and Booth like District Electoral officer (DEO), Dy. District Electoral officer (Dy. DEO), Zonal and Sector Magistrates, SSP/SP of all the districts, Returning Officers (RO), Additional ROs (ARO), Electoral Roll Officers (ERO) of all the Assembly Constituencies and Booth level officers and Presiding officers (PO) for all the Booths. ECI, CEO, Election, communication planUttar PradeshElection10-Jan-2017No
203Mobile AppMonitoring of Law and order monitoring during electionAs per the directives from Election Commission of INDIA, daily information of the law and order issues should be provided by the District Level Police officials (SSP/SP) on the prescribed format. For effective monitoring of this process, NIC UP State Unit has developed a LAW and ORDER monitoring mobile app This APP will provide the date wise information of the proceeding done on the selected points by the district level police at district and state level. The cumulative data (till date) will also be available in the APP. Police, Election, CEO, ECI, law and orderUttar PradeshElection04-Jan-2017No
204Mobile AppmvoterFor the facilitation of voters, an adroid App ‘mVoter’ Mobile app has developed by NIC UP State Unit under the direction of CEO UP. This app will provide all the information of Assembly Election 2017 like searching of name in voter list, candidiate details, location of booth & polling schedule which is required by Citizen at one placeElection, CEO, ECI, voter, Vidhan Sabha, nirvachan, voter listUttar PradeshElection19-Jan-2017No
205Mobile AppMeghalaya Public Distribution SystemThis Mobile App is designed to help the beneficiaries of Meghalaya find all Fair Price Shops that are available in their Village by selecting the District, Block and Village to which they belong. They can also view their Ration Card Details (i.e. FPS to which they are tagged to, Name of Family Members, their scheme and their entitlement/allotment etc.) by entering the Ration Card ID (RC ID).Meghalaya, PDS, FPS, RC, Ration Card, Fair Price Shop, Public Distribution SystemMeghalayaFood, Public Distribution25-Jan-2017No
206Mobile Appविराट - VIRAT (Virtual Application Tracker)विराट - VIRAT (Virtual Application Tracker), a citizen centric mobile application for e-Governance is a generic hybrid cross platform mobile application with single code base using Apache Cordova.It is a single mobile application which can be used for various types of status retrieval. It is run time platform which uses declarative approach for data capture and result rendering. Any e-Governance application can use VIRAT by using declarative formats for interaction defined by VIRAT. It is simple and loosely coupled application developed with generic features/interfaces interacting with various eGovernance applications. It uses Open API for interaction with servers/services and uses standards complaint JSON data format.Cross platform compliant Uses OpenAPI for interaction with servers.Delhi (NCT)Governance & Administration06-Jan-2017No
207Mobile AppKerala School Kalolsavam 2017As part of the biggest Cultural Festival in Asia - The Kerala School Kalolsavam 2017 - being held in Kannur, a mobile App was designed, developed and deployed by NIC for District Administration, Kannur. The event being held in Kannur from 16th to 22nd January 2017. This mobile App provides general information to officials, participants, media and citizens. The App provides Kalolsavam Schedule, Accommodation Arrangements for the participants, Parking Areas, Important contact details, image gallery, events search and other essential information services. This is an initiative taken up by the District Administration. The App is designed, developed by the Mobile App Development Centre of National Informatics Centre at Kannur, Kerala. Kerala School Kalolsavam 2017KeralaArt & Culture, Festivals13-Jan-2017Yes
208Mobile AppCashless Osmanabad The user-friendly application Cashless Osmanabad is developed for sharing in-depth information about mobile wallet, Unified Payment Interface (UPI), mobile banking, payments using Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS). It also provides information about micro ATMs, mobile banking and bank prepaid cards among other new tools and avenues that are being promoted by the government to achieve cashless economy. The mobile application shares knowledge about different digital payment gateways and ways to install and activate them. This APP also gives Single Window Service Delivery Channels for Government to Citizen (G2C) for ensuring accessibility, convenience, and timeliness in Service Delivery. Around 17 e-services offered by the government in mobile application with an aim to improve its user value. Cashless Osmanabad eServicesMaharashtraGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration17-Dec-2016No
209Mobile AppBooth DiaryFor effective and efficient Monitoring of Polling Stations at AC and District Level, a mobile app ‘Booth Diary’ has been developed by NIC UP State unit as per the direction from Chief Electoral office, Uttar Pradesh. This App facilitates the District Election office to manage the electoral activities in better way. The various information of polling station like Geographical position of PS, Total Electors, Name and contact details of all concerned officials like BLO,ERO,ARO are available and can be obtained through this app anytime anywhere. Election, CEOUP, Booth, Polling Station, ECIUttar PradeshElection15-Nov-2016No
210Mobile AppGeneral Information to votersGeneral information to voters like locating the Polling stations, search on electoral roll, Know your candidates, Polling statistics, Trends dissemination during counting, Queue information during polling are given to voters. It is designed and developed by NIC,Puduchery for General Elections to Puducherry Legislative Assembly, Parliament Elections, and Bye-elections 2016General Information, Mobile App, Voters, Puducherry, ElectionsPuducherryElection10-Mar-2016No
211Mobile AppMobile App for Static Surveillance Team for ElectionA handy mobile app is available for Static surveillance team deployed in check posts and specific areas for checking the vehicles. The mobile app help the team to register the details of the vehicles, person driving, anything checked and caught. A MIS is available to control room for monitoring the movement of vehicles, checked details in each check posts based on the mobile app updationStatic surveillance, Election, Puducherry, Check postPuducherryElection10-Mar-2016No
212Mobile AppMobile App for Flying squad team - ElectionA hand mobile app which captures all MCC violation details as well as Seizure details to relay to control room. MIS is available for all the updations made by Flying squad through Mobile app. The Mobile App help the flying squad for easy updation from the field. It has been successfully used during General Elections 2016 in Puducherry. Designed and Developed by NIC,PuducherryFlying squad, NIC, Puducherry, Mobile App, Seizure, MCC violationPuducherryElection10-Mar-2016No
213Mobile AppApplication for online Paddy ProcurementApplication for online Paddy Procurement from Centralised Procurement Center.Paddy Procurement, West BengalDelhi (NCT)Food, Public Distribution01-Oct-2015No
214Mobile AppeAttendanceApps for monitoring the attendance along with geographical location of field officers of PHED Dept. Govt. of Bihar.eAttendanceBiharGovernance & Administration, Local Government01-Dec-2016No
215Mobile AppNadiaDirectNadiaDirect is an Android App developed for: 1. Communicating with all officers through Call, SMS, WhatsApp & Email, 2. Online synchronization of contact details to serve as a directory service of Nadia District Administration, 3. Facility to communicate with groups via SMS, WhatsApp and Email. This App was used extensively during the General Assembly Election 2016 by all the Officers and Observers of Nadia District. The in-house development of the App is done by Shri Surath Mukherjee, Scientist B, DIO, NIC Nadia District Centre.NadiaDirect, Online Directory, SMS, WhatsApp, Group, EmailWest BengalGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration20-Feb-2016No
216Mobile AppStamp Duty and Registration Fee CalculatorThe objective of the Stamp Duty and Registration Fee Calculator Mobile App is to help the citizens of Meghalaya to know the approximate of Stamp Duty amount and Registration fees required for registration of land within the jurisdiction of the Sub-Registrar of East Khasi Hills District only. Users should have a 2G/3G/4G mobile phones connection to use the apps as it disseminates real time information.Land Value, Stampduty, registration feeMeghalayaGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration06-Dec-2016Yes
217Mobile AppSpeedSpot KannurSpeedSpot Kannur is an initiative of District Administration Kannur, Kerala. The App provides facility for a passenger in public transport busses to report over speeding of vehicles. Passenger has to take a screenshot displaying the speed of the vehicle and take a snap of the bus ticket. This can be shared to the authorities for actions. Speed Spot KannurKeralaGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration01-Dec-2016Yes
218Mobile AppandamansOfficial android mobile app of Andaman and Nicobar TourismAndaman TourismAndaman and NicobarTourism15-Nov-2016Yes
219Mobile AppNANDURBARThis Android application has been developed at NIC,Nandurbar Maharashtra. This application provide the information about Nandurbar District like government offices ,Details about Nandurbar city such as Education institute,Hospitals,Restaurant,Tourism,connectivity.History of District,Demographics,climate.It also include Emergency Contact no & Toll free no.Nandurbar Maharashtra district tribal district app nandnagriMaharashtraGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration, Tourism20-Dec-2016No
220Mobile AppShop owner moduleThis module is used by the shop owners to issue ration to the ration card holders under Public distribution system. Using this module RC holder when visited the shops to collect monthly ration, coupon distributed by the dept , to be shown, which is then read by this application to check the integrity of the card holder and entitlement. On sucessful verification of the coupon the shop owner issue the commodity to the card holder and at the same time updating the transactions to the central server.Shop owner moduleKarnatakaFood, Public Distribution10-Jun-2016No
221Mobile AppSwachh bharat Mission Public moduleThe SBM Public Module App facilitates the People in following the procedure of works execution and monitoring the effective implementation of the same under Swachh Bharath Mission scheme. The purpose of the Mobile application is to update the status and verification of the work by capturing the photo of the work and geo location by the beneficiary himself. SBM Public moduleKarnatakaRural, Panchayati Raj02-Feb-2016No
222Mobile AppWorksoftThe Work soft system facilitates the Rural Development and Panchyat Raj department in following the procedure of works execution and monitoring the effective implementation of the same under different schemes.The purpose of the Mobile application is to update the status of the work by capturing the photo of the work and geo location. Worksoft, Gandhi Sakshi KayakaKarnatakaRural, Panchayati Raj01-Dec-2016No
223Mobile AppVerifyGPFThis is an Android Apps (QR code Reader) specially developed by NIC Manipur for verification of printed GPF Statement through encrypted QR code directly from Android based devices without accessing Internet. Details of the subscriber such as Name, GPF Account No, Opening Balance, Closing Balance, Financial Year etc can be verified using this Apps. Manipur, gpf, QR CodeManipurFinance, Economy, Provident Fund01-Sep-2014No
224Mobile AppManipurGPFThis is an Android Apps developed by NIC Manipur for accessing Online GPF Information System directly from Android based devices. This Apps has 3(three) modules:- a) Subscribers: Using this feature, subscribers can download their annual statements as well view their monthly credit/debit details. b) DDO: Using this feature, DDOs can verify GPF details mentioned in the GPF statement of employees of his office. c) Treasury Officer: Using this feature, Treasury Officers can verify GPF details of employees whose GPF bills are processed through the Treasury concerned. General Provident Fund, gpf, ManipurManipurFinance, Economy, Provident Fund24-Jul-2015No
225Mobile AppIntegrated Works Monitoring System1. To know the status of any work based on unique work-id. 2. Financial year wise , Scheme wise and distrcit wise pendency status of sanctions. 3. uploading of Photo after generation of Admin Sanction and After work completionAndriod ApplicationRajasthanRural, Development26-Nov-2015No
226Mobile AppCPIS AppIt is a mobile application (G2G and G2E) to deliver some of the information of an Employee available in CPIS database anytime and anywhere through android based smart phone. The authentication parameter to access information is the EIN and Date of Birth of the employee. The Apps list profile of the Govt. employee with history of transfer ,promotion , correction of employee data etc. The App list the transaction status of the employee done at MIS Directorate of Finance, Govt. of Manipur. This Apps is applicable for all govt. employees of Manipur.Manipur, employee, transfer, promotion, CPISManipurGovernance & Administration, Local Government02-Apr-2016Yes
227Mobile AppLoucha Pathap AppsLoucha Pathap App for Android based mobile devices with features for viewing Jamabandi Report and downloading in .pdf format, from ‘Patta Download’. Required inputs are District name, SDC Circle name and Village name along with Dag no and Patta no. Verification of printed Jamabandi with QR code may be checked for authenticity from ‘QR Verify’.ROR, Patta, Jamabandi, Loucha, PathapManipurRural, Development02-Nov-2016Yes
228Mobile AppRajya Sabha Business Application(Hindi)Rajya Sabha Business Application For Android Based Mobile Devices Version 1.0, Based on RSS Feeds available on data.gov.in webportal. The features of the application includes: Business,Today’s Birthday,Provisional Calendar,Questions Chart,List of Business,Papers to be Laid,Bulletin Part –I,Bulletin Part-II,Questions List- Starred,Question List –Un-Starred,Daily Synopsis,Organisation,Chairman-Rajya Sabha,Deputy Chairman- Rajya Sabha,Secretary General-Rajya Sabha,AS-JS Rajya Sabha Secreatariat,Directors –Rajya Sabha Secretariat,Notifications,Members, Members Biography,Member’s Assurances,Questions asked by Members,State wise Member List,Party wise Member List,Birthday Wise Member List,Women Members, Nominated Members,Council of Ministers,Live TV(RSTV,LSTV,DD),Important Websites, Members Login Rajya Sabha Business, Andriod Application, Rajya Sabha, HindiDelhi (NCT)Parliament of India, Rajya Sabha16-Nov-2016No
229Mobile AppPDO ModuleThis module is used as a bridge module to panchatantra, a web based panchayat automation module for Gram panchayats in Karnataka. This module has multiple options for Swachh Bharath Mission, Panchayat Assets module, Panchayat basic information module, Gandhi Sakshi Kayak (Worksoft) and e-Pavati Modules. panchatantra, e-pavatiKarnatakaRural, Panchayati Raj01-Jul-2016No
230Mobile AppMy-SuruMobile Governance to capture the Grievances of the Citizens of Rural Areas. Developed for Zilla Panchayat, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj. Information related to Government Scheme, Farmer related information, Citizen Centric Services by Various Government Departments, Important Contact Information and other Miscellaneous information's are provided.Citizen Services Grievanances FarmersKarnatakaAgriculture, Rural, Panchayati Raj02-Jan-2016No
231Mobile AppmRWSRural Water Supply app , We can capture lat long and photograph of the water source and delivery pointsmRWSDelhi (NCT)Rural, Development18-Nov-2015No
232Mobile AppGenerate Lab ReportTo check the availability of the doctors in the particular Hospital and to generate the lab reports done in the particular HospitaleHospitalMeghalayaHealth & Family welfare, Health25-Nov-2016Yes
233Mobile AppePostoffice Mobile AppePostoffice Mobile App have been developed for online sale of Philately Stamps and distribution of Gangajal sourced from Rishikesh or Gangotri. All orders that are placed from any part of the country are dispatched from Sansad Marg Postoffice, New Delhi through SpeedPost. User can track the consignment by SpeedPost No.ePostofficeDelhi (NCT)Communications, Post02-Nov-2015Yes
234Mobile AppSMB SewaThis mobile application allows citizens from the Shillong Municipal Area to submit Grievances/Complaints to the Shillong Municipal Board on various complaint categories. The application allows citizen to post complaints with photos clicked from mobile or from the gallery. The application also allows to the citizens to track the status of their complaint.SMB GrievanceMeghalayaGovernance & Administration, Grievances17-Nov-2016Yes
235Mobile AppLand Value CalculatorThe objective of the Land Value Calculator Mobile App is to help citizens of Meghalaya to know the Government rates of land per square meter. Users should have a 2G/3G/4G mobile phones connection to use the apps as it disseminates real time information.Land ValueMeghalayaGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration17-Nov-2016Yes
236Mobile AppMahaRainProvides rainfall status of any circle / block / district / division within Maharashtra State to the citizen. It gives rainfall of the day, cumulative rainfall during the season and normal rainfall value.rainfall rain maharashtraMaharashtraAgriculture, Irrigation01-Sep-2016No
237Mobile AppLSG Election- 2015 KozhikodeThis App is for the use of citizens and officials of the Kerala State for the Local Body Elections 2015. The application contains various information related to the LSG Election 2015- Kozhikode District.LSG Election- 2015 KozhikodeKeralaElection, Governance & Administration, District Adminstration17-Oct-2015Yes
238Mobile AppCollector KozhikodeCollector Kozhikode is an android application which will help the citizens of the district of Kozhikode to communicate with the district collector about their grievances, suggestions and any other matter of interest to the district. This is a first of the kind effort to establish a direct informal communication channel between the district administration and the citizens. District administration will cater to the user queries/complaints related to the following categories. a. Land Related Queries b. Revenue Recovery c. Law & Order d. Land Acquisition e. Any other queries In addition to this, you can fix up appointment with the collector, share ideas, attend opinion polls, get contact information of various officers etc using this applicationCollector KozhikodeKeralaGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration28-Oct-2015Yes
239Mobile AppAuto PermitThe city authorickshaw permits of Kozhikode is limited as per section 74(3) of Motor Vehicle act. The current limits of city autorickshaw permit in Kozhikode are 4335. These Permits are not adequate due to huge increase in the number of commuters and travelling general public. The allotted city permits are also not fully operating due to various reasons. Government is desiring to increase the number of autorickshaw permits in Kozhikode city limit. Hence it is highly necessary to conduct a detailed survey for the Government to enhance the number of permits to be issued in Kozhikode city limit.KL 11 Auto PermitKeralaGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration, Transport, Surface Transport18-Aug-2016Yes
240Mobile AppAssembly Election KozhikodeThis App is for the use of citizens and officials of Kozhikode District involved in the Kerala Assembly Election 2016. The application contains various information related to the Assembly Election 2016- Kozhikode District.Assembly Election Kozhikode 2016KeralaElection, Governance & Administration, District Adminstration12-Apr-2016Yes
241Mobile AppCrop DoctorThe Crop Doctor is an android based Mobile App developed specially for the farmers. The App shall help farmers to identify the crop diseases in their farms and to apply the fertilizer and nutrient required in crops namely, rice, wheat and maize. The image based search and identification is the important feature of the App. The App was inaugurated by Hon'ble Shri Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister for Agriculture, Govt. of India. It is available on Google Play Store.Crop Doctor IGKV MIS Farmer Insect Nutrient FertilizerChhattisgarhAgriculture, Agricultural Research & Extension, Crops, Fertilizers, Plant Protection12-Sep-2016Yes
242Mobile AppIGKV MISThis is an Anroid based Mobile App features Student Corner and Faculty Corner for the university.. The facilities available for students are student profile, registration details, results, fee receipts and semester report card. The university faculties may see their personal info, pay slips, latest notifications and updates. The App was launched on dated 20th Jan 2016 by Hon’ble Speaker of Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly Shri Gaurishankar Agrawal in a grand function held in the University on the occasion of 30th Foundation Day. It is available on Google Play Store.IGKV MIS STUDENT FACULTY UNIVERSITYChhattisgarhEducation, Higher Education20-Jan-2016Yes
243Mobile AppHourly Poll StatusThis App is developed to collect the hourly poll status from the Polling stations during the Local Body Elections Kerala held in 2015hourly poll status kannurKeralaGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration31-Oct-2015Yes
244Mobile AppMeghalaya Statistics Handbook This application will enable the users/citizens to view the Statistical information of various sectors of Meghalaya. The information are being displayed in tabular format as well as in graphical representation. The users are also given the option to select the year for which the data is to be displayed. In case of an issue regarding the working of an application, the users can go through the user manual or the guidelines under the help section. statisticsMeghalayaBooks and Reference15-Nov-2016No
245Mobile AppCG-MandiBhawTo get the price details of any commodity traded in any Mandi(APMC) in entire state of Chhattisgarh. Very beneficial to farmers so that he can get suitable price for his produce and to trader as well so that a trader can get the price of produce and can plan accordingly. Prepared on request of State Agriculture Marketing Board, Min. of Agriculture, Govt. of C.G. Any citizen can use across India to get the price of any commodity traded in Chhattisgarh Mandis.Mandi, price, commodity, APMC, Daily Mandi rates in Chhattisgarh, Chhattisgarh, Agriculture MarketingAgriculture, Agricultural Marketing01-Apr-2016No
246Mobile AppElectors' Search AppElectors' Search App is designed for electors to search their name in the current Electoral Roll of assembly constituencies of Chhattisgarh. It is available for citizen for free download at Chief Electoral Officer Chhattisgarh website (i.e. http://ceochhattisgarh.nic.in) .Elector SearchChhattisgarhElection25-Sep-2016No
247Mobile AppCollege TimetableStudent studying in Government First Grade Colleges in Karnataka State can get daily college timetable. They also get which teacher takes the class and lecture hall details. In case teacher is absent or on OOD the same will be available.College TImetable Higher Education Karnataka Student GFGCKarnatakaEducation, Higher Education31-Aug-2016Yes
248Mobile AppmarketappDaily Market Rates from 156 APMC/Mandis in Karnataka are available for registered users. At present we have 2,18,000 farmers registered for this purpose. Unregistered farmers can access mobile friendly KrishiMaratavahini Portal from the APP for getting information related daily market arrivals, minimum, maximum and modal rates.Daily Market Rates MANDI RATES APMC RATES Karnataka KrishimaratavahiniKarnatakaAgriculture, Agricultural Marketing22-Nov-2016Yes
249Mobile AppAapal NandedInformative app of Nanded District (Maharashtra)Nanded, Collector Nanded, nic nandedMaharashtraGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration15-Aug-2016Yes
250Mobile AppDD DOPARAndroid App to fetch and display latest web uploads of Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms, Daman and Diupersonnel administrative reforma daman diu UTGovernance & Administration, Local Government30-Jun-2016Yes
251Mobile AppBH OCMMS-Mobile App (Android version)This mobile App is the extension of the web based project ‘OCMMS’ (Online Consent Management and Monitoring System) which is a Role-based web enabled software package for automating the workflow associated with consent management and monitoring in state pollution control board. This Mobile based application will be capable in give information in real time of any industry which is registered with the system. Also has Option to view Industry Information by ID, Name and District wise. User can also download certificate of granted or approved industries. It also has dashboard facility using latest graph for actual data visualization of Granted/Pending/Rejected status.OCMMS, industry, consent, pollutionDelhi (NCT)Environment & Forest, Forest23-Sep-2016Yes
252Mobile AppOR OCMMS-MobileApp (Android version)This mobile App is the extension of the web based project ‘OCMMS’ (Online Consent Management and Monitoring System) which is a Role-based web enabled software package for automating the workflow associated with consent management and monitoring in state pollution control board. This Mobile based application will be capable in give information in real time of any industry which is registered with the system. Also has Option to view Industry Information by ID, Name and District wise. User can also download certificate of granted or approved industries. It also has dashboard facility using latest graph for actual data visualization of Granted/Pending/Rejected status.OCMMS, industry, consent, pollutionDelhi (NCT)Environment & Forest, Forest28-Jun-2016Yes
253Mobile AppRajasthan Civil Registration System, PehchanRajasthan Civil Registration System, Pehchan application is developed for the Registration of Birth, Death, Still Birth & Marriage events from all Rural and Urban Registrars across Rajasthan. Portal Facilitate online application directly on portal or through eMitra/CSC kiosks. Pehchan Mobile App is developed for citizens to online apply, know about the Registration Process and status of their online/eMitra application. App also facilitate to get the Digitally Signed/e-Signed certificates through the app via OTP validation. App also provide various information like Registrars contact details, FAQ etc.Birth, Death, Marriage, Registration, PehchanRajasthanGovernance & Administration, Local Government, Social Development, Children22-Oct-2016Yes
254Mobile AppeSamadhaneSamadhan Mobile App helps you to avail Services of “eSamadhan – Online Public Grievance Monitoring System http://esamadhan.nic.in” from your android mobile device. You can submit new application and can also access already submitted application to know the latest status. The app allows the user to save searched application offline on the device for future updates. All fresh applications submitted using this app are also stored offline on the device for future updates/reference. The app automatically notifies you whenever any action is taken on your stored application. You have option to choose frequency at which action taken needs to be checked.grievance redressal, eSamadhan, Public GrievancesHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, Grievances20-Oct-2016Yes
255Mobile AppStudent AadhaarThe Student Aadhaar Android based Application enables the teachers of all schools of Himachal Pradesh State Government to seed the Aadhaar Number of the Student through QR code or Barcode or by entering Aadhaar Number manually and then populating the basic data of the student so as to generate School/Class/ Section wise lists for further data entry on the http://mdmhp.nic.in in portal where data of all schools is already available and data entry screen of data fetched from schools through the App will be pushed. The App will work offline to seed Aadhaar Number using QR code or Barcode and store student Aadhaar data locally on device. After proper validation of the data, the teachers after providing authentication details will be sending this data to central server using internet.Aadhaar Seeding, School StudentHimachal PradeshEducation18-Oct-2016Yes
256Mobile App“Skill Hands” Mobile App of Meghalaya DECTThe app has been designed for citizens who have the need for employing/engaging Skill Hands. Citizens can register themselves by providing few basic details. Registered citizen can search for a required Skill Hands, get the contact details of the same and avail the services by paying him/her an agreed upon service charge. Examples of such Skill Hand are: - Baby Sitter, Barber, Beautician, Car Washer, Carpenter, Computer Repairman, Electrician, Plumber, Nurse/Midwife, Gardener, Driver, Cook, Maid, Mechanic, Tutor, Sweeper, Photographer etc. Users should have a 2G/3G/4G mobile phones connection to use the apps as it disseminates real time information.Meghalaya, Skilled, Hands, Citizens, Corner, Available, Rating, Comments, ServicesMeghalayaLabour & Employment, Employment06-Oct-2016No
257Mobile AppMobile APP for AMFMobile APP is developed for capturing of the Assured Minimum facilities like ramp, electricity, toilets, drinking water etc. available at the polling station. APP has the feature the capture the images & data in offline mode and sync with central server whenever connectivity is availablePolling Booth, Polling Station, CEO, Election, ECI, booth facilities, CEOUPUttar PradeshElection, Governance & Administration, District Adminstration10-Sep-2016No
258Mobile AppjansunwaiUttar Pradesh Government has launched the mobile App for registering citizen's grievances/suggestions. The Mobile App is linked to the Jansunwai(IGRS) portal of Uttar Pradesh Government, where grievances/suggestions can also be registered through Web (jansunwai.up.nic.in). A fast and user-friendly interface has been provided for registering and tracking of grievance through mobile phones. Each Grievance will be provided a unique Reference number. Citizen can use this reference number to track progress of grievances, send reminder & also for giving feedback after disposal. After successful registration, the reference will be automatically forwarded to the concerned officer for redressal. jansunwai, IGRS, jansunwai-up, grievance, petition, Tehsil divas, thana divas, online complaint, CSC/lokvani complaint, track grievance, शिकायत, जनशिकायत, grievance redressal, मुख्यमंत्री सन्दर्भ, ऑनलाइन सन्दर्भUttar PradeshGovernance & Administration, GrievancesYes
259Mobile AppHP Token TaxThe HP Token Tax android mobile application provides the facility for Token Tax calculation levied to the vehicle owner by Himachal Pradesh Transport Department. Token Tax is calculated based on existing provisions framed and notified by the department as summarized below: Private Vehicle: Token tax for Private Vehicle like car, jeep and two vehicles etc. is calculated based on parameter values namely Sales Value (Without Vat) and Cubic Capacity of Vehicle engine (in cc). At the time of registration of vehicle in RLA/RTOs of Himachal Pradesh, it is paid in one go for the next 15 years. Goods Carriage: For Goods Vehicles like Tractor, Tanker and Heavy Goods vehicles etc., token tax is calculated based on the parameter values like Laden Weight, Age of the Vehicle and Vehicle Category. It is paid quarterly, half yearly or annually first time on registration of vehicle and thereafter on opted periodicity in RLA/RTOs of Himachal Pradesh. Passenger Vehicle: Token Tax for Passengers Vehicles like Buses, Maxi Cab and Taxi etc., is calculated on the basis of parameter values for Seating capacity, Age of the vehicle, Permit Type (Jurisdiction) and Category of Vehicle. It is paid quarterly, half yearly or annually on registration of vehicle and thereafter on opted periodicity in RLA/RTOs. Token Tax Himachal Transport CalculatorHimachal PradeshTransport, Surface Transport17-Sep-2016Yes
260Mobile AppShimla MCThe Shimla Municipal Corporation Mobile App is rich in features and has interfaces for four stakeholders comprising of the tourists, citizens of Shimla, MC Shimla officials and the elected representatives of MC, Shimla. The app content is available in Hindi and English. The app is designed in such a way that any Municipal Corporation can adopt it by simply preparing the requisite content/data. The tourists visiting Shimla can get information about tourist places in Shimla. The navigation using GPS coordinates can be used to reach these tourist places from user’s current position using Google maps. The citizen has to register before lodging a complaint/grievance with the MC Shimla. The corporation has broadly categorised the grievances department wise for better monitoring. The MC Officials and elected representatives have been provided with complaint dashboard for easy and effective monitoring and redressal of complaints.Municipal Corporation Shimla HimachalHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local Government18-Sep-2016Yes
261Mobile AppAndaman & Nicobar PoliceAndroid Mobile App of Andaman & Nicobar PoliceAndaman Nicobar PoliceAndaman and NicobarHome Affairs & Enforcement, PoliceYes
262Mobile AppmGPFmGPF is an android app for GPF particulars through online only for the government employees of Tripura. There are 83 thousands GPF accounts through out Tripura, which includes teachers and govt staff. This app is very useful to get the GPF transactions, Last year statement, missing credit details. Useful GPF rules are also available as general information for employees.mGPF, gpf, Employee Govt of TripuraTripuraFinance, RevenueYes
263Mobile AppMVD-IM: Kerala Motor VehiclesView details of vehicles, driving licence and MVD application status in Kerala.MVD Kerala driving licence application statusMadhya PradeshTransport, Surface TransportYes
264Mobile AppTrend on MobileLoksabha Elections 2014 - Counting Trend on MobileKerala Lok sabha Elections TrendMadhya PradeshElectionYes
265Mobile AppMy Coir - MSME ShemesCoir Board has invigorated many Schemes aimed at ameliorating the socio economic conditions of the Coir workers. My Coir App gives a brief description of various Coir Beneficiary Schemes to help and assist entrepreneurs, especially small businesses, which are implemented by Coir Board, Ministry of MSME, Government of India. My Coir App is useful for beneficiaries to know the status of their submitted Applications. The App is designed, developed by Mobile App development Competence Centre, National Informatics Centre, Kerala StateMy Coir MSME ShemesKeralaIndustries, Medium, Small ScaleYes
266Mobile AppNehru Trophy Boat Race 2016The Nehru Trophy Boat Race named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is conducted on the Punnamda Lake, near Alappuzha, on the second Saturday of August every year. On the day of this fiercely fought boat race, the tranquil lake front is transformed into a sea of humanity with an estimated two lakh people, including tourists from abroad for watching it. For the people of each village in Kuttanad, a victory at this race for their village boat is something to be celebrated for months to come. This Mobile App is an Information Gateway to the Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2016. This is the official Mobile App for NTBR 2016 of Alapuzha District Administration. The information provided by NTBR Society. The Mobile App is designed, developed and distributed by National Informatics CentreNehru Trophy Boat Race Alapuzha NTBR 2016KeralaTourismYes
267Mobile AppSurvey of India Identity Card VerificationMobile App reads the encrypted 2D Barcode printed on the ID Card, decrypts the contents and verify s the genuineness and validity of the ID Card from the online database.ID Card verification, verification, qrcodeTamil NaduScience & Technology, Geo TechnologyNo
268Mobile AppNational Oral Health Programme-Pre oral screening-Tamil NaduMobile app released for pre-oral cancer screening used at the PHC level to capture the family, family members, photo of mouth, habits, symptoms, treatment and follow-up details. nohp, cancer screening, pre-oral cancerTamil NaduHealth & Family welfare, HealthNo
269Mobile AppOrganic Pesticides Information System for AgricultureThe objective of the App is to provide users with information about the pesticides available in Directorate of Agriculture, Meghalaya. Users can get the information about the dosage and methods of application of the pesticides. It also helps users to know the types of diseases, crops, pest and organisms that can be treated by a particular pesticide. The app provides the users to share the information through SMS from any Messaging Application, like Whatsapp, facebook, Telegram, Bluetooth available in the mobile phones of the Users.Organic Pesticides Information System, OPIS, pesticides, crop treatmentMeghalayaAgriculture, Plant Protection29-Aug-2016Yes
270Mobile AppMonitoring of Electoral Roll Updations The Mobile APP is used to monitor the progress of the Electoral Roll related activities like addition,modifications & Deletions of Electors during any summary revision or continuous updations. The facility is available till the lowest level i.e. Booth level.CEO office, Elector roll monitoring, Form6, form7, form8, form8AUttar PradeshElection29-Aug-2016No
271Mobile AppPMIS-HCThe PMIS-HC App enable the employees of High Court of Himachal Pradesh State Government, who are using the Genpmis (Personnel MIS) software, to view their eService book (information related to employee, education, family, training, joining, leave, salary service history etc.). The employees can also view the balance of various types of leave on the Mobile app and can submit application for leave approval. The employees can also delete leave (till it is pending) and can send cancel leave request of their approved leave. The reporting officers can view the leaves applied by their subordinates and may approve/ reject these leave applications. The reporting officer can also forward the leaves in case he\she is not the authorize person to approve or reject the leave. PMIS-HC, eService book, employee, education, family, training, joining, Leave, salary service history etcHimachal PradeshJudiciary, High Court18-Aug-2016Yes
272Mobile AppDCCISDivisional Commissioner Bilaspur Court Cases Monitored by this Application. DCCISChhattisgarhGovernance & Administration, District AdminstrationNo
273Mobile AppTL&PGN MIS Application Bilaspur CGCollector's Time Limit and Public grievances letters are monitored through this application.TLMISChhattisgarhGovernance & Administration, District AdminstrationNo
274Mobile AppMEGVAT MOBILE APPSMegVat Mobile Application provides basic information regarding road permits, P-forms and C-forms in simple tabular form which makes it easy for the common people as well the government officials to get up to date information about the details of the various waybill and C-forms. All the user need to do is enter Waybill number, C-Form number to get the respective information. Waybill, P-Form, C-FormMeghalayaFinance, Revenue10-Aug-2016No
276Mobile AppTN Police Citizen ServicesThe five Citizen Services of Tamil Nadu Police namely Registration of online complaints, Know the status of the registered online complaint, Know the Status of the First Information Report, Know the Stratus of Community Service Register and to know the Vehicles involvement in the crime / reported as stolen at the Police Stations of Tamil Nadu Citzen Services TamilNadu PoliceTamil NaduHome Affairs & Enforcement, PoliceNo
277Mobile AppNiciansOne-touch access to contact information of NIC employees. Some of the features of this app: 1. Search contact (IP phone no, Office Location, Land no., Mobile no., email id) by using name , place , designation etc. 2. User can directly call someone from the app. 3. User can also send SMS directly from this app. At present, only Database of NIC Assam is ready. Database of all NIC employees may be incorporated in future.nicians, NIC, IP phone, NIC phone numbers, NIC employeeAssamCommunications, Information and TechnologyYes
278Mobile AppManav SampadaThe Manav Sampada App enables the employees of any State Government, who are using the Manav Sampada (Personnel MIS) software, to view their eService book (information related to employee, education, family, training, joining, leave, tour, salary service history etc). The employees can also view the balance of various types of leave on the Mobile app and can submit application for leave or tour approval. The employees can also delete leave (till it is pending) & cancel their approved leave. The reporting officers can view the leaves applied by their subordinates and may approve/ reject these leave applications. The tour requests are dealt in a similar manner.eHRMS, Service book, Leave, TourHimachal PradeshDepartment of Personnel & Training28-Jun-2016Yes
279Mobile AppMid Day Meal (MDM)Mid-Day Meal mobile app is meant for effective monitoring of daily and monthly mid-day meal data to be sent by the schools. The app provides additional data communicating mechanism for the MDM in-charge/teacher who has to send the daily/monthly data using SMS. The app, once installed on android device, does not need Internet to send MDM figures as user has option to send the figure through SMS from the app. This simplifies the job of MDM in-charge, who even does not have to remember the SMS formats. The higher authorities at Block, District and State level have a very simple and effective mechanism in shape of this app on their mobile devices for effective and efficient monitoring of daily as well as monthly data transmission by all the MDM in-charge falling under their jurisdiction. The authorities can send SMS alerts to all defaulters using single button available in the app.MDM, HRD, Mid day mealHimachal PradeshEducation, Elementary27-Jul-2016Yes
280Mobile AppHPIPHMobile App for Irrigation and Public Health Departmental Employees only and is used for uploading the information related to measurement book of various works being executed by the department under different schemes. The app allows the JEs to download their work data with Internet connectivity and then visit the work site to fill up MB data in offline mode for further uploading into the IPH Works MIS software. IPH, HPIPHHimachal PradeshInfrastructure, Urban03-Mar-2015Yes
281Mobile AppCase Hearing StatusThe “Case Hearing Status” Android mobile app displays “Daily Cause List” of all courts in District & Sessions Court Complex, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The specialty of this app is it displays the “Real Time Case Hearing Status” of each court rooms.Case Hearing Status District & Sessions Court Port Blair Andaman & Nicobar IslandsAndaman and NicobarJudiciary, District CourtYes
282Mobile AppSIGMAVarious e-Governance services integrated in the form of mobile app. Online Appointment facility is also available for getting service pertaining to Vehicle Registration and Driving License at e-Disha Centre (A Single Window established at Mini Secretariat, Karnal). List of Sarpanches of Karal District is also available with calling facility directly from App.Detail of Common Service Centres, Karnal is also displayed on Google map.Smart Interface for e-Goverance through Mobile AppRajasthanGovernance & Administration, District AdminstrationYes
283Mobile AppMyJalna MyJalna mobile app contains Jalna District Information like Introduction, History, Statistic Information, Public representatives, Imp.Phone nos and Tourist Places. JalnaMaharashtraGovernance & Administration, District AdminstrationNo
284Mobile AppOnline Generic Recruitment Application SystemThis Online Generic Recruitment Application System provides end to end computerization for the applications submitted to the MPSC and DSCs. This mobile App provides applicants to apply against the various posts advertised by the Meghalaya Public Service Commission and District Selection Committee(s),. Through this app, the applicants can check the status of their applications submitted, download admission cards, intimation letters and get various updates from time to time. Users should have a 2G/3G/4G mobile phones connection to use the apps as it disseminates real time information.RPA, MPSC, DSC, RecruitmentMeghalayaDepartment of Personnel & Training, Recruitment05-Jul-2016No
285Mobile AppUPBED COUNSELING MOBILE APPThis App has been developed for aspirant of taking admission into Bachelor of Education Course in the institutions affiliated by the Universities located in the State of Uttar Pradesh. App facilitates candidates to know result of entrance test and seat allotment after processing of choices. The app also provides information about the institutes offering B.Ed. Couse.CounselingUttar PradeshEducation, Higher EducationNo
286Mobile AppE Book Reader for Indian Bureau of MinesThe publications, bulletins, circulars and reports are currently available on the website. IBM now wants to make available the above to public on their mobiles through a mobile e-book reader application.IBM, E-Book, Book Reader, Publication, Notifications, Survey, ReportMaharashtraBooks and Reference, Science & Technology, Research & Development30-Jun-2016Yes
287Mobile AppApna PatnaDownload Apna Patna Mobile Complain Management System app for lodging your complaints regarding Solid Waste Management, Street Light, Drinking Water, Sewerage, Encroachment, Drainage, Illegal Construction, Development Works and get proper and effective solutions. This app is developed by NIC (BRSC) Patna, Bihar for Patna Municipal Corporation. As Public User - Post your complain -Check your Complain Status -Check All Posted and Resolved Complain of Patna Municipal Corporation As PMC Employee - Check Complain -Resolve ComplainAndriod ApplicationBiharHousing, Urban HousingYes
288Mobile AppCPWDSewa ResidentsCPWDSewa Residents Mobile App is for all the Residents/Allottees residing in Government Quarters/Bungalows maintained by Central Public Works Department (CPWD), for Lodging maintenance related complaints (Civil / Electrical / Horticulture), check Status of complaints and send Feedback on attended complaint.CPWDSewaDelhi (NCT)Housing, Urban HousingYes
289Mobile AppLok Sabha Business ApplicationLok Sabha Business Application For Android Based Mobile Devices (LSAPP) Ver 1.0 Based on RSS Feeds available on openData (data.gov.in) portal. Lok Sabha Business, Andriod Application, Lok SahaDelhi (NCT)Parliament of India, Lok SabhaNo
290Mobile AppMGNREGA Mobile ApplicationThe Mobile Application for NREGASoft allows authorized users to enter the details of the workers’ demand, to allocate work to workers, to take muster roll attendance, to see attendance report, to enter measurement book with geo-tagged photographs, IPPE Work Planning and Aadhaar Seeding. This is a multilingual application, presently supports Hindi and English.Rural, Rural Development, MGNREGA, Mobile Application, MMS, Mobile AppDelhi (NCT)Rural, DevelopmentNo
291Mobile AppGetting Geographical Location of the Examination CentersUttar Pradesh Police Promotion and Recruitment Board (UPPPRB) conducts examinations for the recruitment and promotion. These examinations are conducted at various pre identified locations. The Android based mobile application captures Latitude and Longitude of the examination centers identified by the Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment & Promotion Board. It also captures Address, Seating Capacity along with the photograph of the examination center.UP, Uttar Pradesh, Police, PRPB, Examination Center, Police BoardUttar PradeshHome Affairs & Enforcement, PoliceYes
292Mobile AppMGNREGA DashBoardMGNREGA Dashboard Mobile Application is developed to show cummulative as well as yesterdays overview of some MGNREGA key points like Person Days Generated, Aadhaar Seeding (Active Workers), Aanganwadi Centers and IHHL Works, Delay Payments, Assests Creation(percentage), Categorywise Works, Agriculture and Allied Activities etc monitored by Ministry of Rural Develoment and States. It shows nation wide as well as district wise overview for the these key points.Rural, MGNREGA, NIC-DRD, NICDRD, Rural DevelopmentDelhi (NCT)Rural, DevelopmentNo
293Mobile AppMonitoring of tax on sale of movie ticket for Ent. Tax, UPThe mobile application for posting of daily data for sale of Movie Ticket for Entertainment Tax department, Uttar Pradesh. The data posted by Multiplexes, Single Cinemas are being monitored by department officials to analyse the revenue collection against sale of tickets. The mobile app uses XML SOAP based web-services for login and posting of data.Multiplexes, Cinema, Movie, Ticket Sale, Show-timeUttar PradeshFinance, RevenueYes
294Mobile AppJind: Flowing Water Forgotten HistoryJind: Flowing Waters Forgotten History is dedicated to the history of Jind. Jind has dozens of Tirths. Jind has its sahre of Royalty with the last pre independence ruler sporting a title that ran in lwo lines. The royal buildings might be in ruins; the fort might have been almost been encroached upon but the memories are still live. The mobile version of the book will enable us to spread the history of jind.ebook, heritage, Archaeology, LiteratureHaryanaArt & Culture, Archaeology, Heritage, Literature, Governance & Administration, District Adminstration03-Jan-2016Yes
295Mobile AppBirds of BhindawasMobile app for bird lovers with the following features: Brief description about the Bhindawas Lake, District Jhajhar and State Haryana. Along with the details of the Bird Species in the area. The app describes the best time to visit. There is an audio visual bird gallery with sounds of that particular bird. A complete E-Book is also provided in the app about the birds of bhindawas lake. This app is good package for nature lovers. Birds, Lake, BhindawasHaryanaEnvironment & Forest, Wild life, Governance & Administration, District Adminstration11-Oct-2015Yes
296Mobile AppmJindJind Administration on Mobile (mJind App): This is an Android based citizen centric Mobile Application which includes following features: 1. Information regarding Citizens’ Services: The application will display the basic information, workflow process, fee details and application form download. This is mostly static information & any changes will be incorporated through update information option in application. This information has been incorporated from Haryana Government’s Jansahayak website. 2. Officer’s detail/Contact Information: All the officer’s contact detail will be displayed from district Jind website. Updated information can be downloaded on the mobile by clicking a button on the mobile app. 3. District News: Recent news of the District will be displayed. An interface to upload brief news and two photographs per news has been given to DIPRO-Office, Jind. The Citizen can download latest 20 news by click of a button on the mobile app. 4. Report Incident/ Lodge Grievance: Citizen can upload any incident/ Grievance with a facility to type basic information about the incident/ Grievance and a document/ Photograph can also be uploaded about incident/ Grievance. The incident/ Grievance will be registered on the ejind.in website and the server will issue a unique reference to the citizen. The status of which can be tracked. Grievances received through mobile app will be fed into the Harsamadhan portal for status monitoring and action by concerned departments. more..mjind, Report IncidentHaryanaCommunications, Information and Technology, Governance & Administration, District Adminstration06-Dec-2014Yes
297Mobile AppRajya Sabha Business Application(English)Rajya Sabha Business Application For Android Based Mobile Devices Version 1.0, Based on RSS Feeds available on data.gov.in webportal. The features of the application includes: Business,Today’s Birthday,Provisional Calendar,Questions Chart,List of Business,Papers to be Laid,Bulletin Part –I,Bulletin Part-II,Questions List- Starred,Question List –Un-Starred,Daily Synopsis,Organisation,Chairman-Rajya Sabha,Deputy Chairman- Rajya Sabha,Secretary General-Rajya Sabha,AS-JS Rajya Sabha Secreatariat,Directors –Rajya Sabha Secretariat,Notifications,Members, Members Biography,Member’s Assurances,Questions asked by Members,State wise Member List,Party wise Member List,Birthday Wise Member List,Women Members, Nominated Members,Council of Ministers,Live TV(RSTV,LSTV,DD),Important Websites, Members Login Rajya Sabha Business, Andriod Application, Rajya SabhaDelhi (NCT)Parliament of India, Rajya Sabha16-Jun-2016No
298Mobile AppDealerSearchTIN based search of dealers registered at Uttar Pradesh Commercial Tax Department.Dealer SearchUttar PradeshFinance, RevenueNo
299Mobile AppUttar Pradesh Transport Department-UPSCDLNIC UPSU Lucknow has developed a mobile app for Uttar Pradesh Transport Department. UP Transport Department has launched an Android App for Current Status of Printed Smart Card Driving Licence issued from 77 RTO/ARTO Offices in UP.UPSCDL, SCDL, Transport, Transport Department, Transport UP, UP Transport, Driving, Driving Licence, DLUttar PradeshTransport, Surface TransportNo
300Mobile AppNICSI Project Site Office, UPNICSI Project Site Office Lucknow has launched an android app for Vehicle/Taxi booking under NIC/NICSI Paid Projects and also file a request for PO/WO issuance against manpower/hardware/networking etc. to NICSI Project Site Office Lucknow NICSI, NICSI States, UP Lucknow, NICSI Lucknow, NICSI Mobile App, Vehicle/Taxi Booking, PO/WO, Manpower work order, Hardware, SoftwareUttar PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local GovernmentNo
301Mobile AppKURUKSHETRA DARSHANKnow Kurukshetra Places of Interest Parikarma Routes Fair & Festivals Tourist Guide How to Reach Where to Stay Get Around Entertainmentkurukshetra, tourism, mahabharata, gita, kdbHaryanaTravel & Tourism, Lodging, Modes of Trabel, PlacesNo
302Mobile AppPARIKSHA - Recruitment Portal for Government Jobs in UPPAperless Recruitment for Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Skilled and Highly Able candidates (PARIKSHA) : A Product under “Implementation of National e-Gov AppStore” has been developed & implemented in various recruitment agencies by NIC UP State Unit. PAperless Recruitment for Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Skilled and Highly Able candidates (PARIKSHA) provides complete solution for recruitments against vacant posts laying in the Government Departments/Commissions/Other Organizations/ PSUs etc… of PAN India under Direct or Examination mode. This Product along with its mobile App has been published on National e-Gov AppStore & is already implemented in the following agencies of Uttar Pradesh. 1. Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, Allahabad (UPPSC) 2. Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board, Lucknow (UPPRPB) 3. Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Commission, Lucknow (UPSSSC) 4. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow (UPAKTU) 5. Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Services Selection Board, Allahabad (UPSESSB) 6. Uttar Pradesh Home guard Department, Lucknow (UPHG) 7. Uttar Pradesh Ordinance Factory, Kanpur (UPOFK) 8. Uttar Pradesh Examination Regulatory Authority, Allahabad (UPERA) 9. Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board, Allahabad (UPBEB) 10. Uttar Pradesh Fisheries Department, Lucknow (UPFISH) 11. University of Allahabad, Allahabad (UOAALD) 12. Uttar Pradesh National Health Mission, Lucknow (UPNHM) etc...PARIKSHA, UPPSC, UPSSSC, PRPB, Recruitment, Agency, exam, online, employment, government jobs, jobs, online examination, sarkari naukari, sarkari result, up sarkari result, online resultUttar PradeshDepartment of Personnel & Training, Recruitment, Labour & Employment, Employment01-Apr-2016Yes
303Mobile AppDiu Tourism Information Mobile AppDiu Tourism Information Mobile App which developed by NIC, Diu for Tourist as well as Local Citizen. It provides valuable information of tourist places with Google map like about Diu (Location, History, Climate, Culture, Diu at a Glance etc.), Hotel Information, Saral Seva Kendra Information (CSC), Administration Information, Citizen Corner, Advisory for Foreigner, Nearby places etc. (Note: Can be downloaded from http://www.diu.gov.in/ - Quick Links - Diu Tourism Information Mobile App APK or ZIP file)tourism, Diu, Island, Travel & Tourism, BeachDaman and DiuGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration, Tourism, Travel & Tourism, PlacesNo
304Mobile AppOCMMS-Mobile App (Andriod Version)This mobile App is the extension of the web based project ‘OCMMS’ (Online Consent Management and Monitoring System) which is a Role-based web enabled software package for automating the workflow associated with consent management and monitoring in state pollution control board. This Mobile based application will be capable in give information in real time of any industry which is registered with the system. Also has Option to view Industry Information by ID, Name and District wise. User can also download certificate of granted or approved industries. It also has dashboard facility using latest graph for actual data visualization of Granted/Pending/Rejected status.OCMMS, industry, consent, pollutionDelhi (NCT)Environment & ForestYes
305Mobile AppMhari LadoMhariLado App helps to analyse the sex ratio of various Registration Units of district Kaithal. Sex Ratio has been displayed into 4 scales and color code has been assigned accordingly. Color coding : Red : Sex Ratio< 800 : Yellow : Sex Ratio> 800 but 850 but 900 Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Women EmpowermentHaryanaSocial Development, WomenYes
306Mobile AppAwaasAppRural Housing mobile application is a android based app which can be directly used by any PMAYG beneficiary or his/her representative to report the physical progress of house under construction in order to obtain next installment of financial assistance. App can also be used by designated PMAY house inspectors to inspect the houses constructed under PMAYG or other rural housing schemes which are monitored through AwaasSoft (Rural Housing e-gov solution of MoRD). PMAYG beneficiary login is based on One Time Password (OTP) which is sent on his/her mobile number registered on AwaasSoft at the time of house sanctioning. For Inspectors the login is same as that they have on AwaasSoft portal. Application aims at capturing the good quality photograph with time-stamp and Geo-coordinates of the houses at each construction stage, so that next installment of financial assistance can be provided to beneficiary without any delay. Uploaded images are to be further verified by Block office on AwaasSoft in order to complete the inspection processRural Housing, PMAY, IAY, RH, Rural Development, MoRD, Housing For AllDelhi (NCT)Housing, Rural Housing, Rural, Development11-Feb-2016Yes
307Mobile AppUttaraUniversal Timely and Transparent handling of Applications and Responses (to Applications) has been designed and developed as an online solution. With the aim of facilitating an enabling environment for enforcing ‘Right to Response’ in the government functioning. It will empower the citizens as they will get a right to seek response from the offices in a timely and transparent manner. UTTARA will facilitate receiving of the application for response and then its response by the designated office within a time-bound manner. It will allow the identification of the offices that are not responding to the applications of the residents. Uttara records all letters (applications, complaints, grievances, suggestions, instructions etc.) coming to any office. System helpful to Citizen • Can register their applications (WE ARE BEING HEARD; ADMINISTRATION IS LISTENING) • No need to visit office. • Save Money and Time. • Can easily know application status • Hassle free • 24X7 access • Transparent process • SMS notification at all key stages System helpful to Administrators/Officers • Birds eye real time view of the Office/Department • Direct control on request/ application / representation • Helps in work load distribution • Easy application/record tracking • Direct impact on performance • Reduce unnecessary interference • 24X7 easy access • Easily trace the movement of any request/ application / representation UTTARA - Web enabled application helpful in G2C Uttara, Grievance Readdressal SystemMadhya PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local GovernmentYes
308Mobile AppCensus MPCensusMitra from the Directorate of Census Operations Madhya Pradesh CensusMitra aims to provide access to Census 2011 data for Madhya Pradesh. The app is available free of cost would provide an app interface to the Census 2011 data for Madhya Pradesh. Features 1. Data on Population 1.1. Population 1.2. Chid Population(0-6) age group 1.3. Gender, Child-sex Ration 1.4. Literacy 2. Data on Household survey 2.1. Census House 2.2. Construction Material 2.3. Ownership status, Dwelling rooms, Household size and Married Couples 2.4. Source of Drinking water 2.5. Source of Lighting 2.6. Sanitation 2.7. Availability of Kitchen and Type of Fuel use for Cooking 2.8. Banking and Assets We are Open to your suggestions & Feedback...Please drop a mail to ega.mpsc@gmail.comCensus, Census MP, Madhya Pradesh JangadnaMadhya PradeshGovernance & Administration, State LegislativeYes
309Mobile AppmPension Mitra----------- समग्र पेंशन पोर्टल क्या है? ------------ म.प्र. शासन द्धारा गरीब, विधवा, परित्‍यक्‍तता, वृद्ध एवं विकलांगजनों हेतु विभिन्‍न हितग्राहियों मूलक पेंशन योजनाओं का क्रियान्‍वयन किया जा रहा हैं। म.प्र. शासन द्धारा लिये गये निर्णयानुसार समस्‍त पेंशन योजनाओं का क्रियान्‍वयन ऑनलाईन किया जाना हैं एवं समस्‍त पेंशन योजनाओं के हितग्राहियों का ऑनलाईन सत्‍यापन कर पोर्टल के माध्‍यम से ई-पेमेंट करने का निर्णय म.प्र. शासन द्धारा लिया गया हैं। इस हेतु समग्र सामाजिक सुरक्षा मिशन अंतर्गत समग्र पेंशन पोर्टल तैयार किया गया हैं, समग्र पेंशन पोर्टल पर समस्‍त पेंशन योजनाओं की जानकारी के साथ-साथ जिले/ निकाय/ गांव/ वार्डवार हितग्राहियों की संख्‍यात्‍मक जानकारी के साथ साथ विस्‍तृत जानकारी भी देख सकते हैं। साथ ही किस हितग्राही को किन किन योजनाओं की पात्रता हैं, किन हितग्राहियों की पेंशन बंद कर दी गई हैं, नये पेंशन हितग्राही, संभावित पात्र हितग्राहियों की सूची । प्रत्‍येक माह पेंशन हितग्राहियों को योजनावार भुगतान की जानकारी, पेंशन प्रपोजल की रिपोर्ट, ऑनलाईन पेंशन हेतु आवेदन देने की सुविधा। पेंशन संबंधित सुझाव एवं शिकायत भी समग्र पेंशन पोर्टल के माध्‍यम से प्रेषित करने की सुविधा। पेंशन योजनाओं से संबंधित सभी पत्रों एवं योजनाओं का विवरण ऑनलाईन उपलब्‍ध। ------------ समग्र पेंशन पोर्टल के उददे्श्य --------------- ~समस्‍त पेंशन हितग्राहियों का पोर्टल पर सत्‍यापन बचत खाते की जानकारी सहित ~पात्रतानुसार योजनाओं की जानकारी ~सभी पेंशन हितग्राहियों को पोर्टल के माध्‍यम से ई-पेमेंट करने की सुविधा ~हितग्राहियों की पारदर्शी एवं कप्‍म्‍यूटरीकृत जानकारी एक ही स्‍थान पर उपलब्‍ध mPensionMitra, Pensions, PensionMitra, Social JusticeMadhya PradeshSocial Development, Disabled, WomenYes
310Mobile AppSwachh Madhya PradeshSwachh Bharat Mission is has been initiated by Indian National Govt. in 1986. Its primary goals are to improve the living standard of rural people. Under this mission Govt targets to provide toilet to each eligible family in country. This app allows inspection of these activities.Swachh Madhya Pradesh, SBM, SBM MPMadhya PradeshRural, DevelopmentYes
311Mobile AppmScholarshipMitraThis app aims to provide an integrated platform to support the implementation of the Scholarship schemes for both School and College students. App offers several services to Administrative Heads for the implementation of Scholarship Schemes: 1. View the quantum of scholarship applications in their jurisdiction 2. View the quantum of scholarship applications for an institute in their jurisdiction. 3. Track Status of Application for a Student. 4. PUSH Notifications to the students and institutes of the district Institutes: 1. View the quantum of scholarship applications with it 2. Track Status of Application for a Student. 3. Receive Scholarship Application for the students from the Institute 4. PUSH Notifications to the students of the Institute Students 1. Track Status of Application 2. View Institutes in a District 3. View Courses offered by an Institute 4. View Fee structure 5. Scholarship Calculator 6. Receive PUSH Notifications from the Scholarship Portal with regards to their Scholarship Application. 7. Receive PUSH Notifications from the District and Institute Admins. Apart from the above mentioned features we have platform for Grievance Registration and Alert Notification.Scholarship, Madhya PradeshMadhya PradeshEducation, Adult Education, Elementary, Secondary, Social Development, ChildrenYes
312Mobile AppmShikshaMitramShikshaMitra by Department of School Education, GoMP & NIC Bhopal You can login through Educationportal.mp.gov.in Credentials. If you are not able to login, Please try to reset password http://www.educationportal.mp.gov.in/Public/Password_Recovery_By_Unique_Code.aspx if you are not able reset your password that is because your have not updated your mobile number on educationportal, Please contact your DDO to update your mobile number. Get your attendance details on http://educationportal.mp.gov.in/alms/default.aspx Features:--- Mark Presence (Check In & Check Out) Send 200 Free SMS View Payslip View Birthday Register Grievance Register OOSC & CWSN View Bugdet Allocation to your School View Circulars,Orders,Alerts View GPF Details View Attendance Apply for leave Supports Hindi & English Languages View Near By Schools School Performance Follow : www.educationportal.mp.gov.in Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MPEducationPortal?fref=ts Our Vision is to provide easy access of information and services to Teachers & staff We are Open to your suggestions & Feedback...Please drop a mail to ega.mpsc@gmail.commShikshaMitra, Shiksha, Shiksha MItraMadhya PradeshEducation, Elementary, SecondaryYes
313Mobile AppMyCollegeMateWelcome to My-College Mate App, an initiative of NIC, MP. College Students, Faculty and Institute Heads can download the App on their smart phone and use it to avail important services and information using their mobile devices. This App is continuously being enriched with new features / facilities and hence the user must always update the App with latest version so as to avail better facilities / services. STUDENTS The Services offered to students are : a. Update their profile (mobile number, college, course, branch, course year). The App will provide information as per the profile registered on the App. b. Search Colleges, Courses, view Fee Structure c. Track Status of Scholarship Application by providing the Scholarship Applicant ID d. View Time Table, Syllabus, Old Question Papers, Exam results e. View Circulars, Notices, Alerts their cOllege and department g. Register Grievances, Track Status h. Register Ragging related complaints i. View Video lectures j View News k. View Job Alerts / Placement News l. View Workshops/Seminar Schedule m. Submit Suggestions / Ideas All contents / functions will be provided to student as per the profile registered by him. More Online services will be made available from App in a phased manner. FACULTY The Services offered to Faculty are : a. Update profile. The App will provide information as per the profile registered on the App. b. View Time Table/Lecture Schedule c. View Circulars, Notices,AlertsMyCollegeMate, mCollegeMate, CollegeMate, CounsellingMadhya PradeshEducation, Higher EducationYes
314Mobile AppeVidhanAn application for MP State Assembly to access questions received from MLA's and answers replied by Departments. Apart from this other information such as Tarankit Question list (Shalaka), Prashnottary, Daily Agenda, Brief of Proceedings etc. are also available during Assembly session. All MLAs, MP State Assembly, State Secretariat , Administrative Departments & Directorates along with their Field Offices spread throughout the State are the key stakeholders besides other.Vidhan Sabha, Madhya PradeshMadhya PradeshGovernance & Administration, State LegislativeYes
315Mobile AppAgricultural Package of Practices - MeghalayaThe objective of the App is to provide information to the farmers how to cultivate the crops in a scientific manner so that the farmers can ripe benefits. Good Agricultural Practices will help to sustain in the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. This mobile app provide the content documented for various crops by the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Meghalaya. The content in the app can be viewed both in English and Khasi ( Local Language ).POP, package, practice, field preparation, potato, rice, paddyMeghalayaAgriculture, Crops10-Jun-2016No
316Mobile AppSangrur MobileAndroid based Mobile App which acts as an Smart Interface for e-Governance in the district. This Mobile App has integrated various central, state and district level e-Governance Services in a user friendly mannerSangrur, SangrurMobile, Smart Sangrur, Smart App, Mobile SangrurPunjabGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration01-Dec-2017No
317Mobile Appe-Nagarsewa Services AppA services-tracking and status check android app for the services served by e-Nagarsewa (Centralized e-Municiplaity, Mission Mode Project for 635 ULBs of UP) services catering to the Urban Local Bodies in Uttar Pradesh. At present, the status of Birth Registration, Death Registration and Grievances can be tracked. Grievances can also be registered (Toll free Number: 1800 180 5432).Urban Local Bodies, e-Nagarsewa, ULB, Services, Uttar PradeshUttar PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local Government, Health & Family welfare, HealthNo
318Mobile AppULB (e-Nagarsewa) Help DictionaryA Consolidated Services Information Repository of the citizen serives for the e-Nagarsewa (Centralized e-Municiplaity, Mission Mode Project for 635 ULBs of UP) services catering to the Urban Local Bodies in Uttar Pradesh. Information on how to access Birth Registration Services, Register and track Public Grievances, Hall Booking, Building Approval, Property Tax.Urban Local Bodies, e-Nagarsewa, Help, Information DictionaryUttar PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local Government, Health & Family welfare, HealthNo
319Mobile AppM-CROPSAPM-Cropsap is mobile based data entry application used for crop-pest surveillance and advisory project (CROPSAP). This application is designed to record surveillance data of crops ,their respective pests and diseases , and location. crop pest pesticide insect insecticide surveillance advisoryMaharashtraAgriculture, Plant ProtectionNo
320Mobile AppHingoliCityGuideThis app has been developed at National Informatics Centre (NIC), Hingoli as joint efforts under guidance of the District Administration. The necessary details have been furnished by district administration. The main objective of this Android Application is adaption of m-technology and to provide vital information for the tourist coming to this place and for the citizens of this district. This application has been developed keeping in view the help to be provided to its citizen. It provides all the Information about Hingoli district such as ● Educational institutes of Hingoli ● Medical facilities ● Details of Government offices ● Food and Accommodation ● Entertainment facilities such as theatres and gardens ● Information of various Historical place ● Tourist Attractions of Hingoli ● Emergency Facilities ● Local Travel Guide ● Transportation Hingoli, Aundha, Basmat, Sengoan, Namdev, NagnathMaharashtraGovernance & Administration, District AdminstrationNo
321Mobile AppJagaar IECAndroid tablet based Application on which IEC Material for training & capacity building of ANM & Mitanin (ASHA). Video based Aids to the beneficiaries for awareness. Various scheme based awareness videos for ANM Capacity building. Based on type of counselling, videos can be presented. Awareness to be spread more effectively by audio visual material. JagaarChhattisgarhHealth & Family welfare, Health05-Aug-2015No
322Mobile AppSWACHH ROURKELA APPMobile App enables RMC officials associated with garbage cleaning operations to report to the RMC Administrator and Commissioner regarding daily cleaning position of garbage collection sites. Through mobile app they can take the photograph of garbage collection sites and upload the photograph having Geo tag and time stamp. If no information is received by 11 AM , then a reminder is issued through the APP to the concerned officials to clarify why the status has not been uploaded. There may be situations like vehicle breakdown, strike, accident etc where the garbage collection could not have been done is to be reported through the App. By 4 PM a memo is issued online to the concern sanitary official.Rourkela Municipal Corporation Swachh Rourkela sanitary managementOdishaGovernance & Administration, Local GovernmentYes
323Mobile AppSMART ROURKELA APPMobile APP enables a common citizen to lodge grievance and monitor the status. This is also integrated with Grievance Monitoring System of Rourkela Municipality. Other features which are under development in the App are: Maps , Weather, Tour Rourkela(A general tour e-guide of Rourkela), Beautify RMC (If there is any waste/dump lying in any ward, citizen’s can upload the image to RMC through this functionality. Hence forth, RMC can take an action as soon as possible to make RMC a cleaner and beautiful city)News, events and Notices Module is under development. Smart City Grievance Abhijoga Rourkela Municipal CorporationOdishaGovernance & Administration, Local GovernmentYes
324Mobile AppMid day Meal Mobile App Mid-Day Meal System is developed to facilitate State Administration in monitoring the midday meal served in the schools and also help in monitoring the attendance. Authorized mobiles numbers can push and pull information using the app. This android application is built to gather data directly to the portal from the authorized mobile numbers. MDM Mobile app has a registration mechanism to get start the app. The Registration is allowed for six Registered Mobile numbers for the particular school. User is authenticated by OTP validation. The App collects information of MDM meal served data on daily basis. The app collects the data of 1.No. of Students present category wise 2. Whether meal is cooked or not 3. If meal cooked how many students had meal 4. Details of menu cooked 5. If meal not cooked then the reason for meal not cooked is also captured. After data is submitted user is shown a summary report. User confirms the report to upload the data on server. This data is further used for administrative purpose to monitor the implementation of the Mid day meal scheme., the billing and the stock inventory etc. The Mobile App also provides the facility to enter the Stock inward detail time to time. The Recent notices which are given on website also displayed on mobile App. Mid day mealMaharashtraEducationNo
325Mobile AppDisaster Management Authority KannurThis is the official app for the Disaster Management Authority, Kannur. The App is mainly intended for the information dissemination related to Disaster Management and Mitigation. This app is developed for the District Disaster Management Authority, Kannur. With necessary customisation the App can be used for other districts alsoDisaster Management KannurKeralaGovernance & Administration, District AdminstrationYes
326Mobile AppLocal Body Election Kannur 2015An Android Mobile App for the use of District Election Officer and District Collector, Kannur. The app was used during the Kerala local body election 2015.Election Kannur 2015 Local bodyKeralaGovernance & Administration, District AdminstrationYes
327Mobile AppBiker's Module• This application deals with the delivery of medical drug’s package to ANMs and Mitanins of the state. • Demand has been taken online. • Application deals with the biker who receives the package and starts his tour to deliver packages to different locations under door step delivery concept. • The complete trip is being captured in the application with GPS coordinates (if possible). • Once delivery has been made, the biker takes the signature on his phone of the recipient. • If signature is not being taken by any reason, then the biker can capture the image of the recipient or of the location in cases of no recipient. • Application works on both online as well as offline mode. • It also has the capability to scan the QR code on the packages to detect the delivery address and other details Biker's ModuleChhattisgarhHealth & Family welfare, Health02-Feb-2016No
328Mobile AppComplaint Monitoring System104 services enable the people of state to register a complaint against any individual or Health Facility or any health Service. Which will be recorded and then will be passed to the respective authority for verifying the genuineness of the complaint and the action to be taken SMS will be sent to the individual against whom the complaint has been lodged. Tracking of when the complaint was raised, who forwarded it to whom Tracking of what action has been taken. Tracking of why the complaint has been denied. SMS will be sent to the caller for status of his/her complaint. At the backend side the pending status is being maintained. Various reports have been developed to show the timing and pending status. CMSChhattisgarhHealth & Family welfare, Health21-Jan-2016Yes
329Mobile AppComplaint Registration SystemA user can register his complaint against any official or service regarding health department. Complaint will be forwarded to the respective authority with image captured. Pending status of the complaint + every complaint registered with the same mobile can be seen. Direct calling to 104 & 108 services CRS104ChhattisgarhHealth & Family welfare, Health19-Feb-2016Yes
330Mobile AppFair Price Shop LocatorFor Fetching Location and Photograph of FPS FPS ID validation in application. No need of Internet for fetching Location. Data can be uploaded when internet is available. FPSChhattisgarhFood, Public Distribution06-May-2016No
331Mobile AppKrushiMitraIt provides details of nearest Agriculture Input Dealer information based on GPS, Pin Code or District/Taluka.Seed Fertiliser Insecticide Manufacturer DealearMaharashtraAgriculture21-Dec-2016Yes
332Mobile AppHealth Monitoring SystemSingle App for Monitoring of all Health related parameters and websites. App specifically designed for monitoring purpose of the department. Levels of Monitoring – State, Division, District, Block. Single place to monitor all health indicators. Single source of Data will help in monitoring efficiently. HMSChhattisgarhHealth & Family welfare, Health12-Nov-2015No
333Mobile AppLPG Dealer LocatorFor Fetching Location and Photograph of LPG Dealer LPGlocatorChhattisgarhFood, Public Distribution13-May-2016No
334Mobile AppMitanAndroid Tablet based reporting services for RCH. A virtual assistant for ANM which provides reminder services i.e. Job charts, Work plan, due lists and Budget Monitoring At their finger tips which will improve the efficiency and Effectiveness of service delivery. SMS alerts to Mitanins (ASHA) and Beneficiaries for reminding there due services. Resident’s data from State Family Register so that ANM need not have to use the keyboard much. Sub center dashboard shows ANM performance at a glance. Option to transfer data to GOI MCTS/RCH portal through web service application. Inbuilt alert system to warn and remind the service provider to counsel the beneficiaries to access the required services Financial reporting of untied fund and maintenance grant Due listing of services for Family Planning, ANC, PNC and Child Immunization SMS based alerts to beneficiaries and health providers for due services MitanChhattisgarhHealth & Family welfare, Health31-Jul-2015Yes
335Mobile AppMobile Medical UnitMMU app is designed to capture the running of the MMU vehicle. It will also capture the details of patients arrived. It will also capture the details of the services given and medicines provided at the camp. It will also get the details of the Path lab tests conducted patient wise. It will also refer to other nearby facility and will intimate the in charge of facility for this patient’s arrival. It also captures the location and GPS coordinates for verification. MMUChhattisgarhHealth & Family welfare, Health14-Dec-2015No
336Mobile AppNHFLTo locate users current position and identify the available health facilities nearby. using GPS (Global Positioning System) co-ordinates. NHFChhattisgarhHealth & Family welfare, Health09-Feb-2015Yes
337Mobile AppHRMISThis App is developed for the convenience of 30,000 employees of Health department of Chhattisgarh . This app uses data created & maintained by web based personal system HRMIS of Health department. App can be used by other dept. also with a little modification.HRMISChhattisgarhHealth & Family welfare, Health05-Jan-2016No
338Mobile AppRADAR KannurRoad Accident Detection And Reporting System. The system was developed for the use of citizens and officials to report any accidents, pot holes, traffic violations to the authorities. Provision for action taken status update for authorized officers is available. A portal based moderator/ Administrator role is also a part of the system. The system is yet to be launched in Kannur. Developed as per the requirements of District Administration, Kannur, Kerala. The App can be deployed for other departments also with minimal redesign requirements.RADAR KannurKeralaGovernance & Administration, District AdminstrationYes
339Mobile AppCropClinicCropClinic is an attempt to help and educate farmers for using proper pesticides for their crop. It provides text/image base crop and pest selection. Once Crop and Pest are selected it provides list of recommended pesticides by agriculture scientist. It provides best recommended practice for usage of pesticides. It also provides list of pesticide sellers in that area.crop, pest, pesticide, dealersMaharashtraAgriculture, Crops20-Dec-2016Yes
340Mobile AppMidday Meal Monitoring SystemMid-Day Meal Monitoring System (MIDMMS): MIDMMS is developed to facilitate District Administration in monitoring the midday meal served in the schools and also help in monitoring the attendance. The software takes input through SMS from the schools under Midday Meal scheme. This system receives information from the authorized senders like Principals / Heads / Mid day meal coordinators through SMS (in predefined formats) about the status of meal served and number of students present in particular school. In addition teachers can also send their attendance to the system through their authorized mobile numbers. This system is based on push and pull concept. Authorized mobiles numbers can also pull information based on predefined key words. MIS reports have been provided for monitoring by District Administration. Apart from SMS, an android application is also built to gather data directly to the MIDMMS portal from the authorized mobile phone. It has all the features of SMS events and it is more users friendly and reports are also available as per authorization. Benefits to the Government (G-2-G):  Effective monitoring of implementation of Midday Meal Scheme.  Check on teachers and students attendance  Check on material consumption according to students present  Check on availability of stock at school level. Midday Meal, MIDMMSPunjabEducation, ElementaryNo
341Mobile AppOASIS MobileOASIS is an acronym for Online Approvals and Sanctions Information System. OASIS Mobile bagged the Winner's trophy at eNorthEast 2016 in the Mobiles for Services Delivery category on 26-Feb-2016. Details at eNorthEast.in It is an application to disseminate information about the Administrative Approvals, Sanctions and Releases of the various schemes and projects of the North Eastern Council (NEC) It is a cross-platform enterprise-linked mobile application with versions for Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile 6.x, Windows Phone 7.x/8.x as well as PC. The main objective of this application is to empower the users by delivering enterprise information to their mobile devices. Now, they need not have to own a PC/Laptop or always be connected. It is an attempt to provide information-on-the-go! Latest information can, however, be retrieved only when the mobile device is connected. Once the data on the device has synced, up-to-date information can always be retrieved even when the device is offline.1. Simple and intuitive UI 2. Fast data retrievals 3. Offline data store. To (i) empower the NEC employees as well as other stakeholders and general public by delivering up-to-date enterprise information to their mobile devices, (ii) provide information-on-the-go, (iii) usher in m-Governance in North East India, (iv) be in tune with the maxim "Maximum Governance with Minimum Government", (v) help the Managers to better manage the projects.administrative, approval, sanction, release, project, scheme, financial, progress, MIS, monitoring, north east, north eastern council, doner, budget, allocationMeghalayaGovernance & Administration, Local Government10-Jun-2013No
342Mobile AppHigh Court of Judicature at HyderabadThe objective of the App is to provide information relating to case status and case hearing status of the cases in the court halls and other notifications of High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad. The cases listed in the cause list will be displayed basing on the search criteria viz., Judge-wise, court hall wise, Advocate Code Wise and Advocate Name wise. The user can view or download the judgement based on case number. The targeted users for this App are Advocates/Litigants/Citizens. High Court, Case Status, case Hearing Status, HyderabadAndhra PradeshJudiciary, High CourtYes
343Mobile AppDND ServicesDND (Do Not Disturb) services app helps mobile phone users in registering their number under DND to avoid the telemarketing calls/SMS (UCC -Unsolicited Commercial Communication). After registration if user still receives any UCC via SMS or call, then this app facilitates in registering the complaint with the concern Service Provider. The interface is very user friendly and does not require much user intervention. User can also check their Registration Status and Status of Complaints (Call/SMS) made by them. Some options of this APP required internet connection.TRAI, UCC, NIC, DND, NDNC, NCPR, NCCP, Voice UCC, SMS UCC, Unsolicited call, Spam, Telemarketer, SMS, DND Registry, 1909, Start DND, DND Complaint, Pesky SMS, Pesky Call, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Unsolicited Commercial Communication, National Informatics Centre, Do Not Disturb, National Do Not Disturb, National Commercial Communication Preference Registry, National Consumer Preference Registry, Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference PortalDelhi (NCT)Telecom01-Jun-2016Yes
344Mobile AppMobile App for Commercial Tax Department UttarakhandThis mobile app is operational for Physical Verification of Dealers Firm Location. by Commercial Tax Department Officers as part of registration of new dealer process. The pictures of a business premise taken by mobile camera along with name, address and geo-coordinates are uploaded on Commercial Tax Department Uttarakhand web portal. The uploaded location is displayed on portal through google map, uploaded photo and other textual details. The app also provided facility to upload captured image of any invoice by mobile squads of the department for verification and checking purpose. Tax, verification, Uttarakhand, GeoTagging, Mobile Application, businessUttarakhandGovernance & Administration, Local GovernmentNo
345Mobile AppRFID Tag Search BTAn Android mobile application for searching tagged books in the library where the mobile UI facilitates user to key in the Tag ID of the book being searched. Then the mobile handset is interfaced/paired with a Bluetooth handheld RFID Reader which can be used to scan the library shelves. Once the desired book (Tag ID) is found, the mobile makes a loud sound and/or vibrates. The application is generic in nature and can in fact be used to search for misplaced files, hardware items etc., provided all these have been tagged using RFID Technology. Requirements : 1. Android mobile handset with bluetooth 2. RFID Handheld reader with bluetooth interface 3. RFID tags Application is being implemented with RFID Reader from FEIG GmbH model no. IBID PRH101B (ISO 15693 13.56 MHz) alongwith ISO 15693/ISO 18000-3 RFID tags.RFID, tag, serial, interface, book, bluetooth, search, library, NFCMeghalayaCommunications, Information and Technology, Science & Technology, Research & Development15-Feb-2012Yes
346Mobile AppRFID Tag Count BTAn Android mobile application for counting tagged books in the library where the RFID Handheld Reader is used to scan the library shelves of tagged books. Then the mobile handset which is interfaced/paired with the handheld RFID Reader through Bluetooth displays the read tags and the count (no. of tags/books read). The unique tag IDs read are also recorded in a SQLite Database in the mobile handset. The application is generic in nature and can in fact be used to count anything provided the items have been tagged using RFID Technology. Requirements : 1. Android mobile handset with bluetooth 2. RFID Handheld reader with bluetooth interface 3. RFID tags. Application is being implemented with RFID Reader from FEIG GmbH model no. IBID PRH101B (ISO 15693 13.56 MHz) alongwith ISO 15693/ISO 18000-3 RFID tags. RFID, tag, serial, interface, book, bluetooth, count, library, NFCMeghalayaCommunications, Information and Technology, Science & Technology, Research & Development15-Mar-2012Yes
347Mobile AppCOREPDSCOREPDS is an app run at Fair Price Shops for selling subsidized commodities under PDS with aadhaar authentication, OTP authentication or Photo authentication. It allows portability of entitlements.FPS automation, ePOS, PDS, ChhattisgarhChhattisgarhFood, Public Distribution01-Jul-2015No
348Mobile AppMeghalaya Agri-Marketing Mobile ApplicationThe objective of the App is to get Real Time daily Market Prices and Arrival data on various commodities from different market nodes in the State by the farmers, traders, wholesalers, retailers and government officials. The App also provides the logins for the Agriculture and Horticulture Marketing Inspectors known as Reporters to update/report daily or weekly market price and arrival data from their respective market nodes both real time data as well as last one week data. Data uploaded from the apps gets displayed in the portal instantly. Users should have a 2G/3G/4G mobile phones connection to use the apps as it disseminates real time information.MEGAMB, Market, price, commodity, max price, min price, modal price, QuintalMeghalayaAgriculture, Agricultural Marketing01-Jun-2016Yes
349Mobile AppTehshil Villages of KalahandiFind your revenue village details under different Tehsil and Revenue Inspection Circles of Kalahandi District Odisha. This application lets you know the police station and Thana number of a particular revenue village. This application supports local language Unicode Odia ( ଓଡିଆ ) . Android 5.1.0 or above will support Odia language. No internet connectivity is required for this application.Tehasil revenue village thanaOdishaGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration03-May-2017No
350Mobile AppEngineering Students CornerOn login using the Reg. No., and Date of Birth of any Engineering Student of Anna University-Tamil Nadu, this Android Mobile App displays his/her Basic Profile, Elective Subjects, Course Attendance, Internal Assessment Marks, Semester Examination Schedule and Results details.Tamil Nadu Engineering Students Corner, Profile, Internal Marks Examination time table, examination resultsTamil NaduEducation, Higher EducationNo
351Mobile AppLakship ServicesOne Stop app for all your Ship Ticketing enquiry needs. Features .Ship Schedule .Seat Availability. .Ticket Status .Fare DetailsLakshadweep Ship Ticketing Service ApplicationLakshadweep (UT)Travel & Tourism, Modes of Trabel05-Feb-2015Yes
352Mobile AppKerala LAC Election 2016 KannurMobile App for the District Election Officer, Kannur. Developed for the use of DC Kannur during the Kerala LAC Election 2016. The information dissemination app for the District Election Officer. The App is available in Android and iOS Election 2016 KannurKeralaGovernance & Administration, District AdminstrationYes
353Mobile AppNational Games 2015 - Events in Kannur DistrictThis is a mobile App with online information on events held in Kannur District during the National Games 2015. This was used during the National Games events held in 2015 in Kerala. The app is specific for the events held in Kannur. National Games 2015 KannurKeralaYouth & Sports, GamesYes
354Mobile AppeDistrict KeralaThis mobile app is to search the status of applications filed under various services offered to citizen through eDistrict Kerala portal.eDistrict Kerala Status SearchKeralaGovernance & Administration, District Adminstration17-Dec-2014Yes
355Mobile AppMahari (my) Panchayat HaryanaAndroid based Mobile App “Mahari Panchayat” empowering the citizen and Panchayati Raj Institutions in Haryana by displaying the complete details of winning Panch, Sarpanch, Member Block Samiti and Zila Parishad is developed and placed on Google Play store & downloadable free of cost, strong search facility (Gram Panchayat wise) is also made available in the Mobile App. Mobile App for PRI institutions comprises many other details including elected president/vice presidents (ZP) and Chairman/Vice Chairman (PS) and also facilitates to make direct phone calls to elected representatives and share the outcome of app on various social media including whatsapp, facebook, gmail Google+, Hangouts etcMahari Panchayat HaryanaHaryanaRural, Panchayati RajYes
356Mobile AppCM Window Haryana Grievance TrackingHon'ble Chief Minister Haryana has opened ICT enabled & NIC-Haryana technically supported CM windows in every district HQ in the state of Haryana for lodging direct compliants and grievances to Hon'ble CM Haryana for speedy redressal. Every applicant provided with unique complaint registration number by which the applicant able to see further status of compliant on web portal. Further NIC-Hisar (Haryana) developed android based mobile app so that applicant able to track the current status on phone. CM Window HaryanaHaryanaGovernance & Administration, GrievancesYes
357Mobile AppLandrecord MPAn application to access Land record Data i.e. Khasra (ROR). Khatauni and Nakhsa using smart device. Location may be selected by combo selection. If location codes are known, they can be directly feed to get report. Apart from this other information such as departmental orders, Gradation List, Exam Results are also available.Landrecords Khasra ROR B1 Khatauni Naksha Map Madhya Pradesh MPMadhya PradeshRural, DevelopmentYes
358Mobile AppInvestPunjab For InvestorsThis app will help investors to get their project status in real time.investpunjab industries punjab investor oscs one stop clearance systemPunjabCommerce, Trade promotion30-May-2016No
359Mobile AppSupreme Court Case ManagementThe objective of the App is to disseminate information relating to cases filed in Supreme Court of India.The users can use the app to manage the portfolio of desired cases. The status of these cases can be checked in bulk. The display board, cause list and judgement can be viewed using this application. The user can also take backup of their portfolio of cases into external device and can import into any android device. The targeted users for this App are Advocates/Litigants/Citizens.Court Cases Status, Advocates, Litigants, Citizens, Supreme Court of IndiaKarnatakaJudiciary, Supreme Court05-Dec-2015No
360Mobile AppCase Management- Karnataka High CourtThe objective of the App is to disseminate information relating to cases and certified copy applications filed in all the benches of High Court of Karnataka. The user can maintain the portfolio of the cases and certified copy applications and check the status of the cases and certified copy applications added in the portfolio in bulk. The cases listed in the cause list for the next hearing will be displayed in respect of all the saved cases and the user can get the details of the current heard cases and cases passed over on the current hearing date. The user shall be free to delete any case wrongly added in the portfolio using delete option and add the cases and certified copy application numbers to the portfolio using add option. The user can view or download the judgement based on case number.The data maintained in the portfolio can be exported and the user also has an option to import the data to another device taking the exported dump.The targeted users for this App are Advocates/Litigants/Citizens. Court Cases Status, Advocates, Litigants, Citizens, Karnataka High CourtKarnatakaJudiciary, High Court31-Oct-2013Yes
361Mobile AppState Public Procurement PortalThe App provides tracking of Notice Inviting Bids (NIBs) floated by Govt Procuring Entities for public procurement. State Public Procurement Portal is designed and developed as per norms of Rajasthan Transparency in Public Procurement Act 2012 and Rajasthan Transparency in Public Procurement Rules 2013 to facilitate Procurement Entities to disseminate all procurement related details to general public, bidders and all concerned under the supervision of Sate Public Facilitation Cell, Department of Finance, Govt of Rajasthan. TransparencyRajasthanFinance, Economy, Public Procurement29-Sep-2016Yes
362Mobile AppNational eDistrict Service Tracker National eDistrict Service Tracker mobile app provides State wise / Category wise listing of services available in various states under eDistrict MMP. A citizen can track the status of his application by providing an application reference number provided to him at the time of application of service in his local district office of the state which provides this service under eDistrict MMP.eDistrict Service TrackerDelhi (NCT)Social DevelopmentYes
363Mobile AppE-Waybill Status VerificationWaybill Verification System is G2E, G2C, G2B mobile application which enables the Tax Official manning the Check post to verify the authenticity and correctness of the road permit (Waybill) that was issued by the Taxation Office to enable the dealer to bring goods from outside the state. Using this Apps, the citizen i.e. the dealer can tract the status of the vehicle carrying the goods whether it has crossed the Check post or not.e-Waybill, Road PermitMeghalayaFinance, RevenueNo
364Mobile AppPocket Demography of KalahandiThis is an application to access the Census 2011 data of Kalahandi District, Odisha. Using this application you can access Total Households, Total Populations , SC and ST with Male and Female category. This data depth starts from District, Block and Municipality/NAC , Gram panchayat , City and Village or Ward. Tap on the image to move further details. Tap on Block to move Gram panchayats and tap on Gram panchayats to move Village. District Detail contains number of Blocks, Municipality, NAC and Gram panchayats in Districts, Rural and Urban Households, Population This offline application does not require internet connectivity. Demography KalahandiOdishaGovernance & Administration, District AdminstrationNo
365Mobile AppRESGISGPS Tracking application is used for monitoring the real time progress at project location of all the undergoing projects under the Rural Engineering Services Department under Department of Panchayat and Rural Development. This application captures the image of project progress at the real location at various stages of work progress. Along with the image the geographical coordinates Lat. , Longi. is also pushed to the central server to confirm the image is of correct location or not.RESGISChhattisgarhRural, DevelopmentNo
366Mobile AppmSBMUrbanAndroid based Mobile App for uploading Geo tagged photos for Commenced/ Constructed Individual HouseHold Latrines (IHHL), Community & Public Toilets, Solid Waste Management Components for uploading directly to the portal http://SwachhBharatUrban.gov.in is available for Citizens & ULB Nodal Officers at http://mSBMUrban.gov.in SwachhBharatUrban MobileApp mSBMUrban GeoTagged PhotosDelhi (NCT)Social Development, Urban Development01-Sep-2016Yes
367Mobile AppAssam Secretariat e-Pass AppThe Assam Secretariat e-Pass Application is a G2C and G2G service which provides an efficient and convenient way of issuing various passes to people visiting the Assam Secretariat. The application, an initiative of Secretariat Administrative Department (SAD) has been designed and developed by NIC, Assam using open source technology. Android Mobile App has been developed by NIC, Assam State Centre for the following modules of e-Pass System. • Gate Pass or Entry Pass for entry of visitors to the Secretariat. • Car Pass verification by Security-in-Charge of Assam Secretariat. SecgatepassAssamGovernance & Administration, Local GovernmentNo
368Mobile AppeChallaneChallan App is very useful for Tax Collecting Offices/Agencies under Government of Himachal Pradesh. It helps the Tax Revenue Collecting Officer to verify and authenticate amount deposited by the tax payer/citizen. eChallan can be verified by entering/scanning "HIMGRN" no or by entering "Department reference number". This app also help in maintaining history of all the viewed eChallans. The detail of these eChallan is available offline for later use through "Challan History" menu. Tax payer can also deposit tax or fee through "Pay Challan" menu. A citizen can deposit Government money using eChallan by logging on to the system. A citizen must have a net-banking account with any of the banks listed below. This is a 24X7 facility and citizen can make the payment any time of the day. A citizen can generate the challan online for manual payment at the bank counter.eChallan, Tax Collecting, tax payerHimachal PradeshFinance, Revenue21-May-2015Yes
369Mobile AppmSBM APPmSBM mobile App has been developed by the Ministry in technical collaboration with NIC. Using this App, user can upload the photographs of beneficiaries receiving toilet facilities in their homes under this Mission, using a smartphone. While capturing the photograph, latitude and longitude of the location as well as date – time stamp is recorded automatically and gets uploaded on the central server of the Mission which is housed in the National Data Centre.Individual Households Toilets, Swachh Bharat Mission GraminDelhi (NCT)Rural, Development02-Oct-2015No
370Mobile AppSwachhAppThis App serves as a tool to monitor the improvements in sanitation coverage in rural India, on a real time basis. Anybody can download it on their smartphone and view the the number of Household Toilets constructed for beneficiaries of the Swachh Bharat Mission - Gramin programme of the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India. Also, one can select the State, District, Block and Gram Panchayat name and get the number of toilets constructed in the selected area/localitySwachh Bharat Mission GraminDelhi (NCT)Rural, Development22-Dec-2015Yes
371Mobile AppX10 CardThe X.10 Card application is useful for the unemployed youth who are registered with the various Employment Exchanges of Himachal Pradesh. The user needs to enter his/her Registration Number (as in Employment Exchange Record) along with part of name and the details of registrant are available. These details remain available in off-line mode too. The applicant can view the relevant vacancy information, if available, matching his/her qualifications. The renewal date is shown in three colours, Red, Orange and Green. While Green implies the registration is valid, Orange implies the registration is due for renewal and the registrant should get it renewed online and Red means the registrant has to visit the Exchange concerned for renewal purposes for submitting documents. In future, when sponsorship information becomes available, the same will be shown on through the Mobile App. New information can be fetched by pressing the refresh button and data could be reset for new registrant by using the reset button. Employment Exchanges, jobHimachal PradeshLabour & Employment, Employment03-Jun-2015Yes
372Mobile AppHPVCThe HP VC App displays the VC schedule for today, next 7 days and between two selected dates. The App shows today’s booked VCs on main screen. Scheduled button can be pressed to view scheduled VCs. The App is useful for Government employees trying to confirm or book a new VC for NIC Studios in Himachal Pradesh. As all hearing of Central Information Commission are through VC only, the citizens can also use this App to confirm their scheduled hearings.VC, himachalHimachal PradeshCommunications, Information and Technology04-Jun-2015Yes
373Mobile AppeSRT-HP Special Road TaxeSRT HP android application provides the facility of online payment of Special Road Tax (SRT) using Cyber Treasury Portal of Himachal Pradesh for the owners of Stage Vehicle carriage (Private Buses of Himachal Pradesh). App shows the Due SRT which was autocalculated using the SRT formulae on the parameters of Route Permit issued by RTOs of Himachal Pradesh. Salient Features Get the details of Due SRT Pay SRT online via Cyber Treasury Portal View Complete Payment History for Issued Permits Add multiple Permits/Vehicles for Transactions Detail information of Issued PermitSpecial Road Tax, eSRT, himachalHimachal PradeshTransport, Surface Transport01-Oct-2015Yes
374Mobile AppeTransfersThe App lists transfer orders of officers and employees of various Departments in Government of Himachal Pradesh. The App lists Transfer Orders of all the Departments on Board with Order Date and Details. The transfer order titles are stored on the mobile device. To get full orders as PDF file, user can click on the desired order. The PDF files are made available through internet and will require internet connectivity. The listing once viewed is stored offline on the device.transferHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local Government23-Mar-2015No
375Mobile AppeHRMS Employees Service BookUsing this App, Himachal Pradesh Government Employees can view his/her Service Book enteries on their mobile devices. The entries once viewed are also stored offline on the device and can be viewed later on even without internet connectivity. For latest information of Service Book, Employee can tap refresh button, which requires internet connectivity. This app is bi-product of Manav Sampada (Personnel Managment Information System) application implemented in all Government Departments in Himachal Pradesh. Using this app any employee can view his/her Personal Details, Family Details, Present & Permanent Address, Nomination Details, Education, Joining, Service History, Leave Details, Attendance for one week and Monthly Salary and GPF details as available in his/her service book.eHRMS, Employees Service BookHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local Government23-Mar-2015Yes
376Mobile AppeGazette Rajpatra of HimachalThe App lists the latest notifications published in the official Gazette of Himachal Pradesh. The App locally stores index for about 3 latest Gazettes and its all notifications. The individual notifications will open through web browser in .PDF format, when you click on these. All Gazettes and Notifications published after 01-August-2007 are available online at http://rajpatrahimachal.nic.in A number of notifications are issued by different Government Departments concerning different subjects, which are relevant to Government, Industry, Citizens etc. These Departments send the notifications to the Department of Printing & Stationery, Himachal Pradesh for publishing in the Official Gazette. Once the notification is printed in the Official Gazette (Rajpatra), the Notification becomes Gazetted Notification. Therefore, the official Gazette (Rajpatra) has legal and regulatory significance and implications, because the notifications come in effect, as on the date of publication in the Official Gazette of Himachal Pradesh. The Printing & Stationery Department is responsible for compiling and publishing of the Rajpatra. Various Government Departments, district administrations, regulatory bodies and apex offices of the State, notify the various matters, as per their working domain, generally known as notifications, such as acts, rules, notifications, statutory orders etc, which are required to be published in the official gazette or Rajpatra of the State.eGazette, Rajpatra, himachalHimachal PradeshInformation & Broadcasting, Broadcasting25-Mar-2015Yes
377Mobile AppPress ReleasesThe App lists the Live Press Releases of the Government of Himachal Pradesh. The Information and Public Relations Department of the Government publishes these Press Releases in form of text and images. These Press Releases are Bilingual in Hindi and English. Images related to be Press Release can be zoomed out to full screen. The Information and Public Relations Department disseminate these press releases, policies and programmes of the Government in the right perspective and to gauge and assess the reactions of the quarter concerned and keep informed the Government about their impact amongst the masses. Besides it also educate the people about various programmes launched for the welfare of the people by the State Government from time to time. Features: 1. Live Press Releases of the Government of Himachal Pradesh. 2. Photographs Related to the Press Releases can be viewed on full screen. 3. News Photographs can also be viewed on full screen. 4. Press Releases are in Hindi and English Languages.IPR, Press ReleasesHimachal PradeshInformation & Broadcasting, Broadcasting25-Mar-2015No
378Mobile AppuHimachalThe App lists Live Updates of Himachal Pradesh Government Web Portal. These updates are information about various services provided by the Himachal Pradesh Government to Citizens, Employees, Business and other Government Entities.uHimachal, live updateHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local Government30-Mar-2015Yes
379Mobile AppePensionThis App lists month wise detailed Pension of HP Government Pensioners, drawing pension in the State for a financial year.pension, himachalHimachal PradeshFinance, Revenue23-Mar-2015Yes
380Mobile AppTour MandiMandi Tourism is G2C app for tourists planning to visit Mandi District in Himachal Pradesh, India. With the help of this app tourist can get all the information of main tourist destinations/spots like brief description place, altitude, important contacts. The app also has textual how to reach as well as navigation using google map or here map. The navigation feature enables user to navigate from his/her current location to selected place available in the app. The app also has Emergency Calling button which connects to 108 service available in Himachal Pradesh.Mandi, tourism, himachalHimachal PradeshTourism05-Jul-2015Yes
381Mobile AppHP PhonesThe HP Phones App contains about 8000 phone numbers of Government officials in Himachal Pradesh. The App provides features to search any number using free text/number search on name, designation and department. The Designation and Department wise search is also available. Reverse search of a phone number is by entering any number. The selected number of the officials can be dialed directly through the Dialer of mobile device of the user.Telephone directory, phone, himachalHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local Government30-Sep-2015Yes
382Mobile AppHP TeleStrokeStroke has emerged as a second biggest killer of mankind world over and even in India more people die of stroke than infectious diseases like tuberculosis. After a stroke about 50% patients do not survive beyond 6 months and 25% become dependent for life. So not only mortality but morbidity due to stroke is also overwhelming. Stroke is of two kinds:one due to rupture of brain blood vessels called hemorrhagic stroke and other is caused by blockage in brain vessels called ischemic stroke. Ischemic stroke is much more common and amounts to up to 80% of all strokes. The common symptoms of stroke are sudden appearance of: deviation of face, weakness or numbness of limbs, difficulty in speaking, unsteadiness, giddiness and headache. The simplest way to treat ischemic stroke would be to remove the blockage in brain vessels and now the drugs are available which can dissolve the clot blocking blood vessels. However this drug which is an injection called recombinant tissue plasminogen activator(tPA) can be given within 4.5hrs of onset of stroke symptoms. Therefore it is most important that people recognize stroke symptoms at the earliest and rush to hospital with CT-Scan facility and availability of this drug. In March 2014 under the guidance of Stroke Specialist Prof. M.V.Padma AIIMS, New Delhi and on the initiative of ACS Health to Govt of HP, Sh.Vineet Chawdhry a Telestroke Project was envisaged. The app empowers general public with Stroke Awareness and related action in emergencyTelestroke, Brian Stoke, FASTHimachal PradeshHealth & Family welfare, Health28-Oct-2015Yes
383Mobile AppCourt Cases StatusThe objective of the App is to disseminate information relating to cases filed in High Court of Himachal Pradesh. The user can search cases based on Case Number, Party's Name and Advocate's Name. The successfully searched case details can be saved with the App at user's discretion. The case based automatic alerts like next date of hearing, shall be generated in respect of all the saved cases. The user shall be free to delete any case wrongly saved in the App using delete icon (cross), which will be prefixed to each saved case. The targeted users for this App are Advocates/Litigants/Citizens.Court Cases Status, Advocates, Litigants, Citizens, Himachal High CourtHimachal PradeshJudiciary, High Court06-Jan-2016Yes
384Mobile AppHPTDCThe App provides the complete information of the Tourism Development Corporation. It covers, tourist places, hotels, adventure sports, conference facilities, how to reach Himachal, photo gallery, contact information of booking offices besides option to book Hotels and Buses. The information related to every hotel is available, including photos, room numbers, tariff and availability. For availability purposes, the Internet is required otherwise all information is available in the App. The HPTDC officials can use the App for extracting booking information quickly due to its easy user interface. A special feature of Take Me There, takes the user to the selected hotel/place based on mobile GPS feature and Google Maps/ MapMyIndia Apps in Online/Offline modes.tourism, hptdc, room, vacancy, photo, book, bus, hotel, himachalHimachal PradeshTourism05-Jun-2015Yes
385Mobile AppeSalaryThe App gives details of the monthly salary of the 1.89 lakh employees of the HP Government along with current balance of GPF and CPF. The data comes from 3 different sources and is available offline too after it is updated with connectivity. Year wise salary details are stored for employee convenience. salary, gpf, cpf, balance, details, employeeHimachal PradeshFinance, Revenue21-Mar-2015Yes
386Mobile AppMyDiarYThe contact information and engagements of all important Administrative officers, including Secretaries, Heads of Departments, Deputy Commissioners, SDMs, BDOs, Tehsidars, SPs, DSPs is available in the App for general public. It also shows in Red colour as to how many posts at field level are lying vacant. Engagement Schedule of Administrative Secretaries and Head of the Departments are also available in the App. The feature to show development schemes to Admin Secretaries is available along with the request from public for seeking appointments.mydiary, engagements, directory, phone, appointmentHimachal PradeshGovernance & Administration, Local Government06-Jul-2016Yes